9+ Free Apps to Download Movies/Animes & TV Shows in HD (1080p HD)


Best Apps to Download/Watch Movies/Animes

Watching movies is one of the most favorite pastimes of many people. This is the reason why services like Netflix, Hotstar, Amazon Prime, and YouTube are minting billions by providing entertaining shows to their subscribers and users.

These services offer great shows and movies for their users.

Services like Amazon Prime Video and Hotstar also list movies on their services. They list both the latest and classic movies. These services have emerged as the best alternative to cable TV as you can watch what you love.

But the downside of these services is that they won’t let you download movies to your external storage. Then what if you wish to download movies for offline and wish to watch them later?

Are there any exclusive movie downloader apps that allow users to download movies for free? In this article, we will be sharing some of the best movie downloader apps to download free movies online.

These apps will let you download movies for free without the need to pay any subscription fees. These free movie apps are safe to use and they are reliable.

Without further delay check out the best apps and web services that will help you download movies that you love.

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Best App for Downloading Movies (Movie Downloaders):

1. CyberFlix TV –

CyberFlix TV is the most popular media and video streaming application available for Android users. On CyberFlix TV you can discover free movies and TV shows and the best part is that you can download the movies.


This is the most famous movie Downloader app to download movies for free. It is a great service that offers free movies. Users can stream movies directly or can download movies for offline viewing.

One of the unique features of CyberFlix TV is, it streams movies and shows in HD resolution which are good enough for mobile. It doesn’t require any signup or login and is completely free to use.

CyberFlix TV for Android is not available on the Android Play Store. To install this App you need to sideload the APK.

Download CyberFlix TV Apk from the download link given below.

App Info:

Name CyberFlix TV
Version 3.2.3
Size 18 Mb

2. AceTV –

AceTV application will help you to watch premium movies, shows, and live TV for absolutely free.

Besides, this application also offers its users some amazing features, and all these things make it a reliable and trustworthy source for one’s entertainment needs.

Download AceTV Apk

AceTV is a digital platform which offers Live TV, Movies & Shows for absolutely free on your Android smartphone. I have recently used it and can say that it is surely better than third-party streaming websites which offer more ads the content we desire.

Apart from the basic and quality streaming AceTV also offers some amusing and enchanting features. The change of modes or themes is one of the most appealing features. AceTV provides two modes: Dark & Light, which you can choose according to your choice.

App Info:

Name AceTV Apk
Version 1.1
Size 8 Mb

3. Tea TV –

Tea TV Apk can be dubbed as the Amazon Prime Video for watching free shows and movies. Tea TV is a great alternative to free movie downloading apps like Showbox.

download teatv apk latest version

Though Showbox is good, Tea TV is way better as it has a beautiful interface and offers powerful features to watch and download movies for free.

Tea TV is a safe and reliable application that can be used to download all the latest movies and shows for free in multiple high-quality resolutions.The best thing about Tea TV is that it is available for multiple platforms like Windows 10, Android and Mac OS.

It means Tea TV can work on both Mobile and PC.

Tea TV has a great and modern interface that makes it a better choice for streaming and downloading movies for free. Unlike Showbox, Tea TV has a stunning interface that looks similar to Amazon Prime video.

If you have used Terrarium TV earlier then you definitely love this App as it is a great alternative to Terrarium TV.

Moreover, Tea TV offers many shows and movies and these movies can be quickly filtered out using the powerful filters inside the Tea TV application.

One can easily find their favorite shows with a simple search. Tea TV has a huge collection of movies for free. Download Tea TV for free and install it on your desired platform for watching your favorite movies for free.

App Info:

Name TeaTV Apk
Version 9.9.1
Size 21.1 Mb

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4. Redflix TV –


Redflix, the name itself defines the purpose of this app. It is another great streaming service and is as popular as Netflix. The only difference between Redflix and Netflix is that the Redflix app is free where is Netflix is a subscription-based streaming service.

Redflix is known for its huge collection of movies and shows that can be streamed for free and can be downloaded for offline viewing.

Redflix is a unique app and it works completely different from the first two apps listed in this list. This app searches different torrent links to find the latest movies and shows and list them in the service for free.

This way you can watch any of your favorite shows on the Redflix app. The app is completely free to use and all you need to do is to grab a bucket of popcorn and start enjoying your favorite shows in your free time.

The elegant interface and intuitive UI gives distraction free entertainment experience. The app isn’t available on official app stores and you have to download the Redflix App for installing it on your devices.

App Info:

Name  Redflix Apk
Version 3.0
Size 10 Mb

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5. YouTube Vanced

YouTube has the largest video library with almost everything you need. Its library includes videos of different categories.

One of them is the entertainment category. You can find thousands of entertaining videos which includes both movies, shows, and short films.


Officially YouTube doesn’t allow YouTube to download videos from any of its services like the Android app and web services.

But if you wish to download and watch your favorite shows on YouTube then you can use services like YouTube Vanced Apk.

Vanced YouTube is a YouTube video streamer and downloader that will help users to download videos from the official YouTube service.

Another interesting feature of YouTube Vanced is that you can skip ads from YouTube videos. This App automatically skips YouTube ads for you.

It can download any movie from YouTube for free. You can save these videos in multiple resolutions and watch them later. This App also let you only play music of any video just like YouTube Music.

App Info:

Name YouTube Vanced Apk
Version 15.05.54
Size 33 Mb

Alternate Download Link

6. Oreo TV-

Oreo TV is the ultimate most powerful entertainment app. It has several features tailored to meet all the entertainment needs of every user.Oreo TV apk download

It is a media center which means that you can create your own service like Netflix with all your favorite movies and you can access them from anywhere.

Oreo TV is an entertainment hub and it is so powerful that you can discover almost every show you wish. This is way bigger than you can ever imagine. Of all the above apps, Oreo TV is highly customizable and can be modified to meet your needs.

App Info:

Name Oreo TV
Version 1.8.3
Size 5 Mb

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7. ThopTV –

ThopTV is another interesting app that lets you stream and download free movies. There are several interesting features with the ThopTV.


One unique feature that makes it distinct from other apps is that it supports many third-party devices like Apple TV, Chromecast and Amazon fire stick. This gives seamless movie experience across all your devices.

It supports several third-party devices and offers great controls like parental controls to restrict content based on audience age. The app allows you to load subtitles so that you can enjoy movies in your desired language.

Just like other apps ThopTV is not available on the Play Store but you can download the App using the below button instantly.

App Info:

Name ThopTV Apk
Version 24.0
Size 11 Mb

8. BeeMovie –

If you are from India then Bee movies Android application is the best free movie downloading application for you. Bee Movies App offers several regional contents and local shows that are exclusive to India.

beemovie apk download

The App also offers the latest and trending movies of Bollywood, Tollywood, and Kollywood. In addition to this, you can also search Hollywood movies dubbed in local languages.

The BeeMovie app actively uploads the latest and running shows all the while and you can instantly download them for offline to your personal storage.

Overall Bee movies a great choice fire uses in India as they can find all the movies that are available in India at one place.

App Info:

Name BeeMovie Apk
Version 8.4.2
Size 8 Mb

9. MediaBox HD-

MediaBox HD is an Android entertainment that offers unlimited access to worlds popular TV and Web Shows.


Taking things to next level the app even allows you to download these series to your mobile and you can watch the shows offline whenever you are free.

All these are available for free and you don’t need to run out of your wallets are request your friends for Netflix account credentials. 

As users are going mobile these days to watch videos MediaBox HD is a good Android app which has received a lot of good response from users.

App Info:

Name MediaBox HD Apk
Size 86 Mb

10. VivaTV Apk –

There are many such shows like Stranger Things, Silicon Valley, 13 Reasons Why and HBO’s most popular show Game of Thrones. In order to just watch these shows, you have to pay a lot for entire subscription.


Unfortunately, in order to view these popular shows, you have to purchase the premium subscription plans offered by these companies, which are quite expensive. Unless you pay them you can’t get access to these most popular online shows that are exclusive to these services.

But you can watch all these Shows and Movie for free using VivaTV Apk. Below is the direct download link of this App.

App Info:

Name Viva TV Apk
Version 1.1.1
Size 18 Mb

Video tutorial for better understanding:

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Ending the Article –

So these are the best movie downloading apps for mobile on which you can keep your trust. These apps are secure and not infected without any malware.

Please note that downloading movies for free is illegal and you need to be cautious while downloading movies for free. It may often land you in problems. To avoid such problems you can use VPN services to hide your identity while downloading movies online.

Another way is to use services like Amazon Prime Video, Hotstar and Hulu to download movies authentically.

So this is about downloading movies for free and if you find this article helpful do share it with your friends.

If you face any difficulty while downloading the apps report us through comments.

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