How to increase battery backup of your Laptop

increase battery backup of Laptop

A Laptop being a very important part of our life carries out a lot our tasks and saves our time, but the crucial problems with laptops is the battery backup, which can be avoided by giving up some nonstandard habits. There are some useful and easy ways from which you can do that, very helpful to increase battery backup of laptop.

In this post I’ve brought you some very useful tips to increase battery backup of Laptop in different scenario’s like on a plane, at your office or at a library. Highly Recommended – How to add pattern lock in your PC/Laptop.


Here are some useful tips to increase battery backup of laptop – 


1. Disable Wireless Card/Bluetooth Adapter – 

Using wireless cards or Bluetooth adapter is a big a battery eating habit. Don’t forget to disable your wireless card and your Bluetooth button. Most laptops may have the shortcut to apply this function. This is my personal experience guys, this can reduce tremendous amount of battery consumption.

2. Disable unused posts – 

This is also a very good way to increase your battery backup is to disable your unused ports. The unused ports aren’t just USB, VGA, SmartCard and PCMCIA ports. If you are a windows user than you can use Windows Device Manger, you can find it from control panel. It is also a very useful to increase battery backup of laptop.

3. Avoiding the usage if CD- ROM/DVD Drive – 

CD- ROM/DVD Drive needs more charge compared to USB devices. So hence, it is also a big reason of eating up your battery. The more you avoid DVD drive, the more battery you save. A good alternative is to store your stuff in internal Hard disks only and avoid usage of external devices as much as you can.

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4. Decrease Display brightness – 

Decreasing the display brightness can be a very effect full way to increase your battery backup, if you really give importance to your battery backup, then you should decrease brightness of your Laptop. It can increase 30% to 50% of your battery backup. It will also help you to keep your eyes healthy as it will not come in contact with extra brightness.

5. Stop Cooling functionality – 

If you’re overworking with your laptop, then cooling function is one of the main reasons to affect your battery backup. For solving this problem you should avoid using your laptop on dusty surfaces like on pillows and on blankets and try to use it more on nice pads. So, hence it won’t be affected by cooling, thus your battery backup would last more.

So, hence was the post to increase battery backup of Laptop. I hope you liked the post. Feel free to comment your reviews in the comment box.

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