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Microsoft Doesn’t Think Windows Is Important Anymore

Microsoft needed a major day for Surface, introducing new device to your holiday season and hammering dual-screen devices such as the Surface Duo and Surface Neo which are coming next year.

Nevertheless, it had been Nadella’s meeting with Wired that actually stood out.

“What’s important for us is that the program model and the encounter,” shown Nadella, further diluting that Windows has shrunk down the significance listing at Microsoft.

“How people will develop programs for Duo and Neo is going to have a whole lot more related to each other than just writing a Windows program or an Android program, as it is likely to be on the Microsoft Graph.”

He is correct, of course, and it is something which Microsoft has been indicating because Nadella took over as CEO over five decades back.

Nadella reshuffled Microsoft’s Windows branch this past year, resulting in the passing of former Windows chief Terry Myerson along with the core development of Windows being transferred into some cloud and AI team. I composed “Microsoft is now prepared for a game beyond Windows,” a year ago, and a number of the things are even more applicable today.

Windows remains a substantial portion of Microsoft’s business, but it is not the future of it. Nadella is indicating by focusing on the Microsoft Graph, a group of APIs that links devices to Microsoft’s cloud solutions and functions as a significant gateway to Windows, Office 365, and Azure.

Microsoft was unclear about the specifics of its partnership with Google through its Surface occasion, but the company did announce a brand new Surface Duo mobile running Android.

Microsoft has become an Android mobile manufacturer, and also the business’s chief product officer, Panos Panay, was pleased to show why throughout an episode of The Vergecast this past week. “Since there [are] countless thousands of programs, and you would like them,” clarified Panay. “It is fairly easy. Like, literally, you will need the apps”

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