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BonkLive – The Next Big Digital Platform for Social Influencers and Advertisers With AR And 3D Gifts

bonklive review

BonkLive has emerged as a powerful digital platform for content creators and social influencers to showcase their talent all across the globe. They can stream themselves online and this pursuit, they can make money during the broadcast. Not only the social influencers and content creators are benefited with this app, even the advertisers can promote their products during the broadcast and reach the targeted audience to promote sales. The app has much more to offer to all its users. Let us explore the app and find out what it has got.

About BonkLive –

Developed by Boink Live Streaming LLC, BonkLive has expanded itself in 100+ countries of the world and has covered 90% population of this world. This app has been coded by the most skillful team of programmers on this planet who are currently coding the AR for the app.

It can compete with just any application in streaming and broadcasting business and outrage it in every department. The app is built with cutting edge technology ensuring that its users get the best features.

bonklive review

BonkLive is working to become the top leader in the industry and it will manage to reach the Number 1 position by end of this year. A user can not only send the 2D gifts to the broadcasters, but can also send the 3D virtual gifts that can be exchanged for real money.

Who can join BonkLive?

Any user who wants to showcase his/her talent and earn money in this process can join BonkLive. Even the advertisers are welcome to join BonkLive to promote their products. From the social influencers to the athletes, every person can join this app and generate good income through advertisements. Interestingly, the broadcasts can be directly shared to social media websites like Facebook.

bonklive review

Moreover, the advertisers can get benefited by the rapport established between the broadcasters and their audiences. The advertisers can get benefited because of this trustworthy relationship and their advertisements can be converted to sales more easily. BonkLive for advertisers is far much better than the traditional forms of digital advertising, which are only for burning money.

How Broadcasters are benefitted with BonkLive?

A BonkLive broadcaster can make some real cash by playing the commercials and reading the advertisements from the advertiser during the live stream. For reading the advertisement, a qualified broadcaster makes 50USD and for playing the commercial for 30/60 seconds he/she makes 150USD. Every broadcaster receives $0.05 cents if a viewer clicks on the advertiser’s logo during the broadcast.

Not only this, every 3D virtual gift received by the broadcaster can be converted to cash and the money can be redeemed through BonkLive Debit Card backed by the MasterCard. The broadcaster can even choose to receive the payments through PayPal.

bonklive review

So, the broadcaster can earn money through 6 massive revenue sources while live streaming their talents. It includes virtual gifts, BAR (Bonk on Air Live Reads), DCLRP (Debit Card Loyalty Rewards Points), Pay Press Advertising, GC (Gold Coins), and BOAA (Bonk on Air Advertising Video).

The audience of the broadcast can send 2D/3D gifts to the broadcaster along with the emojis. The promotion of restricted content (sexually explicit, child abuse, or provoking content) is strictly prohibited.

bonklive review

How to Advertise with BonkLive?

It is easy for an advertiser to reach the target audience and generate good sales with the BonkLive app. An advertiser can simply advertise by placing the company logo in the 20-minute advertising carousel which will be featured during the streaming session. For a 10-minute logo placement, an advertiser has to pay $60 and $0.25 for each click on the logo.

An advertiser can promote the products/services by reading advertisement during the broadcast or by running 30/60 seconds commercial. A broadcaster creates call-to-action to the audience to purchase the service/product of the advertiser in the process.

Not only this, BonkLive even provides a dashboard to the advertisers to monitor the metrics including number of users who accepted/declined the offer, number of clicks received, mobile devices used, percentage of men/women saying yes/no to the offer, geographical regions which accepted/declined the offer, and the location, name & IP address of the user.

Ending the Article –

BonkLive is an emerging application that helps the social influencers and content creators to make money by advertising the products/services during the live streaming. This money can be can be withdrawn through PayPal or can be used via BonkLive’s Debit Card. So, what are you waiting for? Install BonkLive now!

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