What Does Green Dot Next to Video Icon on Messenger Mean?

Today I’m going to explain What Does Green Dot Next to Video Icon on Messenger Mean?

If you’re the one in billions who use Facebook and Messenger everyday to connect to your friends, relatives and other companions. Then you must check out this article.

Here below we’ve mentioned everything related to Green Dot. An indication of everyone’s profile pictures. Keep on reading to find the importance of it and what that means to you.

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Facebook and Messenger:

We know that Facebook and Messenger are the key platforms of social media that connect us to the world of known people. Everyday billions of people have their discussions with friends, family, relatives and other companions using Messenger.

The mightiest messaging application owned by Facebook. When it comes to chatting, there is no best alternative to Messenger until now. 

It is more reliable and securely connects you to your friends through an encrypted chat room that features Text or Voice Messages, Phone Calls and Video Calls etc. Interestingly, most of the users prefer chat because of the features provided by Messenger.

While chatting with your friends, have you ever observed a Green Dot on the profiles of people on both Facebook and Messenger. Want to know what that means.

Well, switch your eyes to the following lines to check out the use and importance of Green Dot in Facebook and Messenger.

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What Does Green Dot Means on Facebook and Messenger:

Green Dot in both Facebook and Messenger appears when someone is online i.e. it shows the active status of your friends and other companions are still on Facebook and Messenger.

So instead of searching who is available to chat, this makes the process easier. You’ll see this indication in the bottom right corner of their profile photos even though it is locked. However, you can also turn off the active status in settings with a few simple clicks.

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Green Dot on Facebook Chat:

When your friends are active online, Green Dot on Facebook chat is visible to you under the right corner of username and profile photo. To find this, first open the app and on the homepage you’ll see a messenger icon on the top right corner of the search.

Click on it and verify how many are available to chat. If you’re using Facebook, other people will identify you the same as you do. The list of people who recently went offline can also appear there.

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What Does the Green Dot Next to the Camera on Messenger Mean:

To figure out the purpose of the green dot next to the video icon on Messenger, click on someone’s profile photo and enter into the chat room.

When you’ll see two green dots at once i.e. one on the profile photo and the other next to the video icon, it means the person is available for receiving a video call from anyone in the Messenger. 

Thus devices having cameras are accessible for connecting their friends via video calls. All you need to do is, allow Messenger to use your device camera and microphone.

If you do not allow the necessary permissions to use your camera, the green dot next to the camera on Messenger will be still visible to you. But you can’t reach your friends via video chat.

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How to Find Someone is Online or Active on Messenger:

In the application of Facebook Messenger, it is very easy to find out who is online. To do so, follow the steps below to know how to find the active status of people on Messenger. 

  1. Launch the app and follow the on screen directives. Then you’ll step into the chat section.
  2. On top of it right below the search bar, all the active status of your friends along with their photos will be displayed horizontally by representing a green dot on everyone’s profile.
  3. If you’d like to have a chat, tap on the person’s icon and stay typing your keywords. 
  4. For a detailed active list, click on the people icon which is located next to the chat icon.

There you’ll see the list of all active users along with their profiles and names. You can also start a chat by clicking on someone’s name or profile photo.

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How to Disable Active Status on Facebook Messenger:

Everything related to your account is customizable on both Facebook and Messenger. If you want to hide your presence on Facebook Messenger. Follow the lines below.

  1. Launch the messenger application and click on your profile picture.
  2. You’ll then be redirected to a separate window.
  3. In the profile section, tap on Active Status and disable it.

That’s it, you’re done with the process. Now the green dot on your profile doesn’t not visible to others even if you’re using Messenger.

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Find Who is Online on Messenger.com:

For the users of PC, the web version of Messenger plays a key role in connecting people around the world instantly without a need for installing an app. 

  1. To find the active status of someone in the web version of Messenger either on your PC or Mobile.
  2. Visit Messenger.com and login with your credentials. Then go to Settings > Active Contacts.
  3. The list of people who are currently active on Messenger will be visible to you.
  4. If you start a new chat, the profile picture, name and green dot will appear at the bottom of the chat room.

Here below we’ve mentioned some screenshots for reference.

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Find Who is Online on Facebook.com:

  1. Like Messenger, you can also find active users instantly on the Facebook web version too.
  2. To do this, visit facebook.com and login into your account.
  3. Click on the contacts tab on the top right corner of the page.
  4. Everyone who is active online will be visible in a mini tab that pop-ups below your Facebook profile.
  5. Move the cursor to that tab and use the scroll wheel of the mouse to find all the active people on Facebook.

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Does the Green Dot on Facebook Mean they are on Messenger:

The answer is no, the active list of people on Facebook doesn’t mean that they are also online in Messenger too. Even if both the platforms are interconnected, you have to individually verify the users who are active online by visiting Messenger. 

Tap on search and type the person’s name. If he or she is active on Messenger, you may see their identity. But if the person is not available, you’ll see an invite option. This might represent that he is on Facebook and can be invited to join Messenger too.

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Ending the Article:

Hope you got all the necessary information regarding what does the green dot next to the camera on Messenger means and the purpose, importance of it in both Facebook and Messenger.

Also we’ve guided you on how to check the active status of your friends in both these social media giants. However, to find someone on either Facebook or Messenger you have to use search.

But instead of it, this indication makes the process easier by listing all the active online users right in front of you. 

Remember one thing, when someone is active on Facebook, it doesn’t mean that he or she is also in Messenger too. You have to check them separately on Messenger either by using the search or by tapping on the people icon.

Most of the users don’t disable their active status. If you’d like to disable the active status, it’s become difficult for someone to reach you. Drop your questions and let us know in the comment section below.

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