Is Bluestacks Safe? Our Opinion (Best Answer): 2021


Is bluestacks safe?

Whenever it comes to the top android emulators, Bluestacks is one of the top names that you get to hear.  And it is the most favorite Android emulator for quite a lot of people out there. But still there are quite a lot of people who are not sure about Bluestacks and the common question that they have, is Bluestacks safe?

In case if you have the same question in your mind. Then let me just answer the question for you. So you can get a better idea about it. So here we go:

What is Bluestacks?

There is no doubt that Bluestacks is the most popular android emulator available out there. And you can download this emulator free of cost on your PC and Mac computer. Even it holds the largest market share in the android emulator sector.

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The emulator allows desktop OS’s to run Android apps and games that you cannot run normally. As you already know that desktop OS and Android holds different software architecture, hence we can’t install Android apps on it.

However, bluestacks as a platform is focused on gaming. And many of the users are using this emulator for this job only. It can play games like Clash Of Clans, PUBG Mobile, Candy Crush and so on. Even it is a pretty perfect platform for the Android developers too. As they can easily test their apps on this platform.

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BlueStacks Security Concerns:

As we are talking about the “is bluestacks safe?” question, hence the security concern is an important part of it.

Well, if you scan the software using Antivirus programs like McAfee, Avast or any other one, then there is a high chance that you will see that these antivirus programs are labeling BlueStacks executable as a threat. And this is where most of the people get a bit confused about whether it is safe to use Bluestacks or not.

However, in most of the cases, the reports by the antivirus programs turn out to be a false positive. And there was hardly any report that really considered Bluestacks as a virus or malware. However, while you install Bluestacks on your PC, it will ask you to disable the antivirus protection.

But this is because the software does not want to create a conflict with the antivirus program. And it wants you to enjoy a smooth installation process. If you do not turn off the Antivirus program, then it will not allow you to get done with the installation process.

However, when we scanned Bluestacks with the top-notch security tools and antivirus programs, there is no evidence of possible threats. Hence, it is absolutely safe for us to say that Bluestacks has no security threats, and it is safe to use.

But yes, it depends on where you download the application. If you are downloading the software from its official website, then there is no chance of possible threats. But if you download the emulator from third party sources, we cannot say the same.

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BlueStacks performance concerns:

Another concern that most of the users have is performance. There have been reports from users who have said that Bluestacks crashed on their computer on a regular basis. And the main reason behind this is the low PC configuration.

As well as BlueStacks needs high CPU & RAM usage. And some users are kind of worried that Bluestacks might be crypto-mining or perform other unethical practices in the background. However, the good part is that, so far, there is no evidence of such statements.

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But wait what about the high CPU & RAM usage? Well, high CPU & RAM usage is a pretty normal thing with Bluestacks. As it is allowing us to run Android apps on our desktop, it requires more and more resources from our PC. Hence, even with a high configured PC, you will still face the high CPU & RAM usage error. And there is absolutely no need for you to worry about.

Why Should You Always Use The Latest Version Of Bluestacks?

No matter what, you should always use the latest version of Bluestacks on your PC. Why?

The thing about most of the software is that they are always getting penetrated by hackers. And the main goal of the hackers to get into the software and inject some malicious code to it for their own good.

And as a user, you obviously would not want to use something that can be hacked. Because you care about your privacy, plus you want to get a seamless experience with Bluestacks.

And to keep your experience as better as possible, Bluestacks keeps releasing security updates to the software. This way, the people behind the emulator keeps the software patched with up to date algorithms. So the other way, the hacker will have to start their process from scratch. And you will not have to face any threats at all.

But if you keep using the older version of the software, this means the hackers can easily get into your bluestacks. And by injecting some malicious code to your bluestacks, they can use it for crypto mining or inject adware to your emulator.

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Why choose Bluestacks?

There are quite a lot of reasons why you must choose Bluestacks. Bluestaks is the leading Android emulator in today’s time. As well as it holds the largest market share in the Android emulators market. As well as the best part of the emulator is that it is compatible with both Windows and Mac OS and it offers you regular updates and bug fixes. So you can have a great experience.

And in case if you are a gamer, then this is the best emulator you can try out. Each and every feature offered by bluestacks is created in a way that it impresses the gamer. As well as the best part of the app is that it allows you to launch multiple apps at once.

However, the bottom line of the story is that your PC should have a minimum configuration to run Bluestacks. Else, you will not be able to get the best experience.

Is BlueStacks Legal?

There are also quite a lot of people who are not sure if Bluestacks legal or not? And it is a legit question that you should ask.

However, the good part is that Bluestacks comes with a completely different environment. And as you already know that Android is a completely open source project and it does not violate with any policies of Google in a way or another.

According to the agreement between Google and Bluestacks, Bluestacks must serve Google Play Store with their application, and they are doing so. And Google will treat bluestacks as any other Android platform. Hence, it is completely legal to use bluestacks.

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Is BlueStacks Safe?

In the end, the question is, Is Bluestacks safe?

Well after all the explanation, all I would says yes this app is 100 percent safe to use. There is no evidence or proof that this software is doing any harm to our PC. Neither it is infected with spyware, adware or it is doing crypto mining.

However, you should also know that Bluestacks is a virtual platform for Android. At one side, it might not be a threat to you. But, if you install third party apps on Bluestacks, there can be a security flaw. Hence, it would be a good idea to install trusted apps only.

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