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Best Ways to Cut Videos that Transition Smoothly

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In theory it is easy to cut videos. All you need to do is join clips together – possibly trimming them depending on the point that you want them to transition.

However there is more involved in cutting videos than just joining clips. If you just join clips together randomly the transitions won’t be very smooth, to the point of being distracting.

That is why there are a few important ways to cut videos and ensure they transition more smoothly.

Do Not Disjoint the Video or Audio

Disjointing the video or audio is a big mistake if you want it to transition smoothly. If your video seems to ‘cut off’ an action abruptly, or transitions in the middle of a word, phrase, sentence or sound – it won’t look smooth at all.

Suffice to say it is important that you identify the right point to transition your video when it ideally is not going to disjoint the audio or video.

It is worth noting that you can transition the audio and video separately using the L or J cut. However it is best to restrict its use to transitions within a scene taking place in the same location.

All in all not disjointing the audio and video is one of the easiest ways to make video transitions smoother – and only requires that you pay close attention and choose to cut your video in the right places.

Match the Visuals

If both clips are a visual match, it can make the transition between them much smoother. The more closely the visuals are matched, the smoother the transition will be.

The visual match can encompass many areas, including its color and tone, composition, action, and so on. For example if a video transitions from a clip with dark and muted colors to one with bright and vivid colors, it will look more jarring.

It is on this basis that both match cuts and cuts on action are used to transition videos smoothly. Match cuts attempt to use a close visual match between clips, whereas a cut on action matches a specific motion being performed across clips.

As you can imagine using a match cut or cut on action would require careful planning. However just trying to match the visuals as closely as possible does not require as much.

Preserve Continuity of Motion

Although there are many types of continuity errors, the most common one that makes transitions less smooth involves motion.

It can manifest in many ways, but the easiest way to understand it is when the direction of movement suddenly seems to change across clips. For example if a character or object exits the frame on the left, they are expected to enter the next clip on the right – and entering from the left will make them seem to change direction.

Another common issue is when the 180-degree rule is broken and footage is recorded from different positions in relation to the movement of the subject. That can make the subject appear to be moving from left to right in one clip, and right to left in the other.

By preserving continuity, transitions will be far less jarring for viewers as actions will appear more fluid across clips.

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Ending the Article –

Before you go any further you should try all the ways to transition videos smoothly using Movavi Video Editor. It will provide you with an easy-to-use video trimmer and let you cut and join clips quickly and painlessly. On top of that its other features will let you enhance the video, apply effects, add and edit audio, insert text, and more.

Although the methods listed above will let you start to cut videos more smoothly almost immediately, it will take time and experience to truly take advantage of them. That is why the sooner you start to practice using them, the better off you’ll be in the long run.

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