Best 500MB To 1GB Games For Android 2019 (Addictive Games)

Record Breaking 1 GB Games For Android

Are you a gaming addict? Then you’re at the right place. Gaming is an addiction which doesn’t have an antidote. Regardless of your age and favorite genre it can become an addiction. Because of a constantly increasing number of the genres, graphics, usage of technology and easy access, it is not a luxury anymore now it becomes an utility. Gaming at its beginning was considered to be only made for rich, but the newly introduced entertainment medium was so awesome that the popularity spread throughout the world in a very short span of time.

Now those addictive games are available at a free cost, and you don’t even need to own a high speed and highly graphic supported computer to enjoy them.

The age of smartphones made games easily accessible. 1GB games, even larger size are available these days, but in this article, I am going to focus more on 1GB games which can be played on your Android. The reason I’m focusing on games under 1gb because they’re perfect in every proportion.

For today’s circumstances, it is not so large, not so small and contains enough graphical value to please your eyes while playing them. In that size, you could get the desirable value of graphics and sound quality. These games have an unbelievable fan base, and especially youngsters find these games compatible with them.

Today, In this article I have brought some of the best 1GB games that are available in the category. I have covered mostly all the popular genres so you can get your match without any hassle. I have listed genres like adventure, combat, Racing, Fantasy and Hardcore Action in the list of games under 1GB.

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10 Best 1GB Games For Android –

In the list of top 1GB games, we have shared the games which are of 500 MB to 1GB.

#10 WWE Immortals –

WWE is awesome, and the game is even better. The game is very different from other WWE games which were released previously, in the game you go out of the box, you don’t fight your opponent wrestler in the ring but in another world which is devastating. All the wrestlers in the game have supernatural powers to be used in the combat. The game has huge sets of jaw-dropping moves to make your experience remembered for long. The wrestlers are equipped with dangerous weapons and can change their abilities frequently as you advance further in the game.

The whole set of another world with interesting characters will be a great and charming experience for you.

Screenshots –

1GB Games

1GB Games

It is groundbreaking in terms of graphics, and you will be amazed while playing the game. It has a multiplayer option along with a unique kind of touch play mode. Conquer your opponent by using mystical powers and increase the level of competition, moves, features and powers as you move forward in the game.

#9 Implosion : Never Lose Hope –

Implosion is truly a masterpiece. Its storytelling is something which every gamer relates to. The story has a flavour of survival and revenge.

The background of the story is the world which is demolished by a species called XADA squares off with the last human species.

Screenshots –1GB Games

1GB Games

The game is famous for phenomenal graphics, stunning voice quality which is designed by the Grammy award winner graphics designer John Kurlander. The game feels very soothing to the eyes because of amazing picture quality. The variety of weapons and different ways of destruction shown in the game are fantastic. You will become a half machine, half man (like Terminator) in the game to save the last human species in the battle. From fantastic storytelling and out of the world combat sequences, the game deserves a try.

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#8 Asphalt 8: Airborne –

Racing is a very old genre in the gaming world, and it has always been amazing. So far Asphalt 7 heat is concerned, it is considered as the best racing game to be ever made. It has a huge amount of choices for racing enthusiasts. Loads of cars, phenomenal graphics, smooth gaming interface and thrilling sound quality, 40+ tracks and 400+ career events and 1500+, mastery challenges make this game a full package.

Screenshots –1GB Games

1GB Games

You name it! From Bugatti to Lamborghini your dream car is ready to have a race with your opponent. Never seen before hurdles and thrill of racing will drive you towards this game.

#7 NOVA 3 Near Orbit –

Recently the game was in the limelight because of its epic storyline, lots of destruction and weaponizing.

It deals with guns, mechs, running, shooting, driving superb vehicles and even driving and fighting the drones to clear the brainstorming levels. The quality of VFX and SFX are top of the range. It also has 12 player mode and 6 layers multiplayer mode.

Screenshots –1GB Games

1GB Games

If you are a fan of chasing, weaponizing and shooting, then you are going to thanks me later for this game.

#6 Samorost 3 –

Do you like to play puzzle and adventure games? Do you think that you have cleared all of the mysterious games filled with puzzles?

Then you should play Samorost 3. Amanita Design has developed this game who is  award winning developer. This game is damn popular that it has sold over 30K units as of February 2017. The plot of the game includes a dwarfish who has supreme power of magic flute, and he travels across the universe in search of his origins.

The backstory is extremely impressive that I believe that it’s the best thing about the game.

Screenshots –1GB Games

1GB Games

It is rated 4.6 stars on Google Playstore by its thousands of players. It definitely deserves a mention in our list in the 1GB category

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#5 Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour –

The highest rated action game for Android with over 1 million downloads on Google Playstore. Action gaming is bought into another level with the thrill touches new heights. And did I told you about the combat? The graphics are so real that it gives the feeling of real battle. With every new chapter of soldier conflict, the world is in danger because of some terrorist group and the soldiers are on the way to defeat them.

Screenshots –1GB Games

1GB Games

You can play the game from both the side, from soldier or terrorist because sometimes being evil is good. That feature is truly unique and not found out very easily in other games. If you like to be bad than you should give it a shot.

This game is dedicated to all the gamers who love to kill their time by playing games.

#4 Dungeon Hunter 5 –

It’s not just another RPG game. With over 900 different weapons and armors. This game has over 69 unique missions with various elements and graphics. It gives you daily and weekly challenges and also encourage you with healthy rewards. It is similar to Counter Strike where you can build your online team, or you can fight with your friends.

I like the multiplayer feature which is the best part of the game. If you love group gaming than you will be definitely get impressed (just like Mini Militia).

Screenshots –1GB Games

1GB Games

This game is developed by the legendary Gameloft and it is rated 4.2 stars on Google Playstore. Chase down monsters and villains & become superior of the game.

#3 Gods of Rome –

The most powerful gods have been gathered into a big killing war. With its stunning 3D graphics this game pushes all the limits of mobile gaming. Gods such as  Hades, Zeus, Atlas, Medusa, Vulcan Spartacus the gladiator are battling an epic war. It contains intense violence, so it is rated for the 16+ audience. The VFX pushes you to the front of your seats. The screenplay and story of the game are fast paced, and you will be engaged throughout the game.

If you are looking to be in a world of the medieval era than this game has it all, the weapons, land, characters, costumes all belong to medieval era. Unveil the exciting bonuses by completing the different challenges.

The whole game is based in the medieval era which is very refreshing. It’s something new but the thrill and action are as awesome as it should be in a full-force action game.

Screenshots –1GB Games

1GB Games

Fight to become the legend and challenge your fighting skills with top players across the world.

#2 Assassin’s Creed Pirates –

You may have already played the Assassin’s Creed on your PC, and I know that it’s just awesome. Gameloft has launched many Android version of this game, but this one is better than all. With over 10 million downloads on Google Playstore it is the most beloved game of Gameloft.

Make your own collection of fish, whales, sharks etc and make your own emperor. Solve treasures filled with thrills and excitement.

Screenshots –1GB Games

Build your kingdom with over 50 awesome pirating techniques.

#1 Need For Speed : No Limit –

Need for speed A.K.A NFS is one of the most popular racing games in the gaming world. NFS has made the racing genre one of the most followed in the gaming. It doesn’t have any great background story, the story is straight forward.

Choose cars from the vast collection of BMW, Audi, Mercedes, Porche, McLaren etc and crush the traffic around the road.

Screenshots –1GB Games

1GB Games


More races you win more smacks and customization you get. The game is fast paced and has phenomenal graphical value. Shots, Collision, speed and cars, you have just got the full package. NFS is gaming franchise which never disappoints its fans. Definitely it deserves a try without any second thought.

So, that was the list of ten 1GB games that I was able to figure from the internet which are best for under 1GB games category.

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Ending the Article –

In conclusion, I would say that the list you have just read is a complete package.

As I mentioned earlier that the list covers all the genres and will be compatible for all.

The games mentioned are equal or just above the level of a GB, and the games are always the priority in their respective genres.

Hence was the article on best 1GB games for Android. I hope you liked the post. Feel free to comment your reviews in the comment box.

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