How to increase speed of your computer

increase speed of computer

Well, working on computer may save a lot of time of yours rather than doing it in a more traditional way of pen and notebook but, when your computer slows down then it consumes a lot of time for doing simple tasks and it even slows down your life. If you’re tired of your slow computer then you must read this post. Today I’ve written 8 must use tips to increase speed of computerHighly Recommended – Shorten your link and get paid [With Payment proof].

These below mentioned tips will help you to increase speed of computer and make it more speedy, reliable and trustworthy. Furthermore, I wanna say it will be about what habits you need to change to be successful and also the Apps and extensions can be useful in this.

But, if you’re an Apple fan then you won’t find anything for you because as we all know Apple devices are immortal.

Below are the tips you need to look for to increase speed of computer.

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Tips to increase speed of computer – 


1. Clean your Drive –

First of all, Clean up your drives on regular basis by typing “%temp%” and “prefetch” and “cleanmgr.exe” into your Run menu, this is kind of accessing Disk Cleanup. By doing this you’re actually deleting all the temporary and useless files from your computer.

2. Try to use CCleaner –

CCleaner is a free cleanup tool by Piriform.  It protects your computer and makes your computer faster and more efficient. By using this tool the users of Windows can cleanup their computer and fix some simple maintenance problems easily. It is very trustworthy without a doubt that’s why it is an award PC Optimization tool.

3. Scan and remove Malware/Virus –

increase speed of computer

Removing Malware/Virus is one of the most important things when it comes to speeding up a computer. Free tools from Avast and Norton are available for this. Regular scanning and removing of Malware/Virus is very important to prevent your computer from slowing down. Must Checkout – Capture pics like DSLR on Android.

4. Clean your browser –

increase speed of computer

Regardless of what browser you use, Browser’s History, cache and cookies should be regularly removed.

5. Uninstall unnecessary Programs 

increase speed of computer

You should uninstall the useless programs like Games & Apps. It loads on the RAM of the computer and makes it slow. To uninstall useless programs just open Control Panel > Programs and Features > then uninstall useless Applications/Games.

6. Cool your computer –

increase speed of computer

Make sure that your computer is in a less conjunct place so, it can get in with enough air contact to be cool. Be extra conscious about that and especially in hot climates. This is a factor which is mostly ignored by people but it effects the most to the computer. As a result, the CPU of your computer won’t get hot in humid temperature.

7. Choose your Antivirus carefully –

increase speed of computer

Choosing your antivirus carefully is very important. It plays a big role in fastening as well as slowing your computer. Choosing your Antivirus either can go or wrong according to your computer. In addition I wanna say Kaspersky, McAfee and Norton are the best choices as per I’m concerned.

8. Keep your Windows installed drive empty as much as you can to avoid slowing down of our computer.

You can try all those tips to increase speed of computer and remember friends the best way to keep your computer fit and fast is by giving it regular and proper maintenance.

So, hence was the post to increase speed of computer and make it more speedy and reliable. I hope you liked the post. Feel free to comment your reviews in the comment box.

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