Download JioTV Apk for Android TV (JioTV for Mi TV)

Today I’m going to show you how to download JioTV Apk for Android TV latest version.

Today, technology has changed the world. The same we can see in the television sector, all the medium of watching visual content has been transformed and changed to the next level due to digitalization.

Now you have access to multiple applications for watching video content, either it is daily soap, movies and other stuff on various channels. Reliance Jio has done wonders in this field by launching their JioTV apk for android TV.

To be precise, out of all Jio network and its application is one of the captivating things that is prominent in our country.

Reliance company, owned by the billionaire Mr Mukesh Ambani known for offering the advanced internet and entertainment. His most prominent and successful vision “Jio” has transformed the way of consuming digital content.

Now, Indian people can watch their Favorite TV channels on their Android or IOS device using the Jio TV application. They can also configure Jio TV apk for mi TV and Jio TV apk for smart TV and can watch their favorite channel as per their comfort.

Here in this article, I will discuss all aspects of the Jio TV application. If you are searching for how to configure the JioTV apk for android TV? How to configure the JioTV apk for mi TV? And How to configure the Jio TV apk for smart TV?

You have landed on the right page, just keep reading and get all the answers to your questions.

Download JioTV Apk for Android TV

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What is the JioTV apk?

JioTV apk is a live TV application introduced by Reliance Industries Ltd. It offers users to watch their favorite TV show on their android device whether it is a smartphone or smart TV. It gives access to 650+ TV channels including 100+ HD channels in 15+ languages.

The channels are from different categories such as entertainment, music, sports, News, devotional, educational, kids, lifestyle many more.

The best thing is that the JioTV application can be accessed on all other telecom operators such as BSNL, Idea, Airtel, Vodafone.

The application was released on 4 May 2016 by Jio platforms LTD, which is a subsidiary of the Reliance industry.

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The other important information about the JioTV apk are as follows:

Technical Details of Jio TV apk:

Application NameJio TV
Size13.61 MB
Operating SystemComfortable with All Windows Version
DeveloperJio Platforms Limited
Key FeatureMultiple Applications for Watching Video Content
App UpdatesRegular

Key Features of the JioTV Apk:

If you configure the JioTV apk for android TV then you can access its all features which are consistent with it. It requires a reliable internet connection and if you are already a Jio network user then it will be like ice on the cake.

You can directly sign up for this application. Its awesome features are as follows:

High-resolution video: Now watch your favorite TV channels in HD quality and get an amazing watching experience. You will need a WiFi connection or Jio 4G network sim card to keep watching the channel in your desired resolution.

  • Multi-Language:

You can watch your various TV channels in your own regional language by configuring the JioTV apk for android TV. It supports Hindi, English, Punjabi, Malayalam, Assamese, Bengali, Gujrati, Marathi, Telugu, Kannada, Tamil, Urdu, Odia, Bhojpuri and many more.

In a country like India, this kind of feature is always important because it is one of the key points if you want to scale your business across the country.

With 15+ language support, this application offers access to 650+ channels so that all the users can watch their favorite TV show or movie in their own native language.

Entertainment with no cost: Explore the Television world with all channels for free. If you are a Jio subscriber, you can access different channels from the various categories such as Movies, News, Sports, Music, Lifestyle, Kids and science without paying any penny.

  • 7 days hosting:

Download Jio TV apk for smart TV and never miss your favourite show with 7 days hosting facility. Now you can watch any program or a TV show within 7 days.

  • Pause and Play:

Configure Jio TV apk for MI TV or smart TV, you can pause the live streaming programme without losing any interesting moment. Using this facility, you can watch any programme from any point and postpone it to 30 seconds on your Android TV.

  • Watch any program at your convenience:

You can search for all popular or trending shows in the “features tab”, you can watch the top and trending news of the day on “News Tab”.

It allows setting a reminder for your favorite show by marking it on that particular channel. Apart from this, it allows you to place your favorite shows and offers to watch them at your own convenience.

  • Recording:

JioTV apk for android TV allows you to record your favorite TV show or program such as any live streaming, and live matches so that you can watch them when you are free. Enjoy all your favorite shows with your friends and family members.

This is just a glimpse of features, if you have downloaded the Jio TV apk for smart TV, you can check the JioTV application description section to get the full specifications.

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Why Choose Jiotv Apk for Android TV?

Monitoring the growth of Android user’s or smartphone user’s, entertainment is one of the biggest factors for which the users can pay for or download any application or software. Apart from this, Android devices are commonly found in every household.

When we compare the traditional television, the users are bound to watch the program in a confined zone.

So, Jio TV leverages the users to keep entertaining themselves by watching all the TV channels on their smartphone or android TV or MI TV. Let’s have a look at the reason for choosing the JioTV apk for android TV:

  • Variety of channels on a single platform.
  • Option to watch their program in high resolution because JioTV offers a bunch of HD channels.
  • The users can record their favorite show for the future and can watch it multiple time.
  • It allowed to play and pause option, so the users will never miss any scene or information.
  • They can watch the TV in their resolution of quality.
  • They can bookmark their favorite show, program, movie or News.
  • Option to watch the trending content over the internet.
  • They can set a reminder to watch a particular TV show for a specific time.

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What Is the Need for the Jiotv Apk for Android TV?

Android TV or Smart TV has transformed the scenario of watching television using traditional cable or DTH connection because of the following reason.

  • Android device are at their peak, the new generation like us doesn’t like to watch any show on the traditional TV.
  • No unnecessary payment for unwanted channels like traditional DTH television.
  • JioTV apk is free to download, the users don’t need to pay any subscription fee.
  • Having a Jio sim already is an advantage.
  • Best for the working employees, who used to miss their favorite programme during office hours.

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How to Download and Configure the Jiotv Apk for Android TV? How to Configure Jio TV for Mi TV?, How to Configure Jio TV for Smart TV?

How to configure Jio TV on your TV

There are multiple methods to configure the JioTV apk for android TV. Here, I will discuss 4 methods, which help the users to install and configure it easily.

Since the Jio TV application is an authentic app, it is available on the Google play store. The users do not need to download it from any other third party link.

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The steps of downloading and configuring it are listed below:

Method 1 – Directly Installing with Google Play Store:

Download JioTV apk for android TV (Latest Version 2021)

Open Google play store from the App section on your smart TV

  1. Search with the exact name “Jio TV application” by typing this keyword in the search bar.
  2. Once you found it, click on the download button.
  3. Once you download it, initiate the installation process.
  4. Now open the Jio TV apk file on your Smart TV.
  5. Now you enter your email id and password to register on the JioTV application.
  6. It would be awesome if you have a Jio number if just log in with your number.
  7. Now you are done, by following the above steps, you will be entering the world of JioTV, where you have access to all its features.

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Method 2 – Installing Jio TV Apk for Android TV using Pen Drive:

Installing Jio TV Apk for Android TV using Pen Drive

Another method to install Jio TV on Android TV is sideloading with Pendrive. JioTV apk for android TV can work with any internet provider network, the users do not need Jio internet specifically.

  1. First, download the JioTV apk for android TV from the link provided in this article on your mobile and then copy that file to the pen drive: Download.
  2. If your Jio TV apk is already installed on your TV, remove it from there because it might be an older version.
  3. Now download the file explorer app on your smart TV from Google Play Store and open it: Download.
  4. Now locate the JioTV apk for android TV in the download folder and install that apk file.
  5. Once done with the above process, install the serverless Bluetooth mouse app by following the same process
  6. Now click on the Jio TV apk and launch it.
  7. Log in with your Jio ID and password or with the Jio number.

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Method 3 – Using a Wireless Connection with Send Files to the TV App:

Using a Wireless Connection with Send Files to the TV App

This method can come into action when you don’t have a computer or pen drive. It allows you to send the APK file to the Android TV using your smartphone.

  1. The users need to install the send files to the TV application on both the devices on your Android TV and mobile phone. The latest version of this application is available on the Google play store: Download.
  2. Now established a hotspot connection between both your mobile phone and smart TV.
    Now launch the send files to the TV app on both the device
  3. Locate the JioTV apk file and send it to android TV
  4. Once you have successfully sent the apk file, open file explorer and install the application on your Android TV
  5. Now launch the JioTV apk in your android TV and log in with Jio ID or with a Jio number.
  6. Bingo! Now enjoy all the TV channels on your Android TV using Jio apk

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Requirements of the JioTV apk for android TV?

The users can enjoy the JioTV application by fulfilling the minimum requirements:

  • A high-speed internet connection whether you are using WIFI or your mobile hotspot.
  • It would be better, if you have a Jio sim card, you can easily log in on the JioTV application.
  • Android TV with full essential specification, where an android application can run easily.
  • The latest version of the JioTV application.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Which categories of channels I can access using Jio TV apk for smart TV?

Jio TV application offers more than 650 channels which are diverse and have categories like News, Entertainment, Music, Movies, business, Kids, spiritual and many more.

Apart from this, you will get access to more than 100 HD channels. Downloading the Jio TV application opens a door for unlimited entertainment for you.

2. Are channels on Jio TV available in Hindi only?

No, Jio TV has introduced its platform in more than 15 Indian languages such as Hindi, English, Punjabi, Kannada, Bengali, Telugu, Tamil, Assamese and many others. Due to this facility, people from various zones love to download the Jio TV apk for smart TV

3. How to use Jio TV apk for MI TV?

It is quite simple. Just download the application in your MI TV from the Google play store and register on it using your email or number. Once you are finished with all this, Bingo! You can access all the channels of the Jio TV apk for MI TV

4. How to filter out the channel of my location language?

When you log in to the Jio TV application, you will see two tabs. One for selecting categories other for choosing languages.

For example, if you want to filter only “Telugu” channels, just go to the drop-down menu in the second option and simply select Telugu.

Now if you want to filter out the category let’s say, you want to see News channels. Just go to the category section and choose the “News”, you will be shown only the News channel in Telugu languages.

5. Is using an email Id and password mandatory while using the JioTV app?

Yes, all applications need to verify the users. So it is an authenticating process every user has to undergo this process. But don’t worry, there is no harm in sharing these details with Jio TV, as it is an authenticated application.

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Ending the Article:

This is all I wanted to share about JioTV applications. Hope you have got how to configure the JioTV apk for android TV or JioTV apk for smart TV.

Using JioTV apk for android TV, you can stream all the channels in HD quality which you used to expect with a DTH connection. Here unlike traditional cable or DTH subscription, you don’t need to pay anything.

The JioTV application is completely free for all users. Using Jio TV enables you to experience watching all the latest and exclusive live sports matches.

Download the JioTV apk for android TV and never miss your favorite TV, movies on any channel.

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