How to Unlock Facebook Account Without ID Proof

Today I’m going to share with you How to Unlock Facebook Account Without ID Proof.

Are you facing a Facebook account disabled problem? Do you wish to unlock Facebook account without id proof? Do you want to learn How to unlock Facebook account without id proof? This is the right place to learn this method and continue using a Facebook account without any trouble.

Hello friends, Today we are going to discuss the highly searched query on Google our YouTube i.e how to unlock Facebook account without id proof?. In this article, we are going to uncover some techniques which will help you to get rid of your Facebook disabling account.

In this internet era, where social media platforms have been flourishing continuously. This trend has risen with the introduction of Facebook, which is the largest used social media platform having more than 2.6 billion active users and this figure is increasing year by year.

This is the platform where people can connect with their friends, relatives, colleagues and many more. Nowadays, Facebook is being used also for business.

Many reputed organizations and new start-ups have been started using this social media platform for selling and promoting their products and services.

In this process, sometimes users violate some facebook guidelines and policies that result in getting banned from their official account. Still wondering how to go about Facebook login without identity? Don’t worry, here we are providing the method in which we will teach how to unlock Facebook account without id proof.

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What Are the Reasons Behind Disabling Facebook Account?

Before diving into how to unlock Facebook account with id proof, let us first see why you may need to do the same.

Facebook account disabling is a common concern for many Facebook users. There may be various reasons but we are discussing some of those reasons which are commonly seen over the internet.

Understanding these reasons will make the process of learning how to unlock Facebook account without id proof.

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Facebook Official Updates:

A common reason why people find themselves in the unlock Facebook account without identity issue is the Facebook official updates.

Facebook performs a decluttering process from time to time to keep the space free from fake or fraudulent Facebook accounts. But sometimes these algorithms mistakenly block genuine users.

This action leads you to request the Facebook official team to recover your account. We will learn the process below steps.

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Any Illegal Activity:

If Facebook is sending warning messages against any of your activity that comes in spamming because illegal activities on Facebook are strongly prohibited. So Facebook may ban your account temporarily or permanently. This is also where Facebook login without identity comes into the picture.

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Ignored Facebook Warnings:

If you have been ignoring Facebook warnings and you are continuously ignoring them and perming all those concerned activities, the official team will take strict action against your account.

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Being Suspicious:

If you are caught by the Facebook official team for performing any suspicious activity, your account is likely to get blocked which leads you to search for how to unlock a Facebook account without ID proof or with ID proof.

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Sending Too Many Friend Request:

If you are found to send too many friend requests or add so many people to your account in a single attempt. The Facebook algorithms may find this activity spamming and it might become a reason for disabling your account and you may find yourself look up ‘how to recover locked Facebook account without id’.

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Malware Concerns:

If any malicious attempt has been done from your devices, make sure that you are not getting scammed.

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Hacking Attempt:

Even a few unknown login attempts by any of your friends can get you to account locked. So even if you have not done anything wrong, You may still face this trouble.

Note: You can read Facebook community guidelines through and can take the required precautions to prevent your account from getting disabled or locked.

All these above-described reasons are commonly seen due to which the people need to know how to unlock Facebook account without id proof.

Let’s see the steps of unlocking Facebook account using various methods.

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How to Unlock Facebook Account Without ID Proof?

Let us dive straight into the ultimate solution to the ‘how to unlock facebook account with id proof’ problem.

If the Facebook team has disabled your account, you need to recover it by following various methods. Because getting anyone’s account blocked is not less than a nightmare. Some people are using this social media platform for marketing or selling their products and services. Getting blocked from using their account may lead to a huge loss.

But sometimes your account gets blocked temporarily and you can try to recover it without using any ID proof. If you are the one who is seeking an answer to this query about how to unlock Facebook account without id proof, this article is for you.

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Method 1 – Clean Up Cookies and Caches:

Sometimes, your Facebook account just gets banned for a few hours or a day but due to your web browser cookies and cache memory, it shows as being banned for a long time. 

It is suggested to start with these basic tricks and wait at least for some hours before login in with further login attempts. 

1. Open your web browser, let’s say Google chrome.

2. Go to the setting and scroll down the screen.

3. Click on the privacy and security option.

4. Now delete cache, cookies and browsing history as well.

5. Try the login attempt after some time.

Use this easy method to unlock Facebook account without identity.

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Method 2 – Get Yourself Verified:

If the first method doesn’t work and still showing your account is disabled. You can try this method to unlock your Facebook account without id proof.

  1. Go to and click on “Forgot account”.
  2. Enter the email address or phone number in the box to search your account.
  3. The matched accounts will be visible on your screen, choose the one which belongs to you.
  4. Once you select the account provide the required information such as email address, mobile number or both.
  5. The verification code will be sent to your email or mobile number.
  6. Enter the code in specified space and click to continue.

This process will allow you to set a new password then you will be able to access your Facebook account.

This is one of the most effective methods to unlock Facebook account without ID proof. Follow the steps by performing live and get your account back.

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Method 3 – Get Help from Friends

If the above-described methods don’t work for you. Facebook also gives an option to verify your account by giving a reference of your trusted contact.

Choose the best one who can reply to you immediately and ask them to follow the instructions that will help you to unlock Facebook account without id proof.

  1. Click on the “Forgot account” option to initiate the recovery process.
  2. Search for the account that you desire to recover by entering the email, phone number. and username, your first name.
  3. Choose the account that belongs to you. If you don’t have access to that, click on the option “No longer have access to the account”.
  4. Enter email and phone number and hit the continue button.
  5. Click to “Reveal My Trusted contact” and tell them to visit the link
  6. They will receive a code, ask to them and put it in the given space, click to continue.
  7. Now wait and you will receive a confirmation email on the given email ID.

Use this method to answer the Facebook login without identity dilemma.

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How Long Does It Take to Unlock Facebook Account Without ID Proof?

The unlocking time period is not fixed. It depends on the reason for which your account has been disabled. Sometimes Facebook automatically unblocks your account without doing anything.

If you have violated any minor policy, your account will be unlocked in one day or one month sometime.

In case of any severe violation, your Facebook account may be banned permanently. In this situation, you will lose your account forever. We suggest you don’t wait and create a new account/profile.

But in the end, try to send ID proof if available and your account is so precious that losing it may lead to a huge loss. This will be the final step before you give up on your account.

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What Are the Methods to Get Your Profile Verified on Facebook?

If you want to make your Facebook profile authentic and verified, you can fill the verification request form. Apart from this, you can follow the below steps:

  1. The first step you should try, Visit the official Facebook website to get the verification request form
  2. Once the form gets open, select the page or profile option, for which the verification is needed.
  3. Now select the category such as news, fashion, sports, music and so on. 
  4. Enter your country name and upload a file attachment of your identification proof. It would be evidence to validate your page or profile.
  5. Now compellingly describe the reason that why should your profile or page verified
  6. you will be asked to add information about your other social media accounts which you think that Facebook will consider.
  7. Once you are completed with the profile verification. You will be notified from Facebook whether your request is approved or denied within a certain timeframe.

Then , you are not likely to face the ‘how to unlock Facebook account with id proof’ problem.

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What Are the Precautionary Measures That Should Be Taken to Avoid Facebook Account Disabled?

For all the Facebook users, getting their Facebook account locked is a scary thing. Either you are a business person or an individual, you will never want to get stuck in this trouble. The reasons for getting banned from Facebook is pretty much simple.

They have listed all their rules and regulation in their published guidelines. So ensure that you are not violating those guidelines, you can take some precautionary measures that can save you from all the hassle.

  • Avoid being spammer while commenting, liking and posting something on Facebook.
  • Ensure that the images you are using not violating any copyright policy
  • Don’t use a fake account and fraud profiles
  • Tag people and add them to the group after taking their permission. So they won’t report you and you will not be considered a spammer.
  • Always use a business page to promote your products and services. Don’t use your account to do the same.
  • Don’t send tons of friend requests to unknown people.
  • Don’t use proxy servers because Facebook is a location-based service and using a proxy server may confuse the Facebook bots and your account may look suspicious
  • Avoid login from multiple devices because login from any device proves that you have ownership of an account. And the FB official team can think that you are a fraudster.
  • Keeping all the above point in mind will not make your search for the query “how to unlock Facebook account without id proof”

I hope you have got all the information related to unlock Facebook account without id proof

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What to Do When FB Account Get Banned Temporarily?

Even if you have followed all precautionary measures and still your account gets blocked. Don’t worry, wait for at least 4 days and your account will be recovered automatically. This might have been due to some security reasons, etc.

After completing this period, clear your browsing history, cache memory and try to log in to your account again.

2. How Long May It Take to Verify My ID?

The verification process doesn’t have any fixed timeline to verify your account. But it has been observed that the verification process may take 48 hours to 45 days or sometimes more. You can also get more assistance from the Facebook help center or support.

3. Why Is Facebook Asking for Account Confirmation?

If you didn’t confirm your identity before the Facebook notification. And Facebook has been continuously sending notifications for account confirmation, then it is a sign that you are about to lose your Facebook account either temporarily or permanently.

So follow proper precautions while using Facebook.

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Ending the Article:

Facebook has billions of users from all around the world. It regularly brings its updates to avoid any fraudulent activity with the other genuine users. But this also impacts the innocent users who are working without hurting anyone.

In this scenario getting an account banned is very common and multiple methods can work differently for different situations. And this article has covered the in-depth knowledge for the query of how to unlock Facebook account without id proofStop wondering how to recover disabled Facebook account without id and just get to it!

If your account is banned permanently, I don’t think they will recover it again. In this case, you should look forward to creating a new account.

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