How to Get Grammarly Premium Account for Free 2024

How to Get Grammarly Premium Account for Free

Grammarly is an online digital writing tool that helps a user in rectifying major and minor grammatical errors in there content, it automatically identifies the errors with the help of artificial intelligence and language processing technology and corrects it for the user.

Grammarly is available as an application for Android and iOS users whereas browser plugin for Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, etc. Grammarly was launched 10 years back from now and since then it kept on improving its service and satisfying its customers.

Today, we will learn “How to get Grammarly Premium Account for free 2020” and also the other relevant information you need to know about the subject.

Since its launch in the year 2009 Grammarly has served to many Professionals, Bloggers, Writers, Students in their work and helped them in rectifying minor i.e. (Punctuation) as well as major i.e. (Typical Grammar Mistakes) errors in their content.

What is Grammatly

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Over the years Grammarly kept improving itself by fixing minor bugs and glitches to provide its users with the best services and prove itself best amongst its competitors.

Grammarly has become a primary choice for most of the writers.

It is basically a paid service with yearly membership but it also provides a free trial version with very limited tools and features, whereas in Grammarly premium version you will get access to all the tools and features i.e. Spelling Checker, Grammar Checker, Vocabulary Suggestion, etc.

Before heading towards the method of getting Grammarly Premium Account for free 2020, let’s see what features does premium membership contains.

• Grammar Checker – This feature will automatically identify the wrong grammar used in the sentence and helps you to correct it with the help of a click.

• Language Checker – This can be the life-saving feature which do the exact same work as it sounds, it rectifies any wrong spelling in your content.

• Vocabulary Assistant – This feature works like a charm, it suggests better vocabulary words which makes your work even more professional and leaves a great impact on the reader.

Grammarly Features

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How to Get Grammarly Premium Account for Free?

If you ever tried to get your hands on Grammarly Premium Account for free then you must be knowing that there are several ways of getting Grammarly Premium Account for free, but most of the methods are either expired or they do not work.

Moreover, there are many illegal ways of getting Grammarly Premium Account for free but here I will be telling you about 100% SAFE & LEGIT method.

Method 1 (Affiliate Program Method):

Currently, Grammarly is running an affiliate program wherein they are providing Grammarly Premium Membership for free to every new affiliate registered user and adding to that Grammarly is giving a decent amount of 25$ for writing a review on Grammarly.

This is the method which I personally used to get Grammarly Premium Account for free


Step 1 – Firstly create a new account by clicking here or by visiting Grammarly’s website

Step 2 – Now, register with your credentials i.e. (email, password, username, etc)

is Grammarly safe?

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Step 3 – After successful registration, apply for the Grammarly’s Affiliate Program.

Step 4 – After applying for the affiliate program send your newly created account credentials to the Grammarly affiliate team.

Step 5 – Grammarly Affiliate Team will go through your account and if everything goes well then within 2 – 3 working days you will get your Grammarly Premium Account.

Sometimes in spite of doing each and everything correctly due to bad luck our Grammarly account does not get verified. This happens in a very rare case and the problem is totally under control, in such case try the following steps :

• Contact Grammarly’s support team via email, facebook or twitter, elaborate your problem to them and request them to provide you with a Grammarly premium account.

• If the above step does not work for you then repeat all the steps and make a new Grammarly account + affiliate account and submit a new request for the Grammarly Premium Account trial.

The above method is the easiest and most effective way of getting Grammarly premium account for free among the other, moreover I got Grammarly for myself using the above method, but in case you don’t get Grammarly premium for free using the above method then you can try the 2nd method given below to get Grammarly premium for free.

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Method 2 (Corporate Method):

Nowadays Grammarly has become a very essential writing tool for professionals and students.

Many corporates like business organizations, enterprises, and educational institutes have a bulk license of Grammarly premium account to provide it to their employees and students to save time and improve the quality of their work more often.


Step 1 – Firstly create a new account by clicking here or by visiting Grammarly’s website.

Step 2 – Now, register with your credentials i.e. (email, password, username, etc).

sign up for Grammarly premium for free

Step 3 – Contact Grammarly’s support team via email, Facebook or twitter.

Step 4 – Tell the Grammarly support team that you would like to implement Grammarly premium in your organization and before purchasing the premium version you would like to try Grammarly Premium Trial.

The above method is quite complicated than the method number 1 and some people might find it difficult to get a Grammarly premium account with the help of this method, you might be asked to prove your as well as your organization’s identity when you contact Grammarly’s support team for the trial of Grammarly Premium Account.

advantages of Grammarly premium

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Ending the Article:

Grammarly is a very effective digital writing tool that is leading in its field of business among its competitors for the last nine years. Grammarly is the choice of many well know content writers and professionals as it helps to speed up the work that, too, with 100% accuracy.

I personally recommend Grammarly to people as it helps us to compile our work a lot faster and gives it a professional feel and upmarket touch with high-class vocabulary.

The two methods described above are the most legit and effective ways of getting Grammarly Premium Account for free, I would personally recommend you to use the first method to get Grammarly premium account for free as it very easy to understand and implement, but if in case the first method does not work for you then you should definitely try the second method.

So this was all about how you can get a Grammarly premium account and if you got any query related to the subject then, please make a comment below and I will be back to it in no time.

What are you going to use Grammarly Premium for?

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