How To Make Money With Telegram: 2 Easy Methods

Today I going to show you how to make money with Telegram in our detailed article.

It may sound weird but trust me you can make money with Telegram. It has over a 500 million users, and it can be an excellent opportunity to you because you can earn money from capitalizing those users.

Recently I have shared many ways to earn money online, and they got a great response. That’s why I am writing this article on making money with Telegram.

You don’t have to give your blood and sweat to this work, it’s easy, and you have to invert just a couple of hours per day to get a good response. I have shared two different methods and variety of sub-methods to earn money.

I have tried to mention almost everything which I thought will be handy to make a handsome amount of cash.

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Ways to Make Money with Telegram:

Method 1 – Make Money with Telegram Using Profit Robot:

This method is quite common, in this method we are going earn money from Telegram bot which is known as Profit Robot (Profitbot). It was the first Telegram bot from which you can earn money.

Currently, It is available for Android, Windows and iPhone. It provides various ways to earn money with 100% payment guarantee.

How to Earn Money from Profit Robot?

It provides 3 ways to earn money which are Web-surf, Offers and Invite Friends.

1. Web-surf:

When you will click on “Web Surf” it will give you a link which you have to open, keep it opened till the points get credited in your accounts. Per successfully opened link you get 80 points.

You will get a new link whenever you enter in “Web-surf” mode. So, you can earn unlimited points just by opening links. Even it will consume very less data.

2. Offers:

As the name suggests, you have to complete the offers provided by them. Currently, the “Offers” mode provides two ways to earn money. First one is “Survey” in which you have to complete surveys provided by them.

You can get 2000 to 10000 coins per survey. The second one is to download and Install various Apps provided by them.

You can get 10000-20000 coins on every successful download. The offers keep changing everyday, keep eyes on them and earn big.

3. Invite Friends:

When a Telegram user joins ProfitRobot via your referral link and stats to earn, you:

  • Are rewarded with 1000 coins.
  • Earn 10% when he completes offers and surfs.
  • Earn 30% of what he earns from his referrals.

There is an infinite number of possible referral levels.

These were the 3 ways to earn money from ProfitRobot.

Payout Methods:

It supports 3 payment gateways which are Paypal, Bitcoin and QIWI. I will suggest you to accept your Payment with Paypal. As its too easy to create an account there and the conversion rates are also cheap.

You can check your point in the “Stats” section.

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How to Signup with ProfitRobot:

1. First of all, open your Telegram App and search “@profitrobot”.

2. Click on Profit Robot and tap the “Start” button.

3. You have successfully logged to Profit Robot.

4. Choose the available options to get started with.

Method 2:

This method is discovered by me, it’s totally new. By using this method you may take some time to earn your first penny but trust me you can earn more compare to method 1 if you focus on it.

Here we are going to use the “Channel” feature of Telegram. Channel is quite similar to the Facebook page. Anyone can search for your channel in Telegram and join it. There is no limit of maximum members.

It works similar to the broadcast feature, you send the message, video, GIF, photo etc and it gets delivered to all your channel subscribers. And it’s totally free, so it’s a total win situation for you.

But Shubham how can I earn money from Channel?

Don’t worry I am going to clear all your doubts but first let’s learn the process of creating the Channel.

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How to Create a Telegram Channel:

1. Firstly, open the Telegram App then click on “Options’ and tap on the “New Channel” feature.

2. Enter the Channel Name, description, set a cool profile picture and click on “tick”.

3. Keep the Channel as “Public” and set a unique link name which should be easy to remember and hard to forget.

4. Now add atleast 1 member from your contacts.

5. Hurray, you have created your Channel in the Telegram.

Tip – You can add more admins in your channel just as the “WhatsApp Group” feature.

Now before moving forward to earn from the Channel, you have to turn your Channel into a community. In simple words, the members of your Channel are subscribers, and they are going to see all of your post in the channel, they are your audience.

So, you have to add members as much as possible. In the beginning, it will be a bit difficult but once your channel becomes viral than the channel will be flooded the members.

Keep the Channel category based on your interest. It can be Entertainment, G.K, Technology, Education etc. It all depends on your interest. Now start posting stuffs related to the Channel category.

It can be photos, GIFs, text messages, videos etc. For inspiration you can follow some popular Facebook pages.

Your Channel should have at least 500 members in order to earn from them.

Below I have shared the ways to make money with telegram channel.

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How to earn money with Telegram Channel:

1. Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate Marketing is one of the best ways to earn money online, especially from Telegram. Now many questions may be occurring in your mind like what is Affiliate marketing, how to get started with it etc.

Affiliate marketing means promoting and selling a product of specific companies and earning commission from every product you sell.

In term of the variety of product and high commission rates, Amazon associates is ranked as the best Affiliate marketing program.

There is no limit for making money with affiliate marketing, but you need to be really smart to pull that off. Don’t limit yourself with amazon affiliates or other popular affiliate programs.

Try something new and think out the box to sell products directly to your consumer and it will pay handsome money in the long-run.

Below are the commission rates per sale of Amazon associates.

2. Referring Recharge Apps:

free recharge Apps

You may have already used many free recharge Apps. By using referring any recharge App, you get cash in the wallet of that App. By using this method, you won’t earn big cash, but you can earn free recharge, Paytm cash, free goodies etc.

You can use free recharge Apps like Taskbucks, Ladooo, Earn Talktime, Mcent etc. There are many recharge Apps you can find them on Google Playstore.

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This method is easiest of all, you just have to short links, share them and you will get paid when someone opens that link. There are many link shortening services but is considered as best.

Get registered with, find any viral content which attracts users to open it.

For example – you can share unknown facts about any celebrity. Copy the content link and short it in Shorte and share it in your Channel.

The amount you will be paid for each click would be something between 0.1$ to 5.0$.

There are many other link shortening networks but the payment processing methods and easy to understand interface makes stand out of the crowd.

It also provides 20% commission on referrals so, you can also earn some extra cash other then your ad placements.

Each and every notification related to your account, payments, referrals, and ad clicks are updated on daily basis to make make this network a fast paced entity.

Using shortening link services you might not be able to make a ton of money, but its still worth your time if you have decently large network to share your content.

4. Getting Partnered:

The heading explains all, if your Channel has fairly large members than you can ping any website related to category for getting partnered.

Website owners are always looking for new means to improve their traffic. So they will easily get partnered with you.

They provide you the links of their content, and you just have to share it in your Channel.

The price per link totally depends on the Channel category and the budget of the website owner.

If you don’t have many followers on your network, don’t worry, try to engage and talk with people, build a good audience overtime and getting partners will become more lucrative for you.

That’s it, and this was the best article on earning money from Telegram, I hope you like it.

Additionally, I would like to say that thing will not happen overnight. You have to be patient and keep working.

If the content you are publishing in your channel is engaging, then you will surely get followers, and they will keep increasing.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Should I start amazon affiliates thinking about the Long-term?

Yes, of course, the biggest benefits of being associates with amazon is its trustworthiness. So you should definitely go with amazon for the long-term.

2. Are referring recharge apps still out there?

Yes they are. Contrary to what people think, they are still live an most of them works and pays money.

3. I want to only try shortening links. Is that possible?

Yes it is possible, but according to me one should try everything in a phased manner to get a grip on and understand what works for them the best.

4. Can telegram be as big and influential as WhatsApp in the future?

If you have that question in mind, than you’re on the right track.

Telegram, obviously is not as big and influential as WhatsApp, however, it userbase is rapidly growing and its simple and eat interface is liked by (almost) everyone, so the future for telegram looks bright and shiny.

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Ending the Article:

This was my mega guide on make money from Telegram. It is the best article you will ever found on Internet.

Earning money online is always a hot topic and daily many ways are discovered to earn more and more from Internet. But to make a stable income, you need to focus on one and be the master of it.


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