How To Get Unlimited Followers On Instagram: (Real Followers) From 0 to 10K

This is my most complete guide on how to get unlimited followers on Instagram, real followers not bots.

Undoubtedly, Instagram is one of the world’s largest social media platforms with more than 700 million registered users. The number of users is increasing steadily. Because of such immense popularity people using Instagram are very curious to increase their followers.

Especially it becomes necessary to get more followers when you’re promoting a business on Instagram. However, getting Instagram followers very quickly isn’t an easy task. Most of the people face a lot of struggle for that. Most of users are struggling to increase Instagram followers.

As all of us aren’t celebrities, that’s why we waste much of our time in increasing our followers, but we need to work unless we are successful or because having huge followers base is necessary when you are trying to promote your business on Instagram or even having a personal account.

Instagram promotions are nowadays considered very important to promote your business online, and it gives you great publicity and unique image of your product.

Trust me guys it’s very useful. Instagram is giving tough competition to competitors like Facebook and Twitter as a standard advertising platform. The unique interface from all the other players and the niche gives Instagram the desperately needed edge.

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How to Get Instagram Followers Fast

While roaming around the Internet, you will find loads of tricks related to Instagram which guarantees you to increase your followers by a huge margin but sadly most of them are fake, not secured, or just don’t work.

They are a serious waste of time. So for you guys, I have researched a lot online to get a working trick to do the task.

So, guys in this post, I’m going to share a simple working trick from which you would be able to quickly get unlimited followers on Instagram without any hassle.

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Below I have shared the steps to follow to increase Instagram followers.

Steps to Get Unlimited Followers on Instagram

  1. First of all, open the Instagram App and log in to your Account with your username and password.
  2. Now, navigate to the search box.
  3. Now, you have to type Popugram and search for it. The results are shown in the below image.
  4. Now just follow Popugram from your account.
  5. Then see the following list of popugram and start following them all.
  6. Now, keep a bit of patience you will start getting your followers. Sometimes it will give you less amount of followers and sometimes it will give you an immense amount of followers. It depends on your luck and patience.
  7. After getting followers just unfollow all followers you have followed from popugram and again follow them to get more followers.
  8. That’s it you’re done. Now most probably you won’t get any unwanted errors.

This was the simplest 8 step guide to increase your Instagram followers.

Keep reading I have shared some awesome things at the end of the article

As this trick is completely working and very easy to perform it can become perfect for you but be patient while applying this trick; Slowly and steadily you will be able to attract lots of followers without any extra effort.

As mentioned before this can be a blessing for people who are willing to increase followers for their online businesses.

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Some useful tips to Increase your Instagram Followers

Some tips which can perform as a goldmine for you

1. Make your Instagram account look perfect

  • An Instagram profile with an incredible bio is a place of attraction.
  • Make your account public.
  • Set an extraordinary image as your profile pic.

2. Focus on Content (Content is the king)

  • According to a report, at least you should upload a photo or video per day to get better engagement.
  • Use maximum relevant hashtags in your content, 83% of photos on Instagram contain hashtags because a perfect hashtag can increase the chances of your photo going viral by 20%.
  • You can add up to 30 hashtags in your photos/videos.
  • Photos are 65000% more friendly to our brain compared to written text, so ignoring quality images in shared content will be a big mistake. Share as many images as you can, which will lead your reach to more people and people will find it very easy to understand your content.
  • You should share relevant and interesting sentences and proverbs to link to actual content. Remember, start with a question to increase the curiosity of the followers. Interesting proverbs and hashtags will give you the edge over other promoters. To make your content look interesting, you should necessarily follow this.
  • Don’t reveal more than enough about your content or your followers won’t bother to open the links and read the whole article. This can do severe damage to your product selling, even if your product is better than others.
  • Some of the famous tags are #like4like, #follow, #instagood, #follow, #love, #picoftheday, #theawesomeindia etc.
  • Write eye-catching captions.
  • Focus on quality content, and upload 1 post per day, but that post should be qualitative. It’s okay if you can’t post every day, but be as consistent as possible because being engaged with your audience is a very crucial part.

3. Videos on Instagram Gets Viral Faster than Photos

With images also try to upload relevant videos with explanations about your content. People will emerge very quickly this way and you will also be able to increase your face value.

The per capita video consumption has increased significantly over the years, which means you have twice the number of people watching video now than 3 or 4 years ago. So double down on your video content. Make mesmerizing videos to gain more followers through our posted videos.

4. You can tag up to 20 Instagram profiles per post,

So it is recommended to tag relevant profiles on your posts.

For example – if you are uploading a photo/video about cricket, you can tag profiles like Virat Kohli, MS Dhoni, Sachin Tendulkar, etc.

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Why Instagram Promotions is So Important

You may wonder why I am giving so much attention to a so-called photo sharing Application, But the actual point is that this photo sharing App has now emerged as one of the largest social media giants.

Maybe that’s why Facebook acquired it in an unbelievable amount of $1 Billion. You will notice many people on Instagram who have become full-time entrepreneurs just by achieving millions of followers on Instagram.

Instagram can be used for multiple ways to make online money. Paid advertisements, Affiliate links, sponsored posts and the list goes on. On the initial basis, all you need to build a huge fan base on Instagram to achieve the feat.

At the beginning, the journey will be very tough, full of hurdles and thrones.

No success journey is full of blossom, so, if you believe that you’re committed enough to face all the challenges, then only you should start with Instagram.

If your Instagram edge lifts up, you can surely use it to become a full-time entrepreneur with millions in your pocket and your bank has to make you a valuable customer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions:

Will Instagram make or break things for my product adverting goals?

Yes, it will. It’s a gigantic platform so you must have a significant presence on Instagram.

Is Instagram advertising is better than Facebook advertising?

Well, I don’t have credible data to prove it, but Instagram’s popularity has exceeded facebooks by many notches, so even if you don’t know the actual numbers, Instagram is more important.

Should I use Instagram reels to promote my content?

Yes, you should take full advantage of Instagram Reels to grow your Instagram account. Instagram is pushing reels in its explore page so aggressively, so you should try posting 1-2 reels per day.

This will help grow your Instagram account/page tremendously.

Is Instagram advertising a quick fix?

I hate to break the ice but it isn’t. To grow a loyal fan-base on Instagram takes time, but overtime by posting good content you can get many followers. The key here is patience.

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Ending the Article

Popugram is the best option to do the task if you want it to be smooth and complete the task quickly without hassle. If you don’t believe me, then you try it out.

I bet that will not find a better way for each and every aspect. I’m sure that by using this method you can increase your Instagram followers by a significant margin. It will result very beneficial for you.

So, hence was the post to increase Instagram followers. I hope you like the post. Feel free to comment your reviews in the comment box.

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