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Google to Allow Users to Pay for Android Apps Using Cash

Google is now to planning to narrow the payment  gap by introducing a new method for users in order to capture the market of payments.

The organization today announced it is launching “pending trades” that offers users different methods to pay who doesn’t wants to pay using traditional methods.

To deal with this issue Google has rolled out additional payment options over the period of time, such as service for eWallets, UPI in India, and carrier charging for instance.

Within the last year, it has added 20 more carrier charging partnerships, bringing the entire amount of carriers supporting this choice to over 170 globally, to reaching more than a billion users via this 1 option.

But carrier billing is not a universal choice, and it isn’t necessarily a favorite one.

To achieve those users that rely on money, Google is currently rolling out yet another payment option.

“That is a brand new type of delayed kind of payment such as money, bank transfer and direct banking,” he clarified.

This gives an Android user the ability to select an alternate payment method at checkout when paying for the application or in-app buy.

Rather than charging a connected payment card, for example, the user may instead choose to get a payment code that they may use to cover their purchase using money at a nearby shop.

Once in the shop, the consumer indicates the payment code into the cashier and also pays. Within 10 minutes after finishing the transaction, the consumer will get their purchase and also an email by using their proof of payment. (However The fine print notes this will take up to two days).

When this makes paying apps and upgrades simpler for cash-only Android users, even if they want a refund, then they will get Playstore credits instead of cashbacks.

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