Download Google Camera 7.3 for Nokia 6.1 Plus (Latest Version)


Latest Gcam for Nokia 6.1 Plus

Today smartphones offers great picture quality, but nothing beats the picture quality provided by GCam. Its unbeatable picture quality can’t be compared to any other App. But as we all know the Gcam App is only limited Google Pixel phones.

Recently Google launched the new version of Gcam called Gcam 7.3 with improvement and added features. Few days after the release of the official version certain developer named parrot043 created a mod version of the App called Gcam 7.3, which is going to be available in a Nokia phone called Nokia 6.1 PLUS.

Gcam is very compatible with people who are serious about photography. The difference between the image quality between stock camera & Gcam is easily visible. Those people who are looking for crystal clear and sophisticated photos, and more worried about detailing should opt for Gcam.

You will be able to download and use the Gcam 7.3 Apk for Nokia 6.1 Plus. However, there might some issue you would face while using the modded version of Gcam as its in beta phase so many improvements needs to be done yet depending on the people’s response.

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Lets go through some newly added salient features in Gcam 7.3.

Gcam 7.3 for Nokia 6.1 Plus Apk Info:

Application NameGcam 7.2 for Nokia 6.1 Plus Apk
Android Version5 and Above
Key FeatureHD Photo/Video Capture
App UpdatesRegular

Features of Gcam 7.3 for Nokia 6.1 Plus:

Gcam for nokia phones

  1. In the Shutter mode there’s a new feature to take top shot photos while staying in the default camera mode.
  2. Dual exposure feature to adjust your brightness and HDR while clicking photos.
  3. A very Interesting newly added feature is of Astrophotography in the Night Shift to take photos of anything in the sky and beyond that.
  4. A newly added feature called frequent faces lets you take good face photos with perfect smiles and avoid taking photos of people blinking.

Additional Features:

  • Night Shift
  • Lens Blur
  • RAW
  • AR Stickers
  • Photo Booth
  • Slow Motion
  • Portrait mode and Motion photo for both front and back camera
  • Video options like (30fps, 60fps, auto focus, video stabilization etc)

All the people who are worried about battery drain while using Gcam should use this App in peace because after couple trials I’ve noticed that the battery drain negligible.

It wouldn’t strain your battery that much, but you can still see a decent dip in it.

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Steps to install Gcam 7.3 Apk on Nokia 6.1 Plus:

Step 1: The very first step is to download the App from the provided link.

Gcam for Pie

Gcam for Android 10

Step 2: Now Enable “Unknown Sources”, if you haven’t already then visit Setting > Security > Unknown Sources.

enable unknown sources

Step 3: Now, go to file manager to open the Gcam 7.3 App and follow the installation guidelines given on the screen.

Recommended camera settings:

Once you download Gcam I suggest you to apply the below settings for smoother experience –

  • Go to Gcam Settings > Shadow saturation > 2.4.
  • Enable Google photos.
  • Disable Zoom (not mandatory).
  • Go to Gcam Settings > Saturation > Highlight Saturation > 1.8.
  • Go to Gcam Settings > Advanced > Battery > Battery Optimization > Not Optimized.

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Ending the Article:

So, thus were my views and thoughts about Gcam 7.3 for Nokia 6.1 Plus. I hope you find this article helpful. kindly comment your views in the comment box.

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