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How to Earn Money with StudyBay Affiliate Program?

studybay affiliate program

With the boost of e-commerce in every part of the world, it plays an important role in our day-to-day lives. E-commerce based companies use intermediary websites, affiliated with them in order to promote their products and help customers get to them.

These affiliated websites, in turn attract a lot of visitors and invite a set of regular users too. Sometimes, even the marketing process takes place through these websites. It connects the producer and the final user. Hence, this is commonly known as affiliated marketing.

Introduction to StudyBay –

StudyBay is an area of business where authors have the opportunity to work as freelancers. StudyBay deals with students centrally. It’s a favorable platform for students because they will be able to procure multiple kinds of study materials.

All these materials are of high educational value. The authors share their expertise in various concepts in the form of articles that are posted here. You will be able to discover a whole world of essays, academic papers, dissertation etc.

The authors get rewarded for the articulation of their intellect, in the form of money. Students, on the other hand can get instant assistance on various topics. Writers in StudyBay are generally well-qualified and skilled. It’s a reliable marketplace.

Once students sign up on the website, they will be requested to log in. After this, they can look for and obtain any kind of study material according to their requirements.

  • The articles under this platform are run through plagiarism-detectors. It’s ensured that they are unique. This site also provides you a money-back guarantee.
  • First, the student places his/her order. Now, many writers make their offers. It’s the student’s call to hire an ideal writer and then, the writer gets to work.

How StudyBay Affiliate Program works?

studybay affiliate program

StudyBay Affiliate Program drives educational traffic based from English-speaking countries. Varieties of traffic are brought together under one roof. However, the chances of the presence of spam are very low.

StudyBay pays authors on a regular basis (sometimes, even on an everyday basis if necessary).

The minimum payout for authors is $10. Generally payments are done through cards (Visa, Mastercard, PayPal and Payoneer)

Here is a list of some thoughtful promotional techniques available in StudyBay –

  • Banners
  • Order forms
  • Links
  • Landings
  • Keywords

Depending on your orders, StudyBay lays down some brilliant offers before you! It gives you a flat 60% off on your first order. To add on, 15% more will be deducted from your subsequent orders.

$10 is provided for every attracted partner and 5% commission is offered for referral program if you attract a new partner using your referral link. You’re also given a thorough statistical data with every order you place.

StudyBay values time and likes to get work done at the soonest. Postponement is never encouraged here. Your content is safe and secure on this platform as SSLS 128 bit encryption is used to protect data in StudyBay.

It only costs you about $5 per page which appears to be quite inexpensive. Using the wide range of offers presented to you, you could even save a great deal of money. There is no involvement of intermediaries.

This is an amazing place for students to get bids and hand over their work to well-learned and qualified writers. This saves students’ time and efforts to a large extent. They would be able to direct their focus towards their part-time job or something more important.

StudyBay has gathered over 10,000 authors till today and it is only to augment day by day. These selected authors have a work experience of more than 55k subjects till date, which is indeed an exceptional achievement.

StudyBay has a proactive customer service section that responds to your queries and issues instantly. Your queries could be either technical or general. You simply have to go to the support tab and enter your query. Online chat service is another option you could use.

How to promote StudyBay Affiliate Program?

StudyBay supplies many promotional materials that could be used conveniently to amass visitors. You can simply pick your choice from the given materials such as CTA buttons, the list of keywords, landing pages, banners, pop-ups etc. These promotional materials are supported by varied devices and Operating System.

The promotional apparatus can be tested through A/B testing that shows a positive end result. Even your educational blogs can be funded with StudyBay’s Affiliate Program.

Pros of StudyBay Affiliate Program –

  • 57% conversion rate can be obtained. (57% is the highest conversion rate in the industry)
  • The highest number of re-bills for every product varies from 5 to 9.
  • Conversion of traffic is not only possible on weekdays, but even during weekends and holidays. StudyBay provides for a 24*7 traffic conversion.
  • On the stop transactions are possible everyday along with a minimum payout of $10.
  • If you’re looking for the coolest promotional stuff, this is your destination.

Ending the Article –

StudyBay is known to be one of the finest affiliate programs that lead your latent ideas and expertise to travel to a destination called article. It comprises of different kinds of educational blogs that help you attract a good amount of revenue.

If you want the best platform to share your expertise in, or if you have quite less time to get your work done, StudyBay is waiting for you with remarkable offers.

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