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How To Check Traffic Of Your Competitor Websites

check of traffic of competitor website

While browsing the internet, have you really wondered how popular the website that you are surfing is? Probably not, because our principal objective is to get into a search engine, locate the desired information and get on with it.

Moreover, most popular sites actually don’t give out their statistics publicly, making the real numbers hard to be available. At best, a site’s advertising page may contain some demographic information and marketing materials and perhaps some data on monthly traffic.

However, if getting such data becomes mandatory for you, your only choice is relying on an estimator for website traffic. But do remember that these never are fully accurate ad are recommendable for comparing traffic of numerous other sites. Compare only those readings that are given out by one particular tool.

SimilarWeb:  This estimator lets you have a feel of the type of traffic that a website usually gets. Its page on Top Website Rankings gives you a full list of the top 50 ranked sites.

This is based on country and category. Additionally, you also get to see specific domains and its particular stats. Three data points are available right away: global, country and category rank, which give you the competitive health at one single glance. Down below, you get to see monthly traffic, average duration of a visit, bounce rate and pages per visit.

Further down, other details like breakdown of traffic source, top referring sites and audience demographics are also available. What’s more, all this comes for free. Undoubtedly it is a great estimator tool.

Quantcast:  Officially claimed to be the most accurate estimator tool for traffic currently, Quantcast has two drawbacks: Spotty accuracy from site to site; and a severely limited data set in comparison to sites such as Alexa or SimilarWeb.

This is primarily due to Quantcast’s modus operandi. A website is required to set up the data collection feed of Quantcast on its own pages to allow Quantcast to start the data collection process for estimating traffic.

By itself, Quantcast can’t estimate traffic for non-participating sites accurately. When a particular site gets tracked, Quantcast will offer you a large amount of data. Its demographic breakdown’s insightful especially and includes shopping interests of visitors, their ethnicity, occupations, media interests and political affiliations.

check of traffic of competitor website

SitePrice:  This helps calculate website value and doesn’t estimate traffic. However, traffic estimates are included in such value calculations. While looking at a site, scroll down and check its revenue stats and estimated traffic. This would include daily pageviews, unique visitors daily as also day-to-day ad revenues.

The noticeable thing is the values that show up are completely different from what you see on Quantcast or SimilarWeb. This is primarily because SitePrice extracts data from multiple sources, including Quantcast and SimilarWeb, while simply averaging them to project an “accurate” picture. The onus therefore, lies on you to accept or reject such figures.

However, SitePrice gives out stats for visibility on search engines; domain age, backlink counts as also a site’s top competitors. It is also to be remembered that SirePrice is simply an estimator and its valuations for websites shouldn’t be taken as projected.

StatChest: StatChest will give you the estimated value of any particular website and bases such calculations on its web traffic, visibility on search engines and social media and page speed. It’s a user friendly tool but the interesting thing about it is that the numbers it projects rarely match with SitePrice figures.

Moreover, it remains unclear as to how StatChest acquires its numbers. When compared with its counterparts, it’s noticed that its values are significantly less than the others. Perhaps this could just be a cautionary step on its part.

Traffic Estimate: Traffic Estimate is known for its speed as a website traffic estimator. Its estimation graph will show you the website’s traffic pattern during the last 12 months, while also giving you a numerical figure for the last one month. A simple, but an effective tool for estimating website traffic. While scrolling down, you’ll come across data on which keywords the site targets. This helps explore and identify the site’s main competitors.

That’s all there is to it. To get the best results, make use of a supplementary tool, Traffic Estimate in tandem with others on the list. Talking of keywords targeting by a site, remember it’s always advisable to take the help of professional services like Contentmart that will tell you which are the most effective keywords to use in your copy to attract search engine attention. Contentmart’s team of expert SEO writers know how the art of SEO optimization through the most effective use of keywords.

SEMRush: This is primarily an SEO tool that finds use with website owners trying to locate and target keywords that drive more search engine-oriented traffic. However, regular web surfers may use it to check the kind and type of search traffic their sites get. It needs to be borne in mind here that SEMRush doesn’t give out net traffic numbers.

For that, get into Quantcast or SimilarWeb. SEMRush works best in case of search traffic only and when patterns for search traffic between sites need to be compared. Here, SEMRush is trustworthy for its accuracy. Moreover, it shows you a site’s top keywords, search engine positions and actual numbers for such keywords. Stats may be filtered by country also, to check regional search patterns.

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