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funny camera apps

Best Funny Camera Apps

Before buying any smartphone, we consider so many features and specifications of it which will suit us in the best way possible. With all those features in mind, the camera is one of them we always consider, as it always enhance the little photographer in us.

There are so many applications that we enjoy using our camera, and photography has become a great fun using the smartphone. As Picture holds a special moment which you can relive and will also refresh the memories.

Google play store has millions of applications which is increasing in numbers after every second. There are so many camera applications which help you to take most photogenic pictures and some on which you can laugh and make fun of others.

These applications will help you to edit any raw photos, add shades to it, and change the shape and size of the face, and much more.

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Top 5 funny camera Apps –

1. Cymera –

funny camera apps

Cymera is one of the most used camera application around the globe which has more than 200 million active users. This application is as unique as it has all the editing tools which are required to make the picture funny and remarkable.

It is equipped with active beautifying filters, 7 different and fascinating camera lenses with timer, anti-shake, touch capture and the most important is silent camera mode which will click the picture without waking up others.

It also has collages, decorations, and one can create a private album of all the pictures and can share it with friends. This application is easily available in play store and can be downloaded on your computer.

This App is developed by SK Communications and it is rated 4.4 stars on Google Playstore.

2. Nomao –

funny camera apps

This is the latest addition to the funny camera application, as it is also labeled as “Naked camera application”. This app has the simple camera which allows you to see invisible objects beyond a certain point of light.

It sounds impossible but it is living up to the expectations of the users, and it also has been downloaded by many users. If you want Nomao APK download free from the website of Nomao as it is not available on play store.

This is the third-party application for which you need to change the settings of your smartphone and enables the installation from unknown sources on the device.

3. Funny Camera –

funny camera apps

The funny camera application is known for color effects and the inbuilt frames that can be applied to existing and the new photographs. It provides more than 80 funny photo frames to decorate and to make them entertaining.

There are two ways to which the frames can be added as you can add the frame to the photo which is already in your album or first click the photo from the application and then add the frame.

You can also edit and put your own photo in different frames from various paintings, celebrities, and famous personalities.

This App is developed by tndev and it is rated 4.1 stars on Google Playstore.

4. Photo Wrap –

funny camera apps

This application goes by the name as it can be used to wrap and change the shape and size of the picture. It adds a new dimension to the picture and gives hours of non-stop entertainment if you like to see the new you or want to make fun of other’s faces.

This application provides different tools to distort, wrapping and bending the pixels of the picture which will change the objects to look thinner or thick, small or bigger as per your choice. Just use your imagination and change your face, nose, mouth, eyes, and anything of your choice.

It will make you look skinny, or you can buff yourself to make you look bigger and stronger. It is personal plastic surgeon which will do the surgery without any pain and make you look good in the funniest way.

This application is also linked to your social networking sites, so change the looks of your friend and share it with the world.

This App is developed by PWA Studio and it is rated 3.7 stars on Google Playstore.

5. Fun Photo Camera –

funny camera apps

This is the best application to add more to your Halloween pictures. Just think of the best pose you want to click your picture in, and yes, you have it in Fun photo camera. It also allows you to create amazing photo montages with your favorite photos, which makes it perfect for a great moment.

You can also create beautiful and funny pictures with different animals, costumes, tuxedos, etc. It is also connected with the social networking sites, and you can share it with your friends and family.

An exclusive option to make the photo as a wallpaper on your device and make all of it by showing off to your buddies.

This App is developed by EvSoft and it is rated 4.1 stars on Google Playstore.

Funny Camera Apps: Over to You –

These are not the traditional photo editing tools, its something which can satisfy your inner madness about editing photos and make them super funny. The Applications are specially designed for people, who want to beyond any limit of craziness just of editing a photo make it funny more than anything else.

The Apps doesn’t make the photo funny, and it makes it crazier beyond imagination.

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Ending the Article –

As you have seen that I have shared 5 funny camera Apps for Android, the logos of the Apps are so funny that you should give a try to these Apps.

Enjoy never ending fun with these App and also don’t forgot to share this article with your friends and family, so they can also get the fun of it. That’s it for today, keep visiting HackerzTrickz for more tricks and hacks.

Hence, was the post on funny camera Apps for Android. I hope you liked the post. Feel free to comment your reviews in the comment box.
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