13 Effective ways to drive more traffic to your Website/Blog

drive more traffic to your Website/Blog

Blogging industry is growing at a very rapid speed. Daily millions of blogs are being created and demolished and most of the blogs are made in tech niche. So now the question is do you have a blog? if yes, does your blog drives good traffic, if doesn’t then what’s the way to drive more and more traffic on your blog. There are several ways to drive traffic and make your blog a high traffic gaining machine. But guys you have understand one thing that it’s a slow process, if you wanna get into blogging to make quick money then choose something else.

Here in this post I’ve mentioned some useful tips drive more traffic to your Website/Blog, regardless the niche of you blog. The topic on which you’re creating your blog is the most important aspect of gaining traffic, you should precisely be aware of the the topic you are choosing, because then only you would be able to get more and more readers attracted towards your blog. Highly Recommended – How to Earn Money with YouTube

Below, are are some Effective ways to drive more traffic to your Website/Blog.

Tips to drive more traffic to your Website/Blog –

1. The most important thing is to promote your blog as much as you can, share your Articles on Facebook, WhatsApp, Hike, Twitter, Pinterest and social media platforms so you can connect with more and more people.

drive more traffic to your Website/Blog

2. Create a YouTube channel and connect it with your blog and post videos frequently regarding your blog content.

drive more traffic to your Website/Blog

3. Build a large following on twitter and use #HashTag in every post. Click here for Guide of get unlimited followers in Twitter.

drive more traffic to your Website/Blog

4. Write answers on Quora and in between share links of your blog, regarding to the content of the answer.

5. Be active on social media sites as much as possible and always talk about blog and it’s content.

6. Share your article to your Google+ communities.

7. Add share button sin your blog of the most famous Social networking websites like Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Google+ and pinterest.

drive more traffic to your Website/Blog

8. Make an email subscriber widget and placing it at the the top right corner would be best.

drive more traffic to your Website/Blog

9. Reply the comments people shoot in your blog as soon as possible.

10. Write long articles with deep meaning so people can understand it completely. Furthermore, I’ll tell you that writing long articles doesn’t means that you lengthen any article without explaining it’s meaning completely. It can be short but should explain the topic completely.

11. In suggestion is for the people who are on budget, they can use Facebook ad campaign to drive traffic to their blog. It would be really effective.

drive more traffic to your Website/Blog
Credit – Social AdsTool

12. Display your most popular posts and keep updating them.

13. And in addition, at last the most important tip is patience, be patient.

So, hence was the post for drive more traffic to your Website/Blog. I hope you liked the post. Feel free to comment your reviews in the comment box.

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