Top 5 Best Gamecube Emulators for PC 2021


GameCube has celebrated its 15th anniversary since its launch in 2001, and although not a very successful Nintendo console, it has its highlights with epic games and seeds that would bear fruit on the success Nintendo console.

If you have any of these games stopped at home, but you don’t have a video game to play them, one solution is to use an emulator that can play these games from both consoles. And today, I will share some of the best GameCube emulators 2020 for you to play it and bring the awesome days back.

For good performance that will play quality GameCube games, your computer or laptop must meet certain requirements mentioned below:

  • Windows 7 or higher in 64-bit version;
  • Processor with SSE2 technology support (Dual-color 2008 or later);
  • Video card supporting DirectX 11.1 and OpenGL 4.4;
  • 2 GB of RAM.

Here Are Few Best Gamecube Emulators:

1. Dolphin Emulator:

Dolphin, the emulator to use, has a few different versions to download. The first show on the site, which is under development, may introduce new features but offer less stability.

Another cool feature of this emulator is that one can suggest and add features to this program, which makes it an open-source project.

Let us discuss some features of the Dolphin Emulator. Being the best emulator for Gamecube it has functions like Anti-Aliasing which improves the graphics which eventually enhances your gaming experience.

Like every other emulator, It also allows you to save your play anywhere and reload it whenever you want. It offers high definition picture quality with a resolution of 1080p.

Below here are some perks you get by Dolphin Emulator

  • A brilliantly fast and effective gaming experience.
  • It also supports Wiimote and Nunchuck for a better and broad experience.
  • Superbly amazing graphics that delivers a realistic gaming experience.

2. Whine Cube Emulator:

Whine Cube Emulator

Another amazing emulator to run Gamecube programs. This emulator allows you to run DOL and ELF formats smoothly. One of the drawbacks of this Whine Cube emulator is that it does not run commercial games. On the other hand, Whine Cube also offers excellent visual and audio gaming experience. It is programmed in C++ which makes it basic and simple to use with no technical hassles.

This emulator also has some awesome features, for instance, it is comparatively faster than other emulators and also supports high emulation smoothly which also includes the Primitive HLE system.

Below here are some perks and also a few drawbacks of this emulator:


  • It is developed in C++, that is why you can run this program on a PC with low configuration.
  • Whine Cube runs games with high graphics and quality sound support.
  • It has a manual controlling configuration option which is super needed by pro gamers.


  • Sadly, there is no DSP disassembler.
  • It has bugs and a direct crash may occur between your game.

3. Dolwin Emulator:Dolwin Emulator

Dolwin Emulator is one of the best GameCube emulators I came across while digging for emulators that support GameCube games.

This is also programmed by language C which is why this is simple and stable. It is superbly user-friendly and I commit that because of its simple and smooth interface. Dolwin also supports high-level emulation with high graphics.

With excellent user interface, this dolwin emulator is precise with data and programming. It offers system plugins that are based on hardware emulation that means, the computer specification and graphics are parallel to the gaming experience.

Check out the perks and cons of Dolwin Emulator below:


  • Super Precise when it comes to user data and programming.
  • You can easily configure the controls.
  • The user-friendly interface makes it more appealing.


  • It cannot run commercial games.
  • One may need a fast computer to run high graphics game without lag.

4. Emulators: Emulators

Trouble finding the perfect emulator for you gamecube or other programs? This one is your perfect and the last shot. CoolRom is not an emulator but it offers all genuine emulators for different programs which also includes Gamecube too and helps you run all the high graphics Gamecube games on your personal computer or laptop.

Apart from Nintendo games, it features other programs like Android and Gameboy.  It is compatible with most of the common operating systems like Windows, Linux, and for Mac users, they have a separate Macintosh Emulator.

CoolRom is a website that allows you to develop and contribute to the website by uploading your emulators and programs. It is coded by amazing and user-oriented developers which offered it with a variety of genuine emulators.

Below here are some pros and cons of this emulator website:


  • The featured emulators offer visual graphics that drive you an enhances gaming experience
  • Pervasive range of all programs and emulators.


  • Although it has featured all the effective and genuine emulators to run your programs on PC/Laptop, it does not features any personal program directly served by them.

5. GCEMU Emulator:GCEMU Emulator

This emulator is popular since 2005 when gaming was much more fun with consoles and I personally miss that era. People might say it an incomplete gaming emulator but it is not, I have used GC and it doesn’t feel incomplete which is a false rumor. Despite of bugs and little crashes, I love this emulator.

Below here are a few perks and drawbacks:


  1. Pretty fast emulator for years.
  2. Not yet updated with new features and so kind of incomplete.


  • It has a few bugs which may let it to a direct crash while playing.
  • Not stable yet and so not the best choice for Gamecube emulator.

Ending the Article:

So these were some of the best GameCube emulators, and all the mentioned emulators are perfect for you to run high graphics games. I hope this article helped you satisfy all your queries regarding Gamecube emulators, and if any problem or error persists, then do make a comment below and I will revert with the best possible answer as soon as possible.

I will be back soon with another interesting thread for you till then enjoy these Gamecube emulators.

Which is your favorite Nintendo game?

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