Download Teaching Feeling Apk Latest Version (English Version)


Download Teaching Feeling Apk Latest Version (English Version)

Today I’m going to share with you Download Teaching Feeling Apk Latest Version (English Version).

Today, conversational gaming applications are breaking the download records of both Android/iOS stores and are becoming very popular in a short span of time.

One such interesting tool is “Teaching Feeling” a life with a slave, an erotic style visual novel game designed for the people who love something hot and steamy. It’s all about a beautiful Western girl named Sylvie. She’s more innocent than people outside the town. 

As a master, help her recover from health and physical problems after being subjected to torture from the previous owners. Instead of protecting Sylvie, they knocked her down to entertain themselves. As a player, take responsibility and prove that you’re a good guy.

Impress her with your creative skills, make Sylvie your soul mate, have a discussion, touch her and she’ll do things as you order.

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Technical Details of Teaching Feeling Apk:

App NameTeaching Feeling
Size440 MB
Required Android4.3 and Above

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Features of Teaching Feeling:

Features of Teaching Feeling

This 18+ erotic visual game has a variety of features that are worth for impressing Sylvie and other random young girls in the town. Take a look at the key features available in Teaching Feeling Mod Apk.

  • Simple and easy to operate.
  • Support for several languages.
  • The UI of Teaching Feeling looks.
  • No subscription fee, it is free to use.
  • The storyline makes it unique from others.
  • You can play this game on unrooted devices too.
  • Upon finishing levels more options will be added.
  • Convenience way of conversation with Sylvie and others.
  • Communicate with Sylvie and share your lonely feelings.
  • High quality 2D graphics provide the best visual experience.
  • Can run in older Android versions such as 4.3 and above.
  • Presence of multiple boys and beautiful girls in the game.
  • Compatible for all types of devices like smartphones and tablets.
  • As it is a novel based game, you can imagine yourself inside a character.
  • No professional skills are required for playing the Teaching Feeling gameplay.

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Requirements of PC:

Requirements of PC

In order to download and install BlueStacks on your PC, it should possess some minimum requirements to work smoothly and hassle free. Check them out below and once verify your PC specifications before downloading BlueStacks.

  • The OS running on your PC should be Windows 7 and above.
  • If you’re a Mac user, update your macOS to 10.12 or higher.
  • Processors like Intel or AMD with a dual core are enough.
  • RAM of 2 or 4 GB is necessary.
  • Storage space of at least 4 GB Is required for a seamless experience.
  • Intel HD 5200 or higher Graphics Card is required.
  • A display with a resolution of 1280×800 is needed.

If your PC meets all the specifications listed above, download and install BlueStacks to play Teaching Feeling without any limitations.

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Introduction to Story:

As said above, the story of Teaching Feeling is about a beautiful Western girl named Sylvie. One day a man arrived at your doorstep and said thanks for helping him out.

As a gift he wanted to repay you Sylvie and left that place. Now, the gameplay begins. You have to take care of her by providing whatever she asks. If Sylvie accepts, your level will rise.

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Once you step into the game, you’ll definitely love it and never get off from the chair until all the levels are finished.

The gameplay allows you to do 3 things with Sylvie – talk, rub her head or touch. If these actions are done regularly, she’ll feel less insecure and think that you’re a bad guy like other owners.

Actually, taking care of her is not the only task in Teaching Feeling. In order to survive, you have to work for food and earn money for daily needs. During this process, she’ll become more than a slave in your lonely life.

Additionally, outside the town there are many interesting things and new relationships. Go out once and connect with other random young girls too.

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Make Her Happy:

The inbuilt options in Teaching Feeling gives you a handful of choices to make Sylvie happy. Those are as follows:

  • Take her out of the day.
  • Have a date.
  • Share your thoughts.
  • Give Sylvie a nice dress.
  • Serve pancakes.
  • Love and even marry her.

All these choices, show her that there is a wonderful life than the horrible abuse she has suffered in the past. So Sylvie will be impressed and you’ll be headed to the next level. This is how you’ve to make her happy.

See how interestingly the gameplay is designed by the developer.

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Teaching Feeling Apk Download:

Teaching Feeling Apk Download

If you guys are interested in playing this visual erotic novel game Teaching Feeling on your device, buckle up things to download it using an Apk file. Because right now the official version of the game is not available in any of the Android or iOS stores.

So downloading Teaching Feeling via Apk is the only option we’ve right now. To do it, check the procedure detailed below on how to download Teaching Feeling Apk for free.

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How to Download and Install Teaching Feeling Via Apk File:

How to Download and Install Teaching Feeling Via Apk File

The process is very easy and can be done in a few simple steps. Interestingly, you don’t need to spend anything from your pocket, it is absolutely free. Follow the process carefully to safely download and install Teaching Feeling Apk on your device without any hassles. 

  1. First of all, use the link and redirect to a trusted website from here: Download.
  2. Once you visit, download Teaching Feeling Apk latest version from that platform.
  3. When done, exit the browser and launch the My Files/File Manager application.
  4. Head to the downloads folder and click on the Teaching Feeling Apk file to begin the installation.
  5. If you face any errors, open device settings and head to “Manage Apps”.
  6. There you’ll see the list of applications installed on your device.
  7. Select File Manager and enable the option ‘Install Apps from Unknown Sources’.
  8. Now fall back to the home screen and launch the File Manager application again.
  9. Head to the downloads folder and click on the Teaching Feeling Apk file to begin the installation process.
  10. After successful installation, you’ll see the app icon on your device’s home screen.

You’re done with the installation process of the Teaching Feeling Apk English version on your device. Launch the app and listen to the interesting story of Sylvie and start impressing her by using a handful of options available in the game.

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How to Download and Install Teaching Feeling on a PC/Laptop:

Teaching Feeling for Windows using BlueStacks

This interesting erotic novel visual game is designed by NSFW is only for mobiles. In order to play Teaching Feeling on your PC/laptop, you have to download and install an emulator called BlueStacks.

It is software that runs any of the Android or iOS apps and games on Microsoft Windows and Apple’s macOS.

Check out the steps described below on how to download Teaching Feeling Apk on a PC/laptop using BlueStacks.

  1. Click on the link and redirect to the official site of BlueStacks from here: Download.
  2. There you’ll see a download button on the homepage, please proceed with it.
  3. An installer file with the format .exe will begin downloading.
  4. Wait a few seconds until it finishes. When done, head to the downloads folder.
  5. Select the file and press enter to run the installation setup of BlueStacks.
  6. Accept the user agreement and click on the ‘install now’ button.
  7. When it is successfully installed, finish all the on screen directives and head to the login page.
  8. Provide your account details for enabling Google Play services.
  9. Now, use this link to download an apk version of Teaching Feeling.
  10. Once the process is done, open the downloads folder and select the file.
  11. Drag and drop it into the BlueStacks main screen to begin the installation.
  12. After successful installation, head to the My Games tab and click on the Teaching Feeling app icon to launch from BlueStacks.

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Additional Features:

Additional Features

You’re a decision maker in Teaching Feeling. Sylvie can do anything you order, she’s your responsibility.

Impress her by providing whatever she asks, select a nice dress, serve pancakes, have a date, romance and do more.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What’s the Concept of Teaching Feeling?

It’s about a girl named Sylvie who came to you as a gift. As a master, help her recover from health and physical problems after being subjected to torture from the previous owners.

If you impress her by providing whatever she asks. You’ll be headed to the next level. 

2. What Are the Things We Can Do in the Teaching Feeling Game?

To impress Sylvie and other beautiful young girls in the town, rub her head or touch, touch, have a date, romance, serve her pancakes, present a dress and do more.

3. Is It Safe to Download Teaching Feeling Via Apk?

Absolutely, it is 100 percent safe to download Teaching Feeling via apk file. The link provided in this article has been taken from a trusted website that respects your safety and privacy.

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Ending the Article:

This 18+ visual novel game Teaching Feeling developed by NSFW best suits users who love to play hot and steamy games.

Once you step into the game, you’ll definitely like it and never get off from the chair until all the levels are finished. What are you waiting for, download the Teaching Feeling apk right away. Impress Sylvie. Have a date, romance and make her your soulmate.

Hope you got all the information regarding “Teaching Feeling” a life with a slave.

If you have any doubts about downloading and installing the game, reach us through the comment section below and we’ll connect you as soon as possible. Don’t forget to bookmark our page for more topics everyday.

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