Top 6 Sites to Download PC Games (For Free with Direct Download Links)

Today I’m going to share with you the Top 6 Sites to Download PC Games. This is my complete guide on the best sites to download pc games for free.

Gaming since its inception has become more than just a trend and certainly more than a time killing tool. It has an indefinable addiction. However, these days getting addicted to a particular game is quite rare because of the increase in the number of developers and games.

Although I believe the most popular are PC games which are inevitable, they tend to be awesome and always entertaining.

So, let’s lose ourselves a bit for PC games and discuss them. As I said before they are awesome and they tend to be awesome I also understand that playing games on your PC are really interesting.

But I believe you must have faced one problem while looking for your favourite PC games and that problem is looking for a legitimate website providing original versions of games.

We need to rectify that issue soon to make games more accessible to everyone. So guys finally, to solve that problem I have handpicked some best websites to download PC games for free on the Internet.

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What are the best websites to download free PC games?

List of Best Websites to Download PC Games for Free:

1. Games.Softonic –

Softonic is one of the most popular sites to download programs and software for Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone, Java and Symbian devices. Though there are many games available on this site too, which can be downloaded for free for PC.

This site shows a list of Top Downloads, which shows the top 10 most popular games according to the country in which you live. Action, Adventure, Cards, Educational, Racing, Emulators, Board, Combat and many more things related to games can be downloaded from Softonic.

To access or download any of the games and software available on the website first you have to register on the website through your valid email ID and password.

2. Ocean Of Games ( –

As the name suggests, it is an ocean of games in which you can find hundreds of PC games for free. Each game on this site is available for free & almost all kinds of games can be found on this website.

Also a variety of games are found on this website of each and every genre.

Games with all sorts of sizes and graphics are available on this website. You can download free games here.

This site does not have any Ads, you will not face any problem with popups or download button ads while surfing this site.

Most of the games on this websites are completely free and very easy to download.

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3. GamesTop –

GamesTop is just like a gaming hub for those people who want to enjoy free games on their PC. You can get full version games for Windows on this site which can be played either online or you can download games for PC for offline playing.

Furthermore, developers update the site with downloadable free games and flash games each day. So you don’t have to wait for so long to get updates on this website, and other great news is the cost of the games available are completely free.

4. ThePCGames –

ThePCGames is another website stuffed with great games in a variety of categories. Categories span over hundreds of games in any of your favourite genres. Racing, Fighting, Action, GTA Games, Call of duty games, Sports, survival, and Arcade.

Another cool feature is “Request Games” which lets you request your favourite games and you’ll be notified whenever your requested game will be available on the website.

sites to download pc games for free

The website consists of all-time monumental games like Assassins Creed, GTA Franchise, Call of Duty Franchise Overall, The PC Games can provide you unlimited fun with an endless list of top-notch games.

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5. GamePressure –

GamePressure isn’t just a game downloading website, but a lot more than that. Other than having a tremendously huge collection of different games, it also has a vast collection of gaming tutorials, gaming encyclopedias, comics, videos and even news and updates related to the gaming world.

It’s a treasure for any gaming fan out there. You can discover all action games for PC.

6. World Of PC Games –

Fan of Old-school games? Do games like Don Bradman, Project IGI, Tekken 6, Fry Cry etc still satisfy you?

WorldOfPCGames is a hub of a huge collection of all types of games you like. From Action to Casual, from Adventure to Real-Time Strategy (RTS), you will get all the games you like with a direct download link.

The developers of the site have created a Special Request section to request your favourite games. If your request gets approved then your desired games will be uploaded within a day.

Quick list of best sites to download PC games:

  1. Games.Softonic.
  2. Ocean Of Games.
  3. GamesTop.
  4. ThePCGames.
  5. GamePressure.
  6. World of PC Games.

Thus, was the list of the 6 best and most trustworthy websites to download legitimate games very easily.

Top 10 Games for PC:

Name Game Type
PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Online Battle Royale
Fallout 4 Action Role Playing
Divinity: Original Sin II Role-Playing
Total War: Warhammer II Strategic
Subnautica Adventure & Survival
Metro Exodus First-Person Shooter (FPS)
Prey First-Person Shooter (FPS)
Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire Role-Playing
StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty Strategic

The above-mentioned games can be downloaded from the sites mentioned in the article.

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Why Using These Websites to Download PC Games Are Very Helpful?

The main aim of writing the article is to share some best websites to download PC games that can be easily supportable for your PCs and which aren’t found easily on the Internet.

You have messed a lot with your head to download a good quality graphics PC game, for instance, if you use these mentioned websites to download the games you won’t face any problem finding your favourite games regardless of the genre you are looking for.

One more interesting thing I wanna mention is that downloading the game which is actually been found isn’t an easy task too, at the point this article can be useful to you because all the websites mentioned in the article are quite friendly and very easy to use so won’t face any problem to download your desired game.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Are These Websites Free to Download Games?

Yes, these sites provide games for free. There are no hidden charges.

2. My System Will Be Infected with a Virus If I Download Games from These sites?

No, all the mentioned site owners fully scan the file before uploading in their site.

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Ending the Article –

All I want to say is that all the websites mentioned in the article are very popular and are the best in their craft. So, you can trust them blindly and enjoy your gaming experience with the help of those websites without any hassle.

So, hence was the post of Best Websites To Download PC Games for free. I hope you liked the post. Feel free to comment on your reviews in the comment box.

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