7 Ways to Make Money with PUBG & Free Fire (Play & Earn)


make money with pubg

There is hardly any Gamer who is not aware of the most popular Android Game PUBG. Ever since its launch, PUBG has taken the world by storm. Even though it was launched last year it emerged as a top action game with more than 100 Million users playing it regularly.

It has taken the world of gaming to the next level. The popular Battle Royale game, with unique real world gameplay, has attracted the attention of many teenagers. Many smartphone manufacturers are manufacturing smartphones specially for playing Players Unknown BattleGrounds (PUBG).

Another very popular game which is standing toe to toe with PUBG, which has gathered a lot of attention recent times is called Free Fire. Both the games which are available for free in both Android & iOS users are one of the biggest online multiplayer game in the world.

The proof of that success is the fact that PUBG and Free Fire started minting millions of dollars for its developers since its launch. The games earns revenue through different streams like In-app purchases and Advertising. With its huge user base, the revenue is in Billions of Dollars.

It is a good news for the developers of PUBG that the game emerged as top grossing game on PlayStore, but what about the the players who are addicted to PUBG to win tasty Chicken Dinners?

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But PUBG and Free fire are not just for killing boredom. Most of the PUBG users spend their free time playing the game. The game is so addictive that many reports show that PUBG players spend more than 6 Hours a day playing the game. Same kind of stats are also followed by Free Fire. 6 Hours translates to ¼ the of the day and it kills a lot of productive hours.

But if you are smart enough then you can turn all these hours into even more productive than a 9 to 5 job.


Your confusion is legit, but this article will be giving you a detailed insight and various tips to make legit money from PUBG and Free Fire.

Earn Money With PUBG and Free Fire – 

1. Online Tournaments or eSports?


This industry of gaming is growing at an exponential rate as eSports are gaining a lot of momentum. In just a couple of years, it may project as a Billion Dollar business.

If you think that you have exceptional PUBG and Free Fire gaming skills you can take part in these online tournaments for PUBG. You can win more revenue by standing on top of leaderboards. The bigger you are, the more you win.

There are many platforms that conduct these online tournaments. Toornament, FACEIT, GamerzArena and Battlefy are few of them that lets you participate in these eSports and online tournaments.

You can also join official PUBG Europe League or North American League tournaments and win cash prizes up to €1,000,000.

These online tournaments are instantly rewarding and if you stand top you can bag a lot of amounts.

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2. Live Streaming?

Live PUBG Streaming

If people around you praise you for your PUBG and Free fire strategies then wait you are already an influencer. Yes, if your gaming style attracts the attention of other players then you can be a great influencer. Your influencing will attract more players to you and you can create your own community 

Live Stream your gameplay on YouTube and you can build a community and audience base around your game. This will be helpful in many ways.

These days YouTube and Facebook are betting big on Live streaming so if you are an early bird you can catch the worms.

Ad Revenue from YouTube streaming is a bit high when compared to other normal videos.

Not only YouTube, you can also stream your game to other social media like Facebook and Twitch.

Build your audience and become popular in the gaming industry. This will help you to tie up with brands in future once you grow popular.

Also, you can monetize your content through Google and Facebook ads. You can earn from donations and sponsorships. This path offers a diverse way of earning money through multiple sources.

3. Affiliate Marketing?


If you are a professional and popular gamer and you already own beautiful gaming setup, then you can start promoting your gear and provide a link to purchase these gear.

You can earn money by referring sales to online Marketplaces like Amazon.

Also, you can earn affiliate amount by promoting the products of different companies in your niche.

When a user buys through your referral link you will be rewarded with some percentage of the sale amount.

Always promote products that interest the users. This will help you earn more affiliate money.

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4. Social Media Influencer?

Nowadays, social media influencers are ridiculed for being fake and misguiding their audience, but social media influencing can still work for you if you be yourself and honest with your audience.

Ask your fans to follow you on different social media services like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Create unique and eye-catching content and build your follower base.

Later you can take advantage of this huge follower base and promote different products ranging from News articles to generating leads to brands.

Instagram is a great place for earning through brand partnerships. Though it’s a long term process, but good things take time. 

You can earn money from Instagram. If you are popular on Instagram, based on your follower base you can earn a lot.

This is the easiest way and doesn’t need investment.

5. Selling PUBG and Free Fire Merchandise?

If you have Entrepreneurial thoughts in mind then you can take advantage of the gigantic fanbase of PUBG and Free Fire.

Start an eCommerce store and sell PUBG and Free Fire merchandise like T-shirts, accessories. You can gain customers by running ads on Facebook, Instagram and Google.

This needs a lot of brainstorming to decide what to sell once you pick the winning product, scaling it can earn you millions. Be sure to catch with the trends if you are into this.

And selling quality product will help you a lot. By selling good quality products you can build a honest customer base which will result in better long term income and a wider reach in the niche market.

6. Flipping PUBG accounts?

If you are good at Tasting Chicken Dinners on PUBG with ease, then you can sell PUBG game accounts to other PUBG Players. Join Facebook groups built around PUBG and you will see many buyers looking for PUBG accounts with good statistics. You can sell these accounts at your own price based on the game metrics.

This is a bit risky as sometimes you may encounter fake buyers who steal your account and end up not paying the money.

In such scenarios, if the deal amount is high you can make use of sites like Freelancer to safeguard your deals. Also, user PayPal services to handle payments as it has Seller protection.

7. Become a Trainer?

If you know game-winning PUBG and Free Fire strategies, PUBG Tips and tricks then you can be a coach. As we mentioned earlier about the online tournaments and eSports you can offer training to these players and assist them in winning the game.

You can also offer courses on Platforms like Udemy and sell them.

Become a PUBG mentor and guide people in playing the PUBG right way.

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Ending the Article –

These are some of the great ways to monetize your PUBG and Free Fire gaming skills that you have gained all this time since the inception of both the games.

This reminds me of a famous quote “Don’t sit like a rock, work like a clock”.

Don’t make playing these as your work, let PUBG  and Free Fire work for you! That uncovers the true gamer in you!

So this was about earning money through PUBG and Free Fire. These are not the only ways as there are more ways. These are just some ways. It all depends on how you think. Be smart and get rewarded.

If you like this article feel free to share with other PUBG and Free Fire players on Facebook and Twitter. Meanwhile, if you need more information about any of the above methods, feel free to share your thoughts through comments below.

We will be happy to provide you with more information.

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