Complete List of Douchebag Workout 2 Cheats (100% Working)

Today I’m going to share with you the Complete List of Douchebag Workout 2 Cheats (100% Working).

Are you guys interested in playing workout games? If you’re searching for the best body building game, wait for a second and check out these lines. Here in this article you’ll learn about an interesting and popular game called douchebag workout 2.

An updated version of its previous one. Want to know what this game is all about, keep on reading to know more about it.

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What is Douchebag Workout 2 Game:

It is an online funny workout game and is all about transforming a thin guy into stronger and popular. It means you don’t need to install a separate application for playing DoucheBag Workout 2. Open a Flash enabled browser and click on the link below to get started. 

In the game you have to complete multiple levels. Each combines several tasks. While traveling up the scale, you’ll face many difficulties.

Therefore to cross the toughest levels, these DoucheBag Workout 2 cheat codes will help you in finishing the tasks where you feel tough. To get a complete view of the game, take a look at the conversation below that appears before the game starts.

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Douchebag Workout 2 Introduction:

Hey you!

  • Who? Me?

Tired of being a stain on the face of the Earth?

  • Huh… Yeah!

Tired of being less than nothing?

  • Huh…guess.

Wanna hook up with girls like this?

  • Yeah!

Wanna look like this guy?

  • Hell no!

Well, you know this guy hooked up with this girl…

  • So oo!

Wanna look like this guy?

  • Yes!


Got it, this is the concept of DoucheBoy Workout 2. You have to make him popular and stronger by finishing all the levels. If you face any difficulties, use the DoucheBag Workout 2 cheat codes to level up.

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Douchebag Workout 2 Cheats List:

You have to finish different tasks at each level of the game. But sometimes, the tasks get really hard to finish. Thanks to the DoucheBag 2 Workout cheats. In this scenario, these will help you to complete the difficult tasks at a level. Sounds cool right. 

To end the game, you have to cross all the levels. Here below you’ll find the DoucheBag 2 Workout cheats list that are very useful for finishing difficult tasks.

Each cheat code has its own function and usage in helping the guy. So wherever you face difficulties, apply these DoucheBag Workout 2 cheat codes and go ahead. 

Game Name Cheat Codes Description

Beach Club

DEPOSIT Get 200$

Beach Club

INCREASE Muscle Mass Gain x2

Beach Club

COUNTRY Country Music to the Max Level

Beach Club

PICS Unlocks all the Pictures
Douchebags Chick PROMOTION Get the Best Job
Douchebags Chick REDCARPET Unlock all Shoes
Douchebags Chick FASHION Unlock all Clothes
Douchebags Chick DECO Receive Maximum Deco
Douchebags Chick INFLATED Receive Maximum Botox
Douchebags Chick PAINTED Maximum Makeup
Douchebags Chick SKINNY Maximum Silhouette
Douchebags Chick SNOOKED Maximum Haircut
Douchebags Chick HILTON Get 20,000$
Douchebags Chick O Hit ‘O’ for Advance Time
Douchebags Chick L Hit ‘L’ for Backup Time
The Douchebag Life Shift + U Go Back 1 Hour
The Douchebag Life Shift + I Go Forward 1 Hour
The Douchebag Life Shift + S Get 10$

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How to Use DoucheBag Workout 2 Cheats:

The list of cheat codes mentioned above can only be used depending on the situation and requirements. All the cheats listed above will provide maximum features to finish the game.

From makeup to dressings and haircuts to money rewards, everything is free with the cheat codes for DoucheBag Workout 2. Follow the steps below to know about how to use DoucheBag Workout 2 cheats.

1. First of all, use this link and navigate to the official game page: Play DoucheBag Workout 2.

2. You’ll see a prompt page asking you to allow Adobe Flash player. Proceed with it.

3. Now tap on ‘Start Game’ and select an objective that you want to try.

4. When you enter the gymnasium, click on the mobile icon at the top right corner.

5. Up next, navigate to the Cheats option by using left and right sign marks.

6. Then a cheat codes box will be displayed, type the code you need or see the list.

7. After applying the code, hit enter or click on the in-game button.

8. Finally, the code you entered for the guy will be applied automatically.

That’s it, this is the process you’ve to follow while applying cheat codes for DoucheBag Workout 2. 

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DoucheBag Workout 2 Levels:

In order to finish the game, you have to cross multiple levels. The game will amaze you with new exercise equipment like a weight bench, dumbbells, treadmills etc.

However, to complete the game, you have to finish these three levels with a 100% score.

  1. Mass
  2. Swag and
  3. Popularity

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How to Use Cheat Codes for Douchebag Workout 2?

Enter the gymnasium and click on the mobile icon at the top right corner. Navigate to cheat codes by using sign marks and apply them.

2. Is Douchebag Workout 2 Free to Play?

Absolutely, the game is free to play. You don’t need any app, just click on the link provided above and open it in a flash enabled browser.

3. What Is the Purpose of This Game?

The goal is to make a thin boy into stronger and popular by doing several exercises in the gymnasium.

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Ending the Article:

If you’re sick to death of people near you, don’t think much about it. Pack your bags and join the gymnasium to become stronger as well as popular. This funny game on bodybuilding makes you the coolest guy in the town after completing a few exercises.

Take each and every level as a challenge and show your power in lifting weights, doing countless push-ups and more. So that ladies never takeoff their look from you.

Hope you got all the information regarding what is DoucheBag Workout 2, cheats for DoucheBag Workout 2 and how to use cheat codes for DoucheBag Workout 2. Use the comment section below and feel free to share your questions with us.

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