How to Hack a Vending Machine: 100% Working Tricks | 2023

How to Hack a Vending Machine

Today I’m going to share with you How to Hack a Vending Machine 100% Working.

We are going to provide you with all the information needed in order to answer the question: How to trick a vending machine?

What if one day it rains food instead of only water. Do you guys see it as another wonder or all of a sudden capture everything that you’ve got?

Just kidding.

But if you wish, it will come true.

Yes, make it happen by hacking a vending machine of any size with a few cheat codes.

Read through the end to get cheat codes for vending machines for your needs!

How to Hack a Vending Machine

To hack a vending machine, you will need a few tools and some technical knowledge. First, locate the access panel on the machine and remove it to access the internal wiring. Using a multi-meter, locate the wires that control the dispensing mechanism and the coin mechanism. Once you have identified these wires, use a wire stripper to expose the copper wire and connect them to a small device called a bypass module. This will allow you to bypass the machine’s security and dispense items without inserting coins.

No matter the seasons and items, get snacks, beverages, cupcakes, pizzas and anything that you’d like to consume without paying a single buck. All over the world many loves to break vending machines.

Sometimes when things go wrong, they might definitely land in jail. 

You know that there are many different brands and types of vending machines such as coin-op, credit/debit card, contactless (PayPal, RFID, NFC) etc.

What is the perfect vending machine reset code? Unfortunately, there’s no unique code that will work on all of the vending machines.

But if you decide to skip feeding dollar bills to vending machines, keep on reading to know about how to hack a vending machine in a smart way without getting caught by the owners.

So, without any delay, let’s get into the topic of how to hack a snack vending machine.

You don’t need any skills or gadgets for soda machine hacks.

So, how to cheat a vending machine?

Just follow the lines to override the vending machine system.

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How to Hack a Vending Machine to Get Free Stuff

How to Hack a Vending Machine to Get Free Stuff

Now coming to the big question: how to get free snacks from a vending machine?

What is the best snack machine hack?

We got you!

For decades, this frustrating piece of equipment played with lots of people.

Some also lose their money when things get stuck inside and the system malfunctions which makes these vending machine hack codes more reasonable to users.

So to save your dollars from inserting into vending machines, the following vending machine hacks will help you get Snacks, Beverages, Pizzas, money and other items for free.

How to get free stuff from a vending machine?

Below are the 9 soda machine hacks that let you break the security of any vending machine. 

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Take Your Cash Back

How to hack a vending machine to get money?

Yes,you read that right! There are a lot of ways for hacking vending machines.

One of the most easy vending machine tricks is to take your cash back.

But how is that possible?

Take back your money along with snacks by using this simple vending machine hack.

All you need is some paper money and packaging tape.

Just like the old coin-and-string trick, stick the tape at one end of the bill and insert it into the machine.

Once it accepts the note, get something to eat and use the pull-out method to take back the note.

This is the best old vending machine hack that can work wonders for you!

If something goes wrong, forget the snacks and hit the change button.

Otherwise, proceed to fool the vending machine and get your free stuff without inserting the actual dollar notes.

Code for Free Nesquik Drinks

How to cheat vending machines for drinks? Nesquik!

How to hack vending machines from Nesquik?

Well, there are a few vending machine hack codes for this.

When you’re in need of a free tasty drink and you found a coin-operated 10 button Nesquik vending machine, try this secret code for vending machine to get a cool drink absolutely for free (44455544455).

Use 4 and 5 buttons to enter the sequence. When done, you’ll get free drinks or get credited.

Choose any of your favourite drinks and it falls down.

You can also try this vending machine cheat code (137137137) which might even work in some older models having keypads.

So whenever you’re thirsty, use these vending machine cheat codes to get it for free.

Use and share this snack machine hack with your friends today!

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Set Your Own Price

Did you know hacking vending machines to set your own price is possible?

Yes! decide the price of an item according to your own numbers.

No matter the original prices printed on the packets, instead of multi-numbered digits, set your own price or make it zero. It’s a good price, right?

How to trick a vending machine into giving you a free soda?

For newer Pepsi machines with big buttons, use the following button combination to get a drink for the price you decided. 

  • Far left Pepsi > Near right Cola
  • Near left Pepsi > Far right Cola
  • Far left Pepsi > Near right Cola
  • Far left Pepsi > Near left Pepsi
  • Near right Cola > Far right Cola

With the above button combination, you can also see the stats/error loss or set the price.

The vending machine cheat code (42313214321) might work on other machines. Use these vending machine tricks to get free soda today!

Get Cash Out of an Old Soda Machine

Wondering how to hack a vending machine to get money?

Use this amazing snack machine hack!

Fill your pockets with lots of coins using this soda machine hacking trick.

When you find an old soda machine in your nearby surroundings or somewhere else, enter this vending machine cheat code (432112311) in the keypad and press down the charge lever until you hear the sound of coins falling down.

Once all the coins are dispensed, collect them all and go home. This soda machine hacking trick works better in old machines and can dispense a cash of $15 maximum.

You can also use the change to buy something from the vending machine.

This is one of the oldest vending machine tricks in the book but still works like a charm.

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Confuse the Older Snack or Soda Machines

How to get free snacks from a vending machine? Confuse the machines!

If you’re not interested in paying anything for vending machines to get your stuff or decide to take more by paying less, this soda machines hack trick helps you get more stuff than the actual one.

So, how to hack vending machines to do so?

To do it, find an old soda vending machine that has sensors on its gate too.

Next, insert the cash and choose your own as usual.

But, before the machine releases your item, hold the gate for a while.

Then the item rests on the back of the gate thinking that it didn’t dispense anything.

Later, you can select another item or get a refund amount with the coin return mechanism.

Hack a Conveyor Belt Coke Machine

Use this free vending machine code to get a free drink!

If Coke is your favorite drink and when you see them, definitely you opt more and more, right. You know that it vanishes all of the money from your pockets.

How to trick a vending machine to give you all the Coke you want?

This simple vending hack dispenses multiple drinks for one paper note.

Hope you know about vending machines assembled with conveyor belts to deliver drinks.

So when you have cash for only one soda or Coke, first insert money and choose your drink.

Then stick your hand in the machine and push against the door to confuse it.

After it gives you your money back, repeat the process until you get all the required drinks. 

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Everyone has some skills in crafting and designing. If you’re one of them, your skills help you to hack a vending machine easily.

To know about how to hack a vending machine, checkout this vending machine hack.

So, how to trick a vending machine?

The process is quite simple.

Take a small coin and wrap layers of foil over it to make it seem like a bigger and more valuable one (It can also work with electrical tape).

This can trick the vending machine into thinking you’ve paid full price.

If you get the right sized coin, this soda machine hacking trick works for most of the machines in the USA, but you’ll also need a bit of luck to do it.

Additionally, you have the vending machine codes discussed here to increase your odds of getting free snacks.

Fake Paper Coins

How to get free stuff from a vending machine?

An easy way to go about it is to use paper coins!

Just the above vending machine hack, this trick is also similar to it.

But you have to use paper or cardboard to confuse the vending machine.

To do it, all you need is a piece of cardboard, aluminum foil, pen and scissors.

How to cheat a vending machine using these homely items?

First of all, take a cardboard and trace around the coin. Cut it and cover the coin with foil and make it flat.

That’s it, find an old vending machine and insert the coins that you make. This vending machine hack easily tricks a candy machine.

Moreover, this trick also works for parking meters as well. Before doing it, have an idea about the tech used in the vending machine you selected (choose old ones).

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Check your Luck

How to get free snacks from a vending machine?

The old vending machine hack is to try your luck!

Old is always gold. Most of the people attend on their luck, those who are confident to try their luck. This vending machine hack may save your dollars.

Most of the older vending machines have a glitch that will return a ripped dollar bill to you while still giving you credit for it.

Even though this is not like one of your conventional vending machine hack codes, it is still worth a shot.

This could only work with a cut credit card and a store card reader.

Actually, many of the vending machines are well fixed now.

If you know that you’re lucky, find the shot and try this vending machine hacking trick.

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How To Hack a Vending Machine | Get FREE Food and Soda

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions:

How to Make Fake Paper Coins?

One of the easiest DIY vending machine tricks is to make fake paper coins, all you need is a piece of cardboard, aluminum foil, pen and scissors.

First of all, take cardboard and trace around the coin.

Cut it and cover the coin with foil and make it flat (Try to use thicker sheets to make the coin more valuable).

That’s it, find an old vending machine and insert the coins that you make.

How to Get Free Soda from a Vending Machine?

For soda machine hacks, first insert some money and choose your drink.

Then stick your hand in the machine and push against the door to confuse it.

After it gives you your money back, repeat the process until you get all the required drinks. It only works in old vending machines.

Check out the vending machine codes discussed above.

Do All These Vending Machine Hacks Really Work?

Of course, but there are no universal vending machine codes to work on all machines. Some work only on old ones.

Anyways, if you’d like to get some stuff for free, try the vending machine hacks discussed above.

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Ending the Article

No matter what you want, if you’re hungry, don’t think about the money, bookmark this page and use any of the vending machine hacks to get stuff for free.

Do not continue wondering how to get free stuff from a vending machine, use these tricks to the best of your benefit today!

Most of the vending machine cheat codes and vending machine tricks discussed above really work with the right machine.

If you like this post, pass it to your friends and keep following us.

If you’ve any other vending machine hacks, let us know in the comment section below.

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