20+ Working Crunchyroll Premium Accounts: December 2022


    20+ Working Crunchyroll Premium Accounts 2021

    Instead of paying $79.99 per year, try these Crunchyroll premium accounts to get the taste of Crunchyroll for FREE.

    We live in the 21st century, and it is an era of the internet. Today and everything are available for us online on the internet; no matter what you need, just name it, and it will be there on your screen.

    The internet has become an essential need for us, and nowadays, it will be challenging for us to live without the internet.

    Now the life of people got busier as compared to the past times, due to which most people prefer to watch their favorite TV shows, movies, and anime online.

    There are several companies over the internet that allow you online streaming shows and movies but there are very few which let you watch your favorite anime cartoon, there are few service providers that let you stream anime programs.

    Crunchyroll is one of the best anime streaming platforms, but you have to pay them a considerable amount for their services, many of you out there might not know about Crunchyroll.

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    Today in this comprehensive article, I will introduce you to Crunchyroll and provide you with some working Crunchyroll premium accounts, so keep reading till the end.

    What Is Crunchyroll?

    What Is Crunchyroll

    Crunchyroll is an online streaming platform that streams anime, manga, and drama show. At present, there are over 35 million active Crunchyroll users worldwide; Crunchyroll was founded by graduates from the University of California American.

    Basically, Crunchyroll is a paid platform where you have to pay a basic membership fee to stream your favorite anime programs but sometimes users don’t want to pay any extra money for their Crunchyroll.

    In this article, I have mentioned a few Crunchyroll Premium Accounts with their username and password for you to enjoy your favorite anime programs for free.

    What Is Anime?

    What Is Anime

    “Anime” most of us are familiar with this word, but if you don’t know what anime is don’t panic I will give you a brief description of it.

    Anime is a kind of Japanese comics and cartoon which is popular all over the world, anime is popular content for adults and youngsters.

    In anime characters are made with a traditional Japanese touch using vibrant colors and quiet peculiar faces.

    Anime is divided into kids and adults niche. Nowadays, the popularity of anime has increased more than it has been ever, some of the famous anime shows are Dragon Ball Z, Naruto, Pokémon etc.

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    Crunchyroll Premium Accounts Username And Password:

    Crunchyroll Premium Accounts Username And Password

    If you are a fan of anime and want to enjoy your favorite anime on Crunchyroll then you need access to the Crunchyroll Premium Account, you can get it either by purchasing it for yourself or you can use one of the Crunchyroll premium accounts I have mentioned below.

    Email Password
    brooke342@gmail.com 64851325454
    alia1battle21@gmail.com 123456789
    allisonangel34@gmail.com 134angel
    amberjack67@gmail.com 123456789
    gameking99@gmail.com 99999999a
    chasmface65@gmail.com johnnyking5
    commando2022@gmail.com 123456789
    kratos241@gmail.com kra24152
    annastefen9@gmail.com anna99999
    badbunny911@gmail.com 6843546816
    bazookaman2@gmail.com jack952145
    bestblade4@gmail.com blade123
    captainp3roxide@gmail.com 123456789
    crazyeights4@gmail.com 5641324165
    darksideorbit1@gmail.com dark123321
    reading_steiner@hotmail.com NpawtV12
    niklaseriklarsson@gmail.com niklas94
    austinnsmith14@gmail.com Bamafan105
    timothy94gainey@aol.com mtndew1
    cm53606@yahoo.com Cm19940608
    johnyboy96@live.com chakra
    ddt346a@yahoo.com upwd0304
    konnorfromm@gmail.com master12323
    lucasleonelf@outlook.com doctor92
    mosellesmith@yahoo.com showdog
    mitch_the_gansta_pimp@yahoo.com fistofnod
    sonicthevampire@hotmail.com sonic1
    jasonthed@gmail.com forsaken1
    nickhyzer@gmail.com Demitria1
    flyboy18902@hotmail.com R3dalert2
    vladkravchenko204@yahoo.com 95239105
    joshua-black@hotmail.co.uk darkphoenix
    silkroad2331@hotmail.com playtime
    timothy94gainey@aol.com mtndew1
    peltokangaspatrik@gmail.com pvfp69as
    who_am_y@yahoo.com pololo99
    ecchizz@live.com seay15
    Kirai.87@Gmail.com KLaxirai87
    austinnsmith14@gmail.com Bamafan105
    lost.g0drealm@gmail.com Rotbito91
    mosellesmith@yahoo.com showdog
    lucasleonelf@outlook.com doctor92
    mitch_the_gansta_pimp@yahoo.com fistofnod
    sonicthevampire@hotmail.com sonic1
    jasonthed@gmail.com forsaken1
    johnnygarcia_15@yahoo.com Metallica12

    Also let us know which account worked for you in the comments section.

    NOTE – Please do not change the password of the account so that everyone can login and enjoy their favorite anime content, If in case the username and password don’t work for you then kindly proceed with the method below because many times selfish people change the password of the account which makes it inaccessible for the other users, so I will recommend you to get a 14 days trial of Crunchyroll Premium Account for yourself.

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    How To Create Crunchyroll Premium Account Trial?

    How To Create Crunchyroll Premium Account Trial

    If any of the accounts mentioned above do not work for you then you can go for the 14 days trial of Crunchyroll premium account.

    Before we get to the procedure itself, let me tell you that a credit card is needed to get 14 days trial of Crunchyroll premium account. Follow the procedure given below carefully step by step to avoid any obstacle.


    1. Open the official website of Crunchyroll in any browser.
    2. Enter your email address and password on the signup page then click on the create account button.
    3. Now you have to verify your email address simply by clicking on the link you received on your email address.
    4. On this page, you have to enter your billing details to the 14 days trial of Crunchyroll.
    5. After the billing details, you have to provide your credit card credentials and your Crunchyroll premium account is ready (you will not be charged for the 14 days trial period).

    NOTE – After getting the 14 trial of Crunchyroll you can access unlimited premium content on Crunchyroll but make sure to deactivate your membership before 14 days get over else you will be automatically charged for the monthly membership.

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    Ending the Article:

    There is a massive increase in the number of anime viewers in the last few years, and that is mostly because of the growth and availability of internet and telecommunication sector, now people are more exposed to content of different countries across the world.

    Now people can enjoy movies and shows from different countries on the screens of their smartphones, tablets, etc. Crunchyroll allows you to enjoy your favorite anime shows, and it has a huge variety of content both for adults and kids. Crunchyroll is the only streaming platform that serves you with such a huge variety of anime shows.

    Here in this article, I tried to introduce you to Crunchyroll and anime and mentioned some Crunchyroll Premium Account username and password.

    In case the accounts which I have mentioned above don’t work for you kindly go for the 14 days trial of the Crunchyroll premium account.

    I hope my article is helpful for you and it helped you to get a premium account of Crunchyroll if you have any queries or problems related to the topic feel free to ask me down in the comment section.

    Where else do you watch your favorite anime show?

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