Download Bluestacks Tweaker 6.7.8 (BS Tweaker) 2024

The Android gaming world has taken a drastic change over past few years and emulators tend to be a big part of it. Games like PUBG and Temple Run are often played on Windows by gamers with the aid of emulators. Bluestacks is one of the best and most used emulator globally.

Although, to have access to all it’s features and play without any hassles you will have to purchase many games. Hence, to overcome this difficulty Bluestacks Tweaker came into existence.

Tweak itself means making an improvisation in something. Well, Bluestacks Tweaker doesn’t just prove it by words but also actions. It helps you access all those features of bluestacks for free which are paid.

download bluestacks tweaker

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Before we move further let’s know what Bluestacks Tweaker exactly is.

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What is Bluestacks Tweaker?

As you all know that Bluestacks is one of the best emulator out there but limited to an extent. Bluestacks Tweaker is like it’s Mod version with which you can extend the features and capabilities of bluestacks without and troubles.

It’s like when you root your android device or jailbreak your ios to extend the limits and boundaries of your system. You can perform all the activities which you which the original Bluestacks application had.

You can download the tweaker by clicking on the below button followed by which are it’s uses, tutorial and guide to setup and use.

Bluestacks Tweaker Information:

App NameBluestacks Tweaker (BSTweaker)
DeveloperBST Team
Latest Version6.7.10
File Size22.5 MB
Last Updated1 Day Ago

Supported OS:

Windows 10Yes
Windows 8Yes
Windows 7Yes

Steps to Download Bluestacks Tweaker:

  1. Click on the above given button to download the file.
  2. After downloading open the zip file and right click on the .exe file.
  3. Further you need to run the program as an administrator.
  4. A dialogue box will open where you just have to agree with the terms and conditions and select an installation location.
  5. After selecting the location the program will be installed like any general software and you will be good to go.

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Features and Uses of Bluestacks Tweaker:

  • GUID, Android ID – GUID stands for Globally unique identifier which is a 128 bit unique identification created by windows operating system for all its applications. With Bluestacks tweaker you can change or restore these IDs with just one click. Also, you can change your Android ID, Google Advertisement IDs and even device model as per your requirement.
  • Storage – With this patch you can increase the internal storage and storage of your SD card up to certain limit. Also, you can take compressed back up of your device at ease.
  • Banner and IMEI – With the tweaker you can delete the debug banner in the flutter on the emulator. Apart from this, you can even change the IMEI number of your device and change it’s serial number and make it completely untraceable.
  • Cache – You can copy the required files and cache back and forth to the Bluestacks emulator which you can not perform with the original app.
  • Copies and shortcuts – You can delete the preset desktop shortcuts from bluestacks with the boon of this tweaker and even create many different customized copies of the bluestacks application and run the one you require for different purposes. Although, you can run only one at a time.
  • Change DPI and RAM – With Bluestacks tweaker one can change the DPI which is the screen density and change (extend) the RAM of your device up to half more than the preinstalled one.
  • Downloads – You can download and run any Apk file or rooted application with Bluestacks Tweaker on Bluestacks which you couldn’t without the tweaker.

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The Tweaker just makes it better than before and can be operated easily as it is quite user friendly.

Bluestacks Tweaker System Details and Requirements:


  • Windows XP/Vista to Windows 10.
  • Both 32 and 64 bit are fine.
  • 1 Gb RAM.
  • System space requires 150 to 160 mb.
  • Processor required – dual core or core 2 duo is fine enough.

Bluestacks Tweaker Basic Tutorial:

You can follow the below given steps to have a basic guidance towards the major reasons for which Bluestacks Tweaker is installed for.

  1. At first you need to open the Bluestacks application and run the tweaker in it.
  2. Firstly uninstall and install the application you require to make changes in
  3. To change the GUID click on BS Tweaker. You will see GUID written with a change button next to it. Click on change to change the same.
  4. To change the Android ID click on change and then select random. After selecting random click on ok and your Android ID will change.
  5. After making the required changes click restart on the Bluestacks app.
  6. To make any other changes repeat the required steps with your preferable application.

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Ending the Article:

Bluestacks Tweaker is like a boon to the users of Bluestacks helping them to perform every that action they felt a need of in the original one. It’s like Bluestacks rooted just like any other android applications.

You can do what you feel like with the same and never get disappointed. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and download.

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