100+ Grammarly Premium Accounts Username & Password for FREE


    100+ Grammarly Premium Accounts Username & Password for FREE

    Today I’m going to share with you 15+ Grammarly Premium Accounts Username & Password for FREE.

    If you are a content writer, student, freelancer or an employee at any reputed organization, you must be familiar with the writing assistant tool “Grammarly”. And you always want to have a Grammarly Premium Account Username & Password.

    I assure you that you are at the right place, you won’t have to go to any other place for Grammarly.

    Writing in English is not simple, it requires a lot of effort to create an error-free, plagiarism-free writeup with a unique combination of words and slang.

    Though if you are technocrats who have been working for years in this field then you might be good at grammar, spelling and punctuation but you would have always required an assistant which can correct your mistakes automatically while writing. 

    In this post, I am going to explain how to get Grammarly premium for free. But before that, we need to understand the features, specifications and how Grammarly premium works on various platforms.

    I will tell you the methods of getting a free Grammarly premium account and information about its alternatives as well.

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    What Is Grammarly?

    What Is Grammarly 

    Grammarly is a tool that works on the basis of artificial intelligence assistance. It comes for almost all mediums such as android, IOS, MAC, window and extensions for various browsers.

    It performs various tasks and helps the writers while writing, like checking spelling and grammar errors, rectifying punctuations, suggesting the best possible way of writing a sentence and many more.

    However, it is available for free but with limited features. Some features will be available only if you purchase its premium write-ups membership which can be divided into monthly and yearly basis. 

    Further in this article, we will see the difference between the features of free and paid version Grammarly accounts.

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    What is Grammarly Premium Account Username & Password?

    What is Grammarly Premium Account Username & Password

    When it comes to Grammarly Premium Account Username & Password, it is considered as the best writing tool which helps you to write error-free. It corrects the following things.

    • Grammar
    • Spelling mistakes
    • Punctuation 
    • Vocabulary suggestion
    • Citation suggestions
    • Improve writing style

    If you are a content writer, blogger, student, teacher or working in a media firm where effective and error-free writing is the top priority, Grammarly free premium is for you.

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    Features of Grammarly Premium Account Username & Password:

    Features of Grammarly Premium Account Username & Password

    • Spelling: Have you written something but not assure whether it is correct or not. It checks the spellings featured in your content are right or not. 
    • Grammarly premium for free can solve this issue because once you install it on your mobiles or computer, it will underline the incorrect word or phrase.
    • Grammar: As a professional writer, blogger or teacher, it will be your responsibility that your writeup should be free from any grammatical error. With the help of the free Grammarly premium tool, you will be able to write 100% more accurate sentences with proper meaning.
    • Punctuation: Free Grammarly premium tool will help you to determine the correct punctuation like “full stop” or “comma” that fits in the sentences perfectly.
    • Tone adjustments: Having a free Grammarly premium account will be very helpful to determine the tone of your writeup. This feature helps to make your sentences comfortable to read with the use of good words.
    • Add team member: Assume a situation in which you are in the profession of writing or teaching and you wanna share this tool with someone else, this can easily be done by having Grammarly Premium Account Username & Password.
    • Plagiarism detection: For professional writers and teachers, writing original plagiarism free content is the top priority. This tool not only helps you to write plagiarism free content but also helps in determining the plagiarised content written by other people. 
    • Integration with other tools: Grammarly free premium tools can easily integrate with the tools like Google chrome, PowerPoint, Skype, Gmail, Zoom, Microsoft word, slack and anywhere you write on your phone or desktop.

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    How Does Grammarly Work?

    How Does Grammarly Work

    Grammarly is nothing but a well-programmed artificial intelligence that corrects incorrect words, spelling mistakes, grammatical as well as punctuation errors. There are two variations available on its platform free or paid. 

    The free version is also good but comes with some limitations that are available in the premium version. Basically, a free Grammarly premium account helps to create error-free content by providing multiple suggestions.

    Both the free and paid versions are available on its web portal. You can instantly download the free version but need to pay for premium membership which is also categorized in monthly and yearly plans.

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    Differences Between the Free and Paid Version of Grammarly:

    Differences Between the Free and Paid Version of Grammarly

    A Free Version of GrammarlyGrammarly Premium Account Username & Password
    Vocabulary enhancement featuresAdvanced vocabulary improvement features
    Plagiarism tool features are absentOne of the best plagiarism checker tool features is available
    Can correct up to 150 words in a single impression Allow up to 250 words in a single impression
    The tone detection feature is absentCan detect the actual tone of your write-ups

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    How to Get Grammarly Premium Account Username & Password? (4 Latest Working Methods)

    How to Get Grammarly Premium Account Username & Password

    Now we are going into a little more in-depth on the topic where we will see the 4 working methods by which any writer, blogger, freelancer, the teacher can get access to Grammarly premium free.

    And the best thing is all the provided methods are free, the users have to follow some simple steps to get access to the Grammarly Premium Account Username & Password.

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    How to Get Grammarly Premium for Free (Only for Bloggers)?

    How to Get Grammarly Premium for Free

    All the bloggers can get access to the Grammarly Premium Account Username & Password. By doing so they can improve their writing skills and create unique and error-free write-ups for their readers. Just follow these steps:

    1. First, you need to sign up for a free account by visiting Grammarly.com
    2. You will get access to its free version, use it for a few days
    3. After some days, contact the team of Grammarly by sending an email and tell them that you like the tool and you want to write a sponsored post. For that, you will need to write a review for testing purposes.
    4. Their team will send you the details of Grammarly Premium Account Username & Password that would be valid for a month. Start using it for some days and then write a review post.
    5. Once you publish the post, you need to send it to the affiliate team, they will provide you lifetime access to Grammarly Premium Account Username & Password.

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    How to Get Grammarly Premium Account Username & Password (Referring to Friends)?

    How to Get Grammarly Premium Account

    You can get access to a free Grammarly premium account by referring to your friends.

    1. Sign up on Grammarly.com and get a 7 days free trial.
    2. After the trial of one week, you can extend your one-week premium access limit by another week by referring it to your friends.

    Your 1 referral = 1-week access to Grammarly Premium Account Username & Password

    If you invite 20 friends to join Grammarly, you will get 20 weeks of free access to it. So start inviting it and keep continuing to use it without paying any single penny.

    1. Now visit Grammarly.com and sign up.
    2. Add its extension to your browser.
    3. Click on the icon and log into your account.
    4. Now navigate the website and find the invite and earn option.
    5. Now share the link with your friends and ask them to create a new account. The best thing is that you can avail it for a year by referring it to the 50 people.

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    How to Get Grammarly Premium Account Username & Password (Using Flikover)?

    How to Get Grammarly Premium Account (Using Flikover)

    You will get all SEO and content writing tools at very cheap prices. All the tools provided are actually premium tools but here you will get them at very affordable prices.

    The Flikover website offers a free Grammarly premium account with lifetime validity. Follow the steps to get it.

    1. First of all, you need to create a new account on Flikover.
    2. Once you have done with the login process, you will see your dashboard. Just scroll down and find the Grammarly tab.
    3. Now you need to download the two extensions provided by Flikover.
    4. If the extension installation is done, you will see the free Grammarly premium account link in the footer. 
    5. Now refresh and Just tap on it to get access.

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    How to Get Grammarly Premium Account Username & Password? (Free ID & Passwords):

    How to Get Grammarly Premium Account

    We will provide you with a list of username and password which are free to use. You will need to follow some steps and be required to keep some important points in your mind.

    1. Don’t share the username name and password to avoid being disabled.
    2. Don’t change your username and password.
    3. You will see different uploads, don’t copy and paste or delete them. 
    4. If the “do not exist” messages pop up, then try to type the ID and password manually.

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    Grammarly Premium ID and Passwords List Will Come Here:


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    Alternatives for Grammarly Premium Account Username & Password:

    Alternatives for Grammarly Premium Account Username & Password

    • Ginger
    • ProWritingAid
    • Readable
    • WhiteSmoke
    • Hemingway
    • 1Checker
    • PaperRater
    • Slick Write

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    How to Get Grammarly Premium for Students?

    How to Get Grammarly Premium for Students

    1. There are some universities and organizations which provide free access to the Grammarly Premium Account Username & Password for preparing presentations and thesis.
    2. But if you are a student of any university or college and have an academic email address with domain extension (.edu or .ac).
    3. Using this email ID can get you a lot of freebies and discounts for Grammarly.
    4. If you sign up with your academic email ID you will be able to unlock the Grammarly Premium Account Username & Password.

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    Frequently Asked Question:

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    1. Does a Grammarly Free Premium Tool Provide 100% Accurate Results?

    In my opinion, though it is one of the best tools for detecting errors in your write-ups, it is not the perfect one. Because it is an AI-based well-programmed software but it can not give the result with a complete human touch.

    Sometimes, it shows an error in sentences or words but it is correct as per our daily language.

    2. How to Enable Grammarly Premium for Free on Microsoft Word?

    The following steps are required to enable Grammarly for free on Microsoft word.

    1. Run Grammarly as administrator.
    2. If it is not visible in word.
    3. uninstall it from your system.
    4. Install again Grammarly for office.
    5. Now refresh and you will be able to see the Grammarly tab in word.

    3. How Is Grammarly Better Than Other Error Detection Tools for Writing?

    It is fast and can be integrated with almost all tools where you have to write something. It has inbuilt plagiarism checking features which makes it a complete package for writers, bloggers and teachers.

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    Ending the Article:

    That is all about Grammarly Premium Account Username & Password. I have shared all the details about getting a free Grammarly premium account. Hopefully, this article will be beneficial for you.

    If you like this post, do share it with all your writer and blogger friends who wish to improve their writing skills.

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