Download ANTI BAN WhatsApp Plus Apk Latest Version (SAFE)


Download Antiban WhatsApp Plus Apk

Download Anti ban WhatsApp Plus Apk

Now WhatsApp has become one of the most trending App of all time. We all use WhatsApp to chat with our family & friends. We all enjoy sending & read jokes in our WhatsApp groups. The original WhatsApp apk comes with very fewer features and with some restrictions like selecting limited photos and bigger video sending limit.

The limitations are not very bad, but they’re very irritating sometimes because you can’t make the full out of Whatsapp.

To avoid these limitations, there are many Whatsapp modded apk available on the internet but the best of them is Anti Ban WhatsApp Plus. Did you know that WhatsApp Plus Apk has about 10 million searches in Google per month, it shows that how amazing the App is.

People are already very interested in WhatsApp Plus Apk and the demand of the Application is increasing day by day.

Download WhatsApp Plus latest version, it comes with many features which you can’t think on original WhatsApp like no image compression, tons of options available to customize the look, change ticks style etc. The features are countless and can be only known when experienced.

No offense for original WhatApp but, sorry this version gives a tough competition for the bite of market share to its original counterpart.

Download WhatsApp Plus Apk

This App has been developed by Omar. Unfortunately few months back WhatsApp started banning WhatsApp plus users for violating its terms & conditions but the developers have updated its version, and now you will not get a ban for using WhatsApp Plus means you don’t have to worry about getting ban your WhatsApp account.

A Whatsapp plus download can be really efficient regarding a fresh change in your lifestyle.

There is an alternative of this called GBWhatsApp. The other alternative of the original version which is also an excellent choice over original WhatsApp. But in this article, I’m going to concentrate on WhatsApp plus and will mention all the details which are required

In this post I have brought the latest version of WhatsApp Plus with many new features and no issue of getting the ban.

There are lots of features in this App but if you still did not know them then check out the below section of the features of this App.

Download WhatsApp Plus Apk and enjoy the features which stock WhatsApp fails to provide us.

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Features of WhatsApp Plus apkAntiban –

As I said, this App comes with plenty of features which original WhatsApp did not provide to us.

1. Personalized – The stock WhatsApp comes with only one theme, but this App has a large collection of theme like happy, romantic, sad, funny, stylish etc, set them according to your mood.

  • It also has 20 different icons, change theme on your mood. Ability to change the background & notification color. You can even modify the ticks style.

2. Over the limits – Send more than 10 images at a time and also it has the ability to send the video of more than 15 MB. Now create group invites links or send any type of file. Easily copy anyone’s status and set upto 255 character status.

3. Smart – Built-in lock, lock the WhatsApp Plus to keep your chats safe. Hide blue ticks, last seen and second tick. Read your friend’s status while chatting with him no need to open his profile. Capability to copy the selected the part of the message. No image compression.

Highlight features –

  • Free to use forever.
  • No ban issue, in other modded WhatsApp you can face the ban issue, but this App is Antiban.
  • You can be online forever or share your themes with your friends.
  • Easy to use features
  • Show different status to different contacts, isn’t that cool?

…and many more

F.A.Qs about Anti ban WhatsApp Plus Apk-

  • What is WhatsApp Plus?

It is modded version of the stock WhatsApp which comes with some great features which stock version fails to provide. Features like Hide Last Seen, Hide Blue tick, change themes, icon and tick style, build-in chat lock, download status etc.

  • Is it safe to use WhatsApp Plus?

Obviously it is safe to use WhatsApp Plus until you dont break the rules of WhatsApp, I have been personally using it from last 2 years and I haven’t faced issues yet.

  •  Is WhatsApp Plus banned?

Yes, it is true that since last few weeks WhatsApp started banning the users of modded versions. But our fellow developers has updated WhatsApp Plus to Anti ban, and now it is safe to use.

  • How can I download WhatsApp Plus?

Below we have shared the steps to download & install the latest version of Antiban WhatsApp Plus apk, keep reading the article.

Version Info

App NameANTIBAN WhatsApp Plus Apk 7.00
Last UpdatedJune 20, 2019
Android Version Requires4.0+
App Size29 MB
DeveloperAnfas Hoak
Key FeatureIt has all features which stock WhatsApp doesn’t have.

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Steps to Download & Install Antiban WhatsApp Plus Apk –

1. First of all, take the backup of your chat from Settings > Chats > Backup.

2. Then Download & Install the latest version of WhatsApp Plus in your Android smartphone.

3. Now the open the App and agree their terms & condition and enter your mobile number.

whatsapp plus

4. Now enter the OTP which you will receive in the mentioned number.

5. Then restore your chats backup and wait till its complete its process.

6. That’s it you are done. You have successfully installed the WhatsApp Plus in your Android smartphone.

Now enjoy the WhatsApp Plus and its features on your Android phone. Show this to your friends and be more cool in your friend circle.

Screenshots –Download WhastApp Plus apk

As I mentioned earlier in the article tat is you want to experiment a little then you can also use GBWhatsApp which is also gaining popularity these days. At the end of the day, you will be satisfied by experiencing both the Applications because they’re more smooth and reliable compared to the original WhatsApp.

Why Using Antiban Whatsapp Plus Apk Over Original Whatsapp Will Be a Smart Choice?

Original Whatsapp is fun, but you can’t deny that it is short features. On the other hand, WhatsApp Plus is loaded with some amazing features which can change the way you have your used WhatsApp till date.

Having an Application which is exact replica for WhatsApp but with better features and interface will always be awesome. And now, because the version is ban free and more safe and secure than ever before, I don’t think there is any strong reason to ignore WhatsApp Plus.

Other than all that, this can also work for WhatsApp as a wake-up call, and they can do some desperately needed changes in WhatsApp to avoid loss of huge customer base. If the honest subscribers of WhatsApp will slowly migrate to other alternatives, WhatsApp anyhow has to changes in their interface and introduce new and intimidating features.

Alternatives –

However, WhatsApp Plus is a full-package with everything best it can offer, but still if you’re one of those who are always looking for alternatives also have something in this article. In case you are finding alternatives to it then give a try to YoWhatsApp & NEWhatsApp.

  • YoWhatsApp –

YoWhatsApp is also filled with some great features which are definitely better than the original WhatsApp. If you need multiple modded versions of WhatsApp than you opt for YoWhatsApp without having any second thoughts.

  • NEWhatsApp –

NEWhatsApp is not very popular as WhatsApp Plus and YoWhatsApp and often underestimated, but I would like to say that this alternative version of WhatsApp is fully loaded with some great features, fonts, background themes and more. If you’re looking for a WhatsApp version with great looks than you opt for NEWhatsApp.

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Ending the Article –

Because of many cool features of WhatsApp Plus Apk like themes, security features etc it is getting famous as the days are passing. Here we have shared the direct link to download WhatsApp plus in your Android smartphone. I hope you like the Article.

Keep visiting HackerzTrickz for tricks and hack. Just bookmark this page for further updates about the App.

As this App is only of 29 MB, it is such a great deal that it is offering many features in just 29 MB. And it doesn’t consume much memory in your Android smartphone.

So, hence was the post about the best alternative of WhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus. I hope you like the post. Feel free to comment your reviews in the comment box.


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  1. after install . parallel space not working properly. . and phone is also hanging … tell me brother . wht i do ???

  2. when i reached to download option of whatsapp plus by uc mini browser,then only shows cloud download option….not show download option… plzźzzz help me….

  3. I have installed whatsapp plus but video calling feature is not there. How can i rnable video calling?

    • Firstly uninstall original WhatsApp from your smartphone and then try to install WhatsApp Plus, it will definitely get installed.

    • I have hardly uploaded 2-3 files in Openload. Can you tell for which files you are facing downloading issues, I will update the Google drive link for it.

  4. Sir , I have tried so many times to install this WhatsApp + app but it couldn’t , says app can’t install . My phone is Coolpad note 3 , mm version , unrooted.
    So how can I install this app ? Please Help me .

    • Sorry to hear that.

      By anti-ban I mean WhatsApp will not ban your account for using WhatsApp PLus. You have sent thousand messages to thousand of numbers. So, most probably they might have reported your account as spam.

      And according to that, WhatsApp took action on it.


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