How To Make Money With Reddit: Easy Methods 2024

Reddit is a social website just like Facebook, where people can do the content rating, sharing pictures, discussion on threads, etc. Unlike Facebook, Reddit has a different motive and user base.

It is not only useful for people who love to share their life on social media, but also for people who share knowledgeable content and who want to earn some extra money with the help of social media.

It is an American based company; in India, Reddit does not have many users as compared to Facebook. Just like Facebook, only registered members can post threads and images on Reddit, which is upvoted (like) or downvoted (dislike) by the other members.

If used properly then Reddit is a good source to earn some extra money, many people might not know how to earn money with Reddit, for such people I have compiled this guide where I will be explaining you some method with which you can make money with Reddit 2020.

make money with reddit

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How to Create a Reddit Account?

Creating a Reddit account is not a laborious process, although it is a very easy process some people may find it quite difficult. I will be guiding you step by step to create a Reddit account.

Follow all the steps carefully and you’ll end up with a Reddit account.



Step 1: Open Reddit official website or download Reddit official application on your IOS or Android device.

Step 2: Click on the Signup button

Step 3: Enter your email id

Step 4: Enter your desired username and the password and you are done making a Reddit account

Note – Verify your email address from the link received via mail, so that you don’t have any problem in the future.

Why Choose Reddit to Make Money?

Many people may wonder why they should choose Reddit to make money when they have Facebook, which is a much better social sharing platform with a huge amount of audiences from all over the globe.

make money using reddit

Primarily Facebook is a social sharing platform for people who love to share their life on social media, spend time online watching videos and chatting with their friends.

It connects people from different parts of the world and helps them become friends.

Whereas Reddit has quite a different goal from Facebook, Reddit allows people to share genuine content and prevent its members from spamming of fake content, people on Reddit post knowledgeable threads related to science, books, news, fitness, etc.

Reddit has small (compared to Facebook) but genuine members, which makes Reddit more productive hence better options for people to make money.

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How to Make Money with Reddit?

By now you must be knowing that you can make good money with Reddit but how it is done?

And what are the methods?

I will be talking about some of the most effective methods of making money with Reddit but before we start, I want to tell you that making money with Reddit is not an overnight success to see good results you have to be patient and work smart.

Freelancing Subreddits:

• /r/slavelabour – SlaveLabour is a group for those who actively try to find employment, regardless of the amount they are paying. The jobs posted in this subreddit are usually low-paid. But compared with other freelancing jobs, they are easy to do and don’t require highly specialized skills.

Reddit Slavelabour
  • Even if you do not make huge bucks from these jobs, you can always rely on them to help you maintain your salary. Most of the tasks posted are simple and can be finished in a very short period. This subreddit has high potential.

• /r/WorkOnline – WorkOnline is an excellent subreddit that allows members to share and discuss opportunities for making money online.

Reddit WorkOnline
  • WorkOnline shares all kinds of work opportunities including freelance portals, freelance writing jobs, affiliate marketing, and online services.

• /r/Beermoney – Beermoney has more than 300000 subscriber numbers and is one of the most famous subreddits. The potential holds for moneymakers have recently grown very popular. This group gives you many truly incredible money-earning opportunities.

Reddit BeerMoney
  • In most cases, online surveys, product reviews, fast project completion, etc. will be involved. You can ask questions concerning a website for which you are interested in. Most users reported that they have received more than $500 a month.

• /r/forHire – ForHire is a useful Reddit network, which lets you notify other members of your expertise and get recruited. There is a better chance of getting a job if you are good at things related to technology. This group is not just for people who are looking for work.

Reddit ForHire
  • You can also recruit skilled people from this position if you need work done for you. But you’re probably looking for work opportunities if you are here. Attempt to get yourself hired with the community.

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Personal And Business Promotion:

• Self Promotion – There are various adult subreddits which huge amount of subscribers, you have to post your content to those subreddits with an account which has great karma to get your post upvoted fast, make sure you have some comments on your post to make it look genuine.

• Website Promotion – Promote your website on different subreddits on Reddit from where you can get a good amount of traffic which will ultimately result in money in the form of AdSense, affiliate marketing or selling of product/service

Pros and Cons of Reddit:

Reddit is a very good platform with genuine content and users, there are certain Pros and cons of Reddit that are mentioned below –


  • Reddit has quality members which prevent spamming of fake content
  • Users like students, job workers, housewives can work on Reddit to make a good amount of money.


  • Earning on Reddit is a very time taking process due to which many people may get frustrated.
  • The user base of Reddit is not as big as compared to other social platforms, which limits user outreach.

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Ending the Article:

Reddit is the best social platform for people who want to gain knowledge, those who are searching for the answer to their question and for those who want to make some money online.

There are several ways to earn with the help of Reddit over the internet but in this article, I have mentioned some of the most effective and genuine methods of making money with Reddit. I hope this will be helpful for but you have any queries related to Reddit feel free to ask me down in the comment section.

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