(Solved) How to Unban WhatsApp Account Quickly in 2024

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How to Activate Banned WhatsApp Number

Today I am going to show you how to unban WhatsApp account.

There will hardly be a day in our day to day life wherein we don’t use WhatsApp.

In fact, there are many people who wake up to the buzzing beeps of forwarded and good morning messages. Naturally, a WhatsApp permanent ban is a considerable issue.

Impatient WhatsApp users look for other ways of using WhatsApp and search for alternatives like WhatsApp mods which include GBWhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus.

WhatsApp has recently announced that it is banning accounts that use apps like GBWhatsApp and other WhatsApp mods.

This comes after the reveal of the reports that stated, these apps have been used to share fake and spam messages.

To avoid the spread of these fake and spam messages WhatsApp announced the ban of accounts that are associated with the spread of fake news. This is where our how to unban WhatsApp number guide comes into the picture.

If you have been using such WhatsApp clones then you might have seen a notification from WhatsApp saying that your account is temporarily banned from using WhatsApp.

WhatsApp has become one of the most essential services in our day-to-day life and getting banned from it will definitely be a nightmare as it instantly disconnects you from the people you care about.

If your WhatsApp account is banned then you might be searching for ways to get your WhatsApp account unbanned.

Don’t worry you are at the right place as we will list all the possible ways to get your WhatsApp account unbanned quickly.

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So check out these ways and stay connected with your friends on WhatsApp and break free of your WhatsApp permanent ban.

Possible Reasons Behind the Ban of Your WhatsApp Account!

Before finding ways to get your WhatsApp account unbanned you must first find out why your account was banned. There might be several reasons and here are a few reasons.

Violating WhatsApp Terms

Just like every service, WhatsApp also has certain terms and conditions.

By using WhatsApp you agree to follow these terms and violating them may often result in restricting you from the use of WhatsApp service. Check this link and find if you have violated any WhatsApp terms.

Sharing of Illegal Content

WhatsApp strictly restricts sharing and transmitting illegal content related to Adult, Gambling and abuse.

So if you have mistakenly and unknowingly shared any of the messages related to such illegal stuff then you might have been banned on WhatsApp.

Sending Bulk Messages on WhatsApp

WhatsApp doesn’t allow its users to forward messages to more than 5 people at a time. However, there are many third-party software that can send messages to people on WhatsApp in bulk.

If you have ever used such a service then it results in a ban on your WhatsApp account.

Using Third WhatsApp MODS

This is one of the most common reasons as many people these days have been using WhatsApp mods like GBWhatsApp due to the convenient and more advanced features offered by these services which or not available in WhatsApp.

Using these services may temporarily ban you from using WhatsApp.

Spamming through Groups and Broadcasts

If you manage any groups on WhatsApp and add people to these groups who are not interested then they may report your account.

Also if you send messages to unknown people and get a reputation for spam contact you may be banned.

These are the major reasons that led to the ban of WhatsApp accounts. If you have ever done any of the above-said activities then here are the measures that you need to take to recover your account. 

Wondering how? Continue reading to discover the best suited solution for WhatsApp banned my number problem.

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How to Unban WhatsApp Account

Usually, WhatsApp will either ban you temporarily or permanently.

A temporary ban has good chances of recovery whereas in the case of a permanent ban, chances are limited.

Ban from WhatsApp

WhatsApp Temporary Ban

If your WhatsApp account is temporarily banned then you should see a timer running on your WhatsApp screen with a message stating that your account is Temporarily banned and will be re-activated in a specific time.

The temporary ban may last from 24 hours to a couple of Weeks. This depends on the activity you do. 

The most probable reason for the Temporary WhatsApp ban is due to heavy spamming and link sharing along with the use of third-party apps like GBWhatsApp Apk.

Here is how to unban from WhatsApp quickly in this particular case.

Recovering from Temporary WhatsApp Ban

In most cases, a temporary ban should automatically activate your account after a stipulated time period shown in the timer.

Just wait patiently for the ban to expire and after that, you can get your messages back.

Meanwhile, if you are using any WhatsApp clones remove them from your phone download the latest version of WhatsApp from Google PlayStore, and install it on your device.

Register with your number and wait for the timer to expire.

Also to avoid getting banned in the future don’t spam or send bulk messages on WhatsApp.

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Recovering from a Permanent Ban

The chances of recovering from a permanent ban on WhatsApp is a bit difficult when compared to a temporary ban.

In many cases, A permanent ban on WhatsApp is a result of violating WhatsApp Policies and terms. It might be due to illegal usage of WhatsApp.

But you can try to get this permanently banned from WhatsApp situation fixed and the following section tells you how.

To Recover or Unban Your WhatsApp from a Permanent Ban

Step 1 – Uninstall the existing WhatsApp from your phone and download the latest version of WhatsApp from Google Playstore.

Step 2 – Now register with your account and you will see a prompt informing you of the ban.

Step 3 – Click on the support button in the pop-up.

Step 4 – It will take you to a contact form that allows you to contact the WhatsApp team. Here you can request them to unban your account.

Step 5 – Fill in the form by entering the necessary details by entering your problem. Make sure you are polite to the team.

Step 6 – In the last screen click on none of the above reasons explain my problem option

Step 7 – Now later send a mail to the WhatsApp team (android_web@support.whatsapp.com)

This request Email to unban your WhatsApp account is a form of plea and a chance to state your case, be detailed and polite.

Method 2: Unban WhatsApp Account

Two things you need to do before you hit send.

  1. Change the email ID to support@whatsapp.com (the original message will have something that says support@smb.whatsapp.com – this does not work).
  2. Write a personal message, about why your number should be unbanned.

Describe everything and explain the problem. Try to be as convincing as possible.

Once you send the mail, you should get a reply from them in a day or two. Proceed further and reply to them as per the instructions in the mail.

If you are able to convince them then you are lucky enough to recover your account back.

If for some reason your mail doesn’t convince them then your account will be permanently frozen and will not be unbanned.

This is why the WhatsApp permanent ban is considered a serious issue. 

The best suggestion is to create a new account using an alternate phone number and inform your contacts about the change of number through your new WhatsApp account.

This time be super careful with the terms to not get permanently banned from WhatsApp ever again.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions:

How to Unban My WhatsApp Account?

Recovering your banned WhatsApp account is not that, you need to follow to simple steps to unban your WhatsApp account.

Will WhatsApp Unban My Account?

If you haven’t violated any of the WhatsApp terms & conditions then there are chances that WhatsApp may give you a chance to recover your account. Learn how to unban WhatsApp number from our guide above.

Possible Reasons Behind the Ban of Your WhatsApp Account?

Before finding ways to get your WhatsApp account unbanned you must first find out why your account was banned. There might be several reasons and here are a few reasons Violating WhatsApp terms, sharing illegal content, sending bulk messages, etc.

Types of WhatsApp Bans?

There are two types of WhatsApp Bans.

Temporary Ban: In most cases, a temporary ban should automatically activate your account after a stipulated time period shown in the timer.

Permanent Ban: The chances of recovering from a permanent ban on WhatsApp is a bit difficult when compared to a temporary ban.

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Ending the Article

So these are the ways you can look into to get your WhatsApp account unbanned. One must note that WhatsApp will never warn you nor will it inform you regarding the ban.

So you have to be cautious while using WhatsApp for other purposes other than what it was meant for. 

If you are a marketer or a business then instead of using regular WhatsApp you should switch to WhatsApp Business which is a safe solution.

To do the best damage control, use this article to get unban from WhatsApp quickly!

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