Download Fetlife Apk for Android: Latest Version 2024

The internet has become so common that everyone has access to it; people of every age group, gender, etc. use the internet. The internet has become an essential part of our day to day life, frankly speaking, I can’t imagine my life without the internet.

For all our problems, needs, and queries, we surf the internet, the same as in the case of dating, nowadays people are performing many matrimonial activities like marriage, dating, etc.

Online with the help of the internet. Dating has always been an exciting activity for the youngsters; in this era of technology and modernization, there is a slight change in the traditional method of dating. In recent years the trend of online dating has increased to a great extent; people prefer to date each other online before the actual meet.

There are many online platforms for dating where one can meet new people nearby as well as people living far from us. Among all the dating applications, Fetlife Apk is the one that lets you meet new people near you and date them at a very minimal price as compared to other dating applications.

So keep reading till the end to know more about fetlife apk and its excellent features.

Fetlife Apk Download

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What Is Fetlife Application?

Fetlife for Android

Fetlife is a social network and online dating application, just like other dating platforms where a user can simply register and start dating and meeting new people.

The main objective of fetish is to serve people interested in BDSM, FETISHISM, and KINK.

It is a location-based application which connects you with the other fetlife users nearby, this application works on the matching bases wherein the fetlife application will show the profiles of the other fetlife users as per your interest, then among those profiles you can like or dislike profiles as per your preference and if you like someone’s profile and that person also likes your profile too then you both will be able to chat and date each other.

Fetlife works with the help of GPS and shows the profiles of people around you.

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How to Download and Install Fetlife?

Fetlife application is not officially available on play store in such case downloading fetlife can be a tedious process but don’t worry, here in this article I will guide you to download and install the fetlife application on your android phone.

Follow all the steps carefully to avoid any problem.

Downloading Procedure:

As I already told you that fetlife application is not available on play store but you can still download it from other application markets, but make to download it from a genuine website to protect your phone from any type of viruses and malware.

For better guidance download the fetlife application from the link I have mentioned below.

  • Step 1 – Open chrome or any browser of your choice.
  • Step 2 – Then visit and search for fetlife in the search bar or click below to get the direct download link.

Download Now

  • Step 3 – Click on the download button and your downloading will start.

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Installing Procedure:

After the downloading of fetlife is completed it will not get installed directly as we have downloaded it from site other than play store, in such case we have to manually install fetlife in our phone.

Some people might face difficulties in installing fetlife follow the steps below to install a fetlife application on your phone.

  • Step 1 – Once the downloading is completed, open the downloaded file folder in the file manager.
  • Step 2 – There in the downloaded file folder click on the fetlife setup file.
install fetlife apk
  • Step 3 – Click on the Next button and install button respectively, voila, your fetlife application is installed.

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How to Use Fetlife Application:

Once you have installed the fetlife application then comes the main part “How to use it?”, there are many users who don’t know how to use the fetlife application, in this quick guide I will teach you how to use fetlife application.

You don’t need rocket science knowledge to use fetlife, with the help of small effort anyone can use it. Follow the steps below -:

  • Step 1 – Open the application.
fetlife application
  • Step 2 – Click on the get started button.
fetlife download
  • Step 3 – Select your gender.
  • Step 4 – Now click on the arrow on the bottom right of your screen 4 times.
  • Step 5 – Now click on next button 3 times and you are ready to use the fetlife application.

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Advantages and Disadvantages Fetlife Application:


  • Fetlife provides personality tests to match or use algorithms that suit users, these aspects improve the ability of users to match a suitable candidate.
  • Users are under control, they have many choices so that there are many matches to accommodate their specific type.
  • Users will be able to chat and get to know potential candidates once they think they are interested.
  • This type of communication saves users time, resources and danger not to be prevented if they dated the conventional way.


  • On fetlife, there are many profiles which can be quite confusing for many people.
  • Users can lose their choices with so many possibilities and spend too much time searching for the “perfect” candidate instead of using that time to start a real relationship.
  • Algorithms and matching systems may not always be as exact as users think.
  • No optimal system is available that is perfectly compatible with two personalities every time
  • There is also no physical attraction in the choosing of a potential partner in online communication.
  • On an online dating platform, many details are fake and missing which can lead to misunderstanding.

Fetlife Application Information:

Application NameFetlife
Size8.6 Mb
Last Updated27-11-2019

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Ending the Article:

Today youngsters love to spend their time in the virtual world (Internet) more than they spend their time in the real world. Online dating has become much more popular than what it was a few years back, and people like to date people online before actually meeting them.

For this purpose, fetlife is an awesome application that allows you to meet and date new people around you. In this brief article, I have described fetlife and gave a brief guide to download, install, and use it.

I hope this article will help in getting familiar with fetlife apk, but if you still have any queries or problems, please feel free to ask me down in the comment section I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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