How to spy on someone else’s Android phone

spy on someone else's Android phone

There are a lot of ways of hacking an Android phone available on the internet, but most of them are fake or they don’t work. Having said that, hence, today I’ve brought the best way to spy on someone else’s Android phone with ease. By using an App called Maxx Spy from which we can easily hack any Android smartphone. Maxx Spy is an Android App which is mostly used for this purpose. This App is not available on Google Playstore but still it has millions of users worldwide and most of them are satisfied.

Maxx spy is the most renowned App to spy and track the location of any smartphone. It allows you to keep track of all activities of the targeted Android phone. The Application is super easy to install in the targeted phone. It works in the stealth most so it would be hidden all the time and your victim wouldn’t know anything about this. Also, It records all the activities done on and by the victim’s Android phone and it can be seen by logging in your Maxx spy account. Below I have mentioned features and steps to follow to spy on someone else’e Android phone. Highly Recommend – Ultimate Hidden Tricks of any Android phone.


Features of Maxx spy- 

1. GPS Tracking.

2. Manage App and programs usage.

3. Track Facebook messages.

4. Tracks call Recording.

5. Monitor Internet history.

6. Tracks All WhatsApp Messages.

And Many More…


Below are the steps to follow to spy on someone else’s Android phone.

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Steps to spy on someone else’s Android phone – 

1. First of all, Download & Install Maxx spy App in the phone you want to monitor [Victim’s Phone] – Click here to Download.

2. Open Maxx spy in our target phone [Victim’s Phone] and register your Email ID.

3. You’re almost done. Furthermore now all you have to do is to login in that account by using your Email ID by your Smartphone or Computer.

4. That’s it you’re done. Finally, start snooping into Victim’s smartphone. Now you can easily spy on someone else’s Android phone of your victim.

Note – In Addition, I would like to tell you guys that this trick is not for illegal purposes. We are not responsible mischief done by you.

So, hence was the post to spy on someone else’s Android phone. I hope you liked the post. Feel free to comment your reviews in the comment box.

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  • When i downloaded this app, a messege displayed on my phone saying like ‘This app is malicious and may steal your data’. If its true than you should take down this app.

    • It is just a myth. Android shows this message for many Apps. Ex – When you install any Rooting App then Android will this message and many more. You should just ignore that message :).

    • We are searching for lifetime hack till then you have to pay money for lifetime membership.

    • The official site haven’t mentioned anything about Hike. So you have to try it by yourself.


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