Mac Vs PC for Video Editing: Which Is Best for You?


Mac vs PC for Video Editing Which is best for you

Today I’m going to share with you Mac Vs Pc for Video Editing: Which Is Best for You?

A lot of fuss around the digital world when it comes to the debate between MAC vs PC for video editing. The two aspects have been the main issue of the silent war “Time” and “Money”. 

Video editing is one of the most trending as well as an interesting job which is done by computer or a workstation. There is no surprise that people especially professional video editors and videographers searching for a well-optimized machine that fits in their video editing environment.

Choosing the correct and well-configured system for editing can save a lot of time and keep you far away from a lot of anxiety situation in the long run. It is obvious that it would directly impact your earning as well.

Which is the best one, PC or MAC for video editing. It’s been a debatable issue that never ends and there is a fierce and strong point in the favour of both the system.

In this article, we will see all the advantages and disadvantages of both the system. It will definitely help you in deciding if you are planning to purchase an ideal machine for video editing.

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A Cold War Between Mac Vs PC for Video Editing:

A Cold War Between Mac Vs PC for Video Editing

This argument “MAC vs PC for video editing” has been a hot topic for a long time. This popular search has got many opinions, Some say Apple is better, some professionals say PC is better.

This has been observed that there is a lot video editor who believes that Apple products are good for creative requirements. On the other hand when we focus on productivity, professional suggests PC instead.

If we look backward in the past, this debate had started in the 1980s when IBM wanted to compete with Apple for home computing systems.

IBM had claimed that Apple products were expensive and designed for an elite audience. The company had a partnership with Microsoft intending to provide a budget-friendly approach and an alternative for home computing.

This debate continued through the 90s and 2000s and still going on. Now, this is the age of digital tools and products where video editing is in huge demand.

Having synchronized with this demand both the companies have updated their technology and have upgraded features offering touchscreen graphics, video editing tools, content productivity applications that let you work quickly and efficiently.

Let’s dive deep into details based on features, software and hardware. This will help to decide the better one – MAC vs PC for video editing.

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What Are the Factors to Be Considered from the Debate PC or Mac for Video Editing?

What Are the Factors to Be Considered from the Debate PC or Mac for Video Editing

For entry-level video editing work, you can perform the task with any of the systems either working with PC or MAC when we talk about MAC vs PC for video editing comparison.

Further in this article, we will see the comparison based on the following:

  • Hardware
  • Software 
  • Features

When you get your MAC set up, you can download iMovie, transfer the files and get your work done in a couple of minutes for most of your clients.

If you have a PC you will need to set up a window, search for the program you want to use, and install.

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What Are the Perks If a Video Editor Goes with Mac?

What Are the Perks If a Video Editor Goes with Mac

No doubt, it is super classy and luxurious. This section of the article i.e. MAC vs PC for video editing will help you to understand the MAC features and the reason for choosing it over PC and vice versa.

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  • Great Performance for Large File Transfer:

Well, this point will not be understood by some video editors but has a great value for the other section of video editors who need a trustworthy machine to transfer large size files.

Because, in the present scenario where videos are being created of 4k quality, which makes the file size larger than normal high-resolution videos.

Apple ports are considered appropriate for moving 4k resolution files in a couple of minutes. If you are utilizing MAC, indirectly you are assuring yourself with high-speed file transferability.

Apart from it, MAC is also equipped with Thunderbolt 2 fridge cables which is an impressive tool for huge file transfer. It joined with USB-Type C port and worked far away superior. The port ensures the transfer of the information at the rate of 40Gbps, which is really quick and faster.

So if we consider a large scale file transfer, the MAC system holds the edge in the debate of MAC vs PC for video editing.

  • Creative Artist Choice:

If you ask any expert from the field of graphics designing and video editing which is the best operating system, most of the answers you get will be about MAC.

If we consider the experience in the debate MAC vs PC for video editing and it is coming from the one who is working in this field then there would be something that places MAC as the best choice for video editing.

The design and structure of MAC products itself attract most video editors. It has a fine and sleek design that grabs the attention of all professionals and its quality at the usability levels make innovative creations towards it.

  • Unmatchable Fonts and Colours:

The three department colours, graphics and typography have always been on the top. No PC and No computer can beat MAC under all these three categories. And graphics and video editing are a field where fonts, colours and graphics play a vital role.

Due to these features, many of the graphic designers and video editors prefer to invest in MAC over PC if they have analysed this debate mac vs pc for video editing.

The Apple company has invested a lot in their products and it’s not about the investment it’s about the quality which most of the video editors like to have in their system. Due to these three factors, MAC can overcome PCs without any doubt.

  • Smooth and User-Friendly Operation:

Apple guarantees smooth functionalities between the various applications and software. Since its earliest days, providing a smooth user interface and easy operation was on priority.

Having one of the simplest and easiest video editing software to utilize, a few editors use it and value its functionalities. And being simple and user friendly, it has got a point over PC and it makes it a great deal to trust.

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What Are the Perks If a Video Editor Goes with a PC?

What Are the Perks If a Video Editor Goes with a PC

I have seen a pattern that instead of Apple having the edge in the market, most professionals prefer that to choose PC due to various reasons. Let’s continue the debate MAC vs PC for video editing.

  • Affordable and Cost-Effective:

The first and most important point that comes in the favour of PCs is their cost and input capital. Because there are some points where you want to invest but simultaneously don’t want to invest too much.

Even if video editing is your profession but you never want to put baggage of liabilities on your shoulders. Yes investing a huge amount in a machine may become your liabilities rather than an asset.

Let’s see in figures for better understanding. A high-end PC will require you to upgrade its features with a cost of let’s say Rs 1000 but when you will go to upgrade the same part or features in MAC will require Rs1500. So we can say that PC do offer quality features for video editing that come in MAC after spending 1.5% more money.

  • Compatibility with the Tools and Applications:

At this point in this debate MAC vs PC for video editing, many Apple patent lovers might not agree but the users can ponder on this point as well.

There is numerous good software that is not available for MAC operating system due to their inbuilt core software. Whereas PC is open to all these tools and applications like the pinnacle, Video Studio which is not available for MAC because its core softwares do not allow these tools to be installed.

It might be possible that working on the same tools and software make your work boring and saturated because of limited style and opportunities. For this modulation or upgrading your system to keep you ahead of the competition, PCs have an edge over MAC. 

Though Apple patent lovers will not agree with this point. But without any doubt PCs are more compatible than MAC, because one might not be stuck with the same feature all the time.

This point may take this debate PC or MAC for video editing to another level.

  • Ports Connectivity:

PCs come with more connectivity because of having ports while MAC has limited or even have no port because of Apple policy of reducing ports. Although this is a minor point but has an immense amount of hidden meaning.

When a professional video editor starts working on a machine for a long time, he/she need ports and they find difficulties with MAC because apple is on the mission of reducing all ports.

Apple should keep this in mind to add some ports in their MacBook by adding some space because the user ultimately requires it and don’t want to pay additional charges.

This is pretty much sure that PCs at this point have more chance to win the race of MAC vs PC for video editing but it’s all up to your need and budget.

  • Great Availability of Updates

Updating game can be commonly seen on mobile phones. We all know Android mobile phone get more updates in comparison to iPhone. A similar situation happens in computers. 

The window PC receives more updates than MAC, though it is not completely cut off from the company the process of releasing updates is infrequent compared to PC.

Apple generally releases their updates mostly due to security purpose. So if you are in the favour of regular updates PC is the best choice for you over MAC.

  • Large Usability in the Video Production Team:

PCs are used by the majority of video editors in any company. After reading this you would stop reading this article because from here you are close to making your decision of purchasing MAC vs PC for video editing.

There are various factors like the organization in which you are working, the quality of the videos which are in demand. 

If you are using MAC, then you have to face a lot of restrictions in your company where the majority of PC users working with you. 

The extraordinary result at the end makes you different from the crowd, but as a video editor if you restrict your capabilities just of a bad choice of machine will impact your career and credibility.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Mac Vs PC for Video Editing – Which One Is the Best?

You should opt for PC if:

  • You want a budget-friendly system
  • Easily customizable machine
  • You have a requirement of more than one systems
  • You want to try different software
  • Connective hardware and memory devices are in use

A Mac System Is Good for You If:

  • You only want to use Adobe software and final cut pro only
  • Have other apple devices to connect with it
  • High-level graphic
  • User friendly
  • You love to carry stylish yet sleek machine for your work

2. Are Shortcuts for the Window Is Similar for Mac?

You will feel a huge difference if you are using MAC for the first time. PC has “window” “ALT” on the other hand MAC has “Command” and “Option” Keys. Similarly, there is a huge difference between MAC or PC.

A little bit of practice will make you perfect in this application.

3. Is There Any Service Centre or Customer Care of Apple?

MAC has a good customer care service in comparison to the PC. Because there are a lot of companies that manufacture PC but Apple is the only one that makes Mac and iPhones.

Though services center for both the machines is good and available at many well-known places.

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Ending the Article:

I want to make clear that this article is not about which one is better. It is based on a clear unbiased review of the silent war running for years i.e MAC vs PC for video editing.

In my opinion, both PC and MAC are different and work the best in the respective demand and requirements. For someone, PCs are better or there a section of video editor who prefers to work on MAC irrespective of high cost.

If you still have a question that what should buy, PC or MAC for video editing. My suggestion is, if your budget permit goes for MAC and if not PC would be a great deal. The quality of work is the priority that comes out from both the machine.

If you are satisfied with the provided information, do share it with your friends and the needy one who is planning to purchase a computer for video editing.

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