Best Pokemon Go Joystick Apk: With GPS and Teleport Hack


Best Pokemon Go Joystick With GPS and Teleport Hack

Today I’m going to share with you Best Pokemon Go Joystick With GPS and Teleport Hack.

In the world of augmented reality games, Pokemon Go which was developed and published by Niantic, Inc has received the greatest response globally with over a billion downloads by early 2019.

The game uses mobile GPS location to let players locate, capture, train and battle fictional characters called Pokemon. But finding a new Pokemon in one single geographical area is not an easy task.

Also, locating a reliable and best joystick for Pokemon go on the internet is another difficult process. 

Therefore, to overcome this situation in Pokemon Go, here in this article we’ve hand-picked some fake GPS Pokemon Go joystick Apk which are free to use.

Not only for location, but these Pokemon Go joystick Apk will also include multiple attractive features. So players find new Pokemons, throw poke balls and capture them very easily.

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What is Pokemon Go Joystick Apk:

What is Pokemon Go Joystick Apk

As said above, Pokemon Go uses your device location to show different types of Pokemon nearby. But searching for a new Pokemon in one single location every time is not an easy task.

To make this possible, Pokemon GO joystick apps make the GPS believe that you are changing locations which in turn moves you in the game. These apps also offer control buttons to move in any direction you want and others.

Take a look at the best joystick for Pokemon Go Apk available.

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5 Best Joystick for Pokemon Go Apk:

Before beginning, make sure that you’ve installed the Pokemon Go app from the Play Store. After that, choose any of the safest spoofing for Pokemon Go Apk listed below. All the Pokemon go joystick Apk will work and some of them require no root. 

1. Fake GPS Location – GPS Joystick:

Fake GPS Location - GPS Joystick

One of the best Pokemon Go spoofing apps from ‘The App Ninjas’ that lets you fake your current location. With a built-in joystick option, play the game easily and change location instantly in any direction you point the joystick.

You can also create and save a route using any number of points. Moreover, keep track of your favourite list of locations, custom markers for groups of points and it has multiple setting options for complete user customization.

If you’d like to experience more, opt for in-app purchases at ₹85 per item.

With over 50L+ downloads, Fake GPS Location – GPS Joystick best joystick for Pokemon Go helps you change location and capture new Pokemon easily. You can get this app from the Android Play Store.

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2. Fly GPS – Location fake/Fake GPS:

Fly GPS - Location fakeFake GPS

Another best Pokemon Go spoofing app that tricks GPS as you’re in motion. Instead of the area you’re in, Fly GPS – Location fake/Fake GPS app teleport you to anywhere in the world.

Compared to the above safest spoofing for Pokemon Go, this app is loaded with less features, but it works perfectly. To change the location, first install the app from the Play Store and allow necessary permissions.

When the setup is fine, search for the location you want to use in Pokemon Go and click on it.

Finally, select GPS Services Run from the menu on your screen. Use the joystick and move around the game easily. This safest spoofing for Pokemon Go with over 10M+ downloads is helping global Pokemon lovers to finish the target.

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3. Fake GPS Joystick & Routes Go:

Fake GPS Joystick & Routes Go

If you’re searching for the best way to spoof Pokemon Go, Fake GPS Joystick & Routes Go Apk from IncorporateApps has a lot of benefits. It changes the location on your phone on the fly with routes and a joystick.

Actually, the app is officially in the Play Store as a paid one. But, if you’d like to get it for free, use the Apk and download it from ANDROIDYOLO. 

Fake GPS Joystick & Routes Go Apk features expert mode, fake GPS joystick, automated altitude, better spoofing and many more. To use the app, move the map and use the centre/crosshair icon to start a single location

Routes. Next, long press on the map to add Waypoints for Routing and finally use the built-in Fake GPS Joystick (fly GPS mode).

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4. Fake GPS Location with Joystick:

Fake GPS Location with Joystick

Easily handle the game with Joystick and instantly change your location to anywhere in the world with Fake GPS Location with Joystick from Ninja Toolkit. The app provides a multi functional joystick that fakes location instantly by long press on an arrow.

You can use search suggestions, see and manage history, set a fake location using latitudes/longitudes, cancel a mock location, add a location to favorites and do more. For enabling developer options, head to settings and turn on the feature.

It contains ads even though Fake GPS Location with Joystick Apk has received a response from Pokemon players worldwide. The app is available for free in the Android Play Store. You can also download an Apk file.

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5. Mock GPS with Joystick:

Mock GPS with Joystick

A best Pokemon Go spoofing app from It’s a real time joystick let’s you send anywhere in the world instantly. Whatever the Pokemon you’d like to capture, enable location and decide where to go.

Unlike other apps, this app configures a mock GPS on your device instead of a fake location as real. Moreover, you can update your location using a joystick available on the screen.

Mock GPS with Joystick provides the location with high accuracy and it has a variety of configurable options. It is user-friendly and clean. You can get this app either from the Play Store or download it as an Apk file.

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Ending the Article:

These are the best Pokemon Go spoofing apps that let you teleport anywhere in the world instantly with a joystick. So if you wanna catch Pokemon, just go ahead simply by changing location and capture new Pokemon to finish the levels.

All the above discussed best Pokemon Go joystick apps are working. Install the best featured Pokemon Go joystick, set up the app and you’re ready to throw your Pokedex.

If you found this post useful, bookmark our page and keep following us for more interesting topics everyday. For any queries, reach us through the comment section below.

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