Download AB Liker Apk: Get Unlimited Likes, Comments and Share

Today I’m going to show you how to download AB Liker apk latest version.

Are you not getting enough likes and comments on your Facebook posts? Are you fed up with all your low statistics for your photos and videos? Are you not satisfied with the engagement on your FB posts?

If yes, don’t worry here is the solution for all your problems  “AB liker apk“. Yes, it is a single stop solution having all the answers to your questions.

Hello guys, this is another article in which I will be sharing a detailed review of the most useful utility application for Facebook users “AB liker apk“. It will help you to get more likes and comments on your Facebook post and your content on your timeline or business page.

This application works similar to AB auto liker and AB auto commenter that help to promote your Facebook profile and gain more engagement for you by generating auto likes and comments on photos, status, videos.

If you are the one who wishes to increase his/her number of likes and comments on your Facebook profile, abliker tools will become the best option for you.

So now download the AB liker apk on your smartphone and enjoy the enhanced engagement on your Facebook profile.

AB Liker Apk Download

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What is AB Liker APK?

What is AB Liker APK?

It is an easy to use android base application that works to boost social media engagement by gaining auto likes, auto comments, auto-request, and auto follower, especially on Facebook.

The best thing is that it works on exchanging mechanisms, so you get the number of likes and comments from the real users. And this feature makes abliker tools more authentic and reduces the possibility of getting your Facebook profile ban.

AB liker apk do not require any special knowledge or any special eligibility for using it. This is available for everyone and anyone can use this application after downloading it from the provided link on this page.

AB liker tools is featured with a lot of FB tools and give various interesting and useful options like auto liker, auto commenter, auto analyst, auto follower, auto reaction and auto friend request for you.

With the help of this application, you can enjoy the premium features without any expenses and get the desired results in less time. There are really very few authentic applications that give you all the awesome features to manage your Facebook profile and business page on a single platform.

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Technical Information of AB Liker Apk:

Application NameAB liker apk
Supports OSAndroid 4 and above
Developed byAB liker team
CategorySocial Media

Features of AB Liker Apk:

Features of AB Liker Apk

Well, when it comes to the features equipped in AB liker apk, you will be surprised to know its multiple benefits once you get this amazing application on your android mobile phone.

It not only gives you a smooth experience to use Facebook but also provides various options to promote your Facebook profile or business page.

So let’s have a look at its extremely interesting features.

  • AB liker apk gives you more than seven tools in a single application including, auto likes, auto comments, sticker comments, auto requests, language auto comments, and many more.
  • One submission will have the potential to attract more than 350 likes.
  • Easy to use user interface.
  • Compatible with all Android versions above android 4.0.
  • Compatible with all android devices including smartphones as well as tablets.
  • All reactions and engagement (likes, comments, followers etc) are genuine and from real accounts.
  • 100% safe, secure and spam-free.
  • Never saves your personal information.
  • Available for free download.
  • More reliable and faster than the other application of a similar category.

AB liker tools is a complete package that allows the performing of multiple activities using a single platform. All the android users can easily take the benefits of it and can take their Facebook engagement to the next level.

So get the opportunity to avail yourself a great deal to expand your reach by availing it.

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How to Download AB Liker Apk?

Before using AB liker apk you need to download it from any authentic source. As this is a third party application so not available on Google Play Store.

And if we are talking about any authentic source then our website is on the top of the list in terms of reliability and authenticity. So for downloading AB auto liker or AB auto commenter for Facebook, follow the simple steps which are listed below:

  1. Download AB liker apk by clicking on the download button provided on this page: Download.
  2. Enable unknown sources from the security setting of your android device.
  3. Save the file in the desired folder either in your phone memory or external memory.
  4. Now you can uninstall and reinstall the application multiple times without thinking of. using internet data again and again.

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How to Install AB Liker Apk?

  1. Find the apk file in the download section or where ever you have saved the file.
  2. Tap on the ABliker tools apk file and trigger the installation process.
  3. Wait for a few seconds, the installation process may take a little bit of your time.
  4. Once the installation process gets completed 100%, you can tap on the icon present on the home screen and launch the application.

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How to Use AB Liker Apk?

How to Use AB Liker Apk

The use of AB liker apk is simple and easy for everyone. There is no rocket science behind it. If you are using this type of application for the first time then you can follow the below steps and learn using AB liker tools.

  1. First, you have to download and install this application on your android device.
  2. After launching the application, you will be asked to sign up with a Facebook account.
  3. Just click on the button, log in with your Facebook ID and password.
  4. Now you will see the navigation list of amazing tools for various options like auto likes, auto comments, auto follower etc.
  5. Now choose your desired option and submit your post on Facebook either it is a photo, video or anything.
  6. Once you submit the post, now wait for 1 minute and the likes will start delivering to your post.
  7. Now enjoy the increasing figures of likes.

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Things to Remember While Using AB Liker Apk:

Although this application can save a lot of time, money and effort, it can easily promote any Facebook profile, but there are some points that should be kept in mind before downloading and using these kinds of AB auto liker or AB auto commenter applications.

  • Though its developers claimed 100% security of users data it is a third party application, so there is always a risk of spamming or it may have any malicious file which can harm your phone or Facebook account as well.
  • The users should ensure that they are using android version 4 and above
  • This activity of gaining likes and comments inorganically way using other application may violate the Facebook policy
  • Always try to use this application within the limit, once you are found in any spamming activity, your Facebook account may be banned permanently.

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Alternative Applications of AB Liker Apk:

Alternative Applications of AB Liker Apk

You can also find some other applications which work on the same concept and provide similar results. Here I am providing some majorly used auto liker and auto commenter applications.

  1. FB toolkit Apk: FB toolkit apk is a tool or application which helps you to complete your daily tasks or work on Facebook.
  2. FBsubpro Apk: Fbsubpro apk is created by the team of fbsub pro and it has gained popularity after a few months of its release date.
  3. FB Tools: FB tools apk is an android based third party application, which would help you to get social engagement on Facebook by generating automatic likes, comments, followers or even enhance the numbers of shares as well.
  4. KD Liker Apk: KD liker apk is a safe, reliable android based application from 4liker. It is a third party application for boosting engagement on the Facebook profile by increasing likes and comments on shared photos and videos.

  5. Jio Liker
  6. Apental

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How AB Liker Apk Is Different from Other Applications?

Well, the simple answer is that you can access more than 7 tools in a single application. The user interface is quite simple and anyone can use its features. The best thing is that its developers claim no spamming and keep the users’ personal data secure.

2. How Many Like I Can Get Using This Application?

The number of likes is unlimited but the users can get more than 350 likes on an average basis. Rest the number of likes and comments also depends upon the post you have submitted.

3. Is There Any Premium Subscription Fee?

No, this is another good thing in the favor of its users. The developers of this application have kept its license available for free. So currently the users have no need to pay any fee or charge but in the future, the policy may get changed.

4. How to Keep Using This Application Safely Without Getting My Account Banned?

Yes, there is a risk of banning your account because it actually violates Facebook policies. I suggest that use AB liker apk smartly, use it in limit and make all your activities look genuine. By doing this, you can cheat the Facebook algorithms.

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Ending the Article:

This is all about the wonderful application for Facebook i.e. AB liker apk. If you notice that your contacts are actually interacting with your submitted post then this is literally the perfect application for you.

Download AB liker tools and start getting unlimited likes, comments, followers and friend requests as you want.

Using AB liker apk is really easy, just log in with your Facebook account and start enjoying its features. I hope you have got all the information related to this application.

Try this and if you find it suitable then do share this article with your friends, colleagues and others.

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