Is FLVTO Safe From Virus? Reviews and Safety Check 2022


    Is FLVTO Safe From Virus

    Today I’m going to share with you Is FLVTO Safe From Virus? Reviews and Safety Check.

    You might have an idea that FLVTO is a youtube to MP3 converter but there must be a lot of questions in your mind i.e is FLVTO safe and legal? Is safe? and many more.

    The tools for converting videos into MP3 have always been in need.

    In the previous time, some tools were required to be downloaded in a computer then they used to allow you to convert a video into audio format but in today’s world, there are a lot of extensions or low size tools like FLVTO which allows you to download and convert video into mp3 in a single tool.

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    What is FLVTO?

    What is FLVTO

    FLVTO is a tool that allows you to convert video downloaded from YouTube into various formats like MP3, MP4, AVI without any cost. It can be downloaded from its official website and the link provided in this article. 

    This is a software or a web platform developed by a Russian firm known as Hotger in 2013. But it has gained popularity amongst the US users first and then gets applause from all over the world.

    It has millions of downloads due to interesting features but the question always comes to the users’ mind i.e is FLVTO safe and legal or not.

    Before talking about its authenticity, let’s discuss its attention gaining features

    • Available in the form of browser extension, dedicated software for computer and mobile applications, online web platform for downloading videos and converting them into MP3 format.
    • Allow converting a full YouTube playlist into MP3 at a time.
    • Convert high-resolution video like 4k, 1080p, 720p into MP3, MOV, AVI, MP4 etc.
    • Allow sharing the converted MP3 audio with your friends.

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    Is FLVTO Safe?

    Is FLVTO Safe

    Well the tool itself is safe and perfectly designed to download and convert video into MP3 and other majorly used formats. It gets positive ratings from various authentic websites but many users are found complaining that the malware linked to it is sometimes called the FLVTO virus.

    Various malware comes along with its downloading and the ads showing on it redirect you to other third-party websites that may harm your system.

    There are multiple reasons due to which the users always remain in a dubious situation that is safe or not. Some of the reason are listed below:

    • The pop ads running with this software may include FLVTO virus files that can occupy a lot of space on your computer or may force you to download malicious content which can track your data or perform another harmful activity. 
    • Many users have reported that downloading the FLVTO virus has increased the CPU’s power users with a high surge.
    • It has sticky behaviour due to which it does not get removed completely from your system and require some authentic malware removal tools
    • The software is full of bad and negative reviews because it pop-ups many windows that contain potentially unwanted programs. These kinds of software come with the attachment of freeware, shareware that is optional to download but has virus files.

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    Is FLVTO Legal?

    Is FLVTO Legal

    Downloading music videos or converting them into any format is only legal when you use them with their copyright permission. Frankly speaking, downloading any video or audio is not illegal but it depends on what you are using it for.

    The use of that file for any illegal activities brings this tool to the illegal tools list.

    The working of this tool is only converting the YouTube videos into MP3 format which is not illegal but is exploited by the users for illegal activities.

    Apart from the queries of the users ie. is safe, is FLVTO safe and legal, is FLVTO legal, what is the FLVTO virus? This tool has been downloaded for years by millions of users, Just because of its benefits and advantages. Let’s have a look at it.

    Free to use: The best features of this tool are that it is free. It makes video streaming from Youtube easier and faster. This amazing tool supports 1000+ websites and allows you to convert video from Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Instagram and many more.

    Easy to use interface: There are no complex steps of downloading video or converting video into MP3 format. No additional knowledge required, simple and easy to the user interface.

    Browser Versatility: Effortlessly supports Google Chrome, Mozilla, Bing, Safari, Opera and many more.

    Different format: Allow you to convert the video into your desired format including MP3, MP4, MP4HD, and many more.

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    How to Use the FLVTO Youtube Converter?

    How to Use the FLVTO Youtube Converter

    1. Copy the URL: Choose the desired video, copy the link to your clipboard
    2. Paste the link: Now open the FLVTO converter software or web portal, paste the link to the relevant dialogue box
    3. Select format and resolution: The next step will be to ask you about the required resolution and format like MP3, MP4, AVI HD and many more.
    4. Press convert: The final step is to press the convert button. Once you press the button, the selected video will be downloaded and converted in the required format or resolution.

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    What Challenges Will You Face While Using FLVTO?

    What Challenges Will You Face While Using FLVTO

    If you leave the part i.e is FLVTO safe and legal? Many other challenges will come in front of you while using FLVTO. These challenges are the disadvantages of this tool which raises a question of authenticity.

    • One of the major disadvantages of FLVTO is that it always gets started automatically when you turn on your PC. It means, this tool starts functioning without any permission of the user.
    • Its chrome extension comes with several unwanted programs and shows aggressive advertising that redirects you to other third party websites. Those websites may contain a virus or malicious file.
    • It does not get removed completely from the system even if removed or uninstall or deletes all its files.
    • It is very risky to download from any other third party sources because they may contain suspicious applications installed on your personal computer.
    • Multiple PUAs (Potentially unwanted applications) start downloading.

    Important tip: Using its online web portal will be beneficial if you want to avoid unwanted advertisements and popups. I am not saying no ads will come, but you will see comparatively less advertisement.

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    How to Remove Ads Notification?

    How to Remove Ads Notification

    There is uncertainty amongst the users i.e is safe? But yes it is a working tool in terms of converting youtube videos into MP3. It keeps your system at risk but it has no malicious files or content. It developed to provide a wonderful video converting experience in various formats.

    It shows ads in the notifications from various unverified ads networks to generate revenue because it does not charge any premium from its users. However, the good news is that you can pause the notification from your browser settings.

    Go to the web browser setting > Settings > Advanced option > Privacy and security > click on notification setting. Here is a detailed list of all the websites which you have allowed to send you the notifications.

    You can remove and the notification ads will be disabled but temporarily.

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    How to Avoid the Installation of PUAs (Potentially Unwanted Applications)?

    How to Avoid the Installation of PUAs (Potentially Unwanted Applications)

    There are certain ways to keep yourself secure from PUAs. Some brief points are listed below:

    • Make sure you are installing any application from a trusted and authentic source. 
    • Keep your antivirus updated. If your antivirus program has expired, PUAs may try to bypass the current antivirus software but keeping it up to date will help your system to identify and block unwanted programs.
    • Use the modern version browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla and an updated version of Internet explorer. All are equipped with all required feature that can restrict the access of potentially unwanted applications
    • Update your system regularly, using updated windows, applications and web browsers to keep all malicious files far away from your system.

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    Alternatives Of FLVTO:

    Alternatives Of FLVTO

    If you have not got the answer, is FLVTO safe and legal? Yet, then you can look forward to the alternatives tools of FLVTO. The tools are as following:

    1. 4K Video Downloader
    2. By Click Downloader
    3. SnapDownloader
    4. WinX HD Video Converter
    5. Dirpy
    6. Apowersoft Free Video To MP3
    7. Freemake Video Converter
    8. ClipGrab
    9. FlashGot
    10. TubeOffline
    11. YouTube-dl

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    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    1. Why Do We Need a Video to Mp3 Conversion Tool?

    Professionals video editors, internet surfers, online streamers always are in search of a youtube to audio converting tool for various reasons.

    And they want to go with a low budget and some free tools like FLVTO but their mind always remains in dilemma: Is safe? or What will the impact of the FLVTO virus have on their system?

    2. Is Downloading Youtube Videos and Converting Them into an Mp3 Format Illegal?

    Downloading Youtube videos for converting them into MP3 format does not come in illegal activity but using it for a commercial purpose is not legal. Because using copyright content without the permission of the concerned person is illegal according to the law.

    3. How Can I Copy the Url of a Video from YouTube?

    • Open YouTube using any web browser, search and select the desired video that you want to download and convert it into MP3.
    • Click the share option just below the video and its bottom right of the corner.
    • Now click on the Copy link option.
    • Right-click and paste the link in the dialogue box of FLVTO.
    • Select the desired format.
    • Click on the start button and then download.
    • Once it gets downloaded completely you can listen to the audio file.

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    Ending the Article:

    The Internet is full of many online videos to MP3 converters but FLVTO allows you to convert YouTube video directly into your desired format. But this tool comes with a lot of dubious queries like is FLVTO safe and legal? is safe? which weakens the users’ trust in it. 

    But in terms of features, this tool can do wonders for you if you are a professional photographer, video editor in any reputed company or you are working as freelancers.

    I hope your dilemmas and queries will be solved with this detailed and informative article. If you found it suitable, you can share this article in your community.

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