Download MPL for PC: Step by Step Installation Guide


Download MPL App for PC

Today I’m going to show you how to download MPL for PC absolutely free.

Do You guys spend most of the time in controlling the keys of various games across online. Well, every time switching to a new one may irritate you, right. There are gaming apps in different platforms, but are only designed to perform unique operations.

However, some apps are assembled with multiple games to provide users a great experience. One of the best platforms among those is MPL.

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What is an MPL App?

Mobile Premier League – Is a source of entertainment that is loaded with a plethora of skill based online games like chess, carrom, poker, rummy, fruit chop, ludo and 60+ more games. MPL offers a range of prizes in the form of real cash.

Just beat the ranks of the game you selected and make it to the top of the leaderboards. That’s it, collect money and withdraw. Also, get bonuses for every referral you make. Connect with your friends and take challenges daily in MPL for PC.

Let’s get into the topic on how to download MPL for PC. Actually, this home of fun has been removed from the Play Store because of some technical issues specific to Google’s developer policies. Don’t worry, here we show you the way to download MPL for PC using an apk file.

To do it, follow the methods described below about MPL app download for PC using emulators.

Details of the MPL for PC Apk Version:

App NameMPL for PC
Size62 MB
DeveloperSai Srinivas Kiran Garimella
Operating SystemWindows 7 and Above or Mac
Required PermissionsStorage, Network, Location, Telephone, Contacts and others

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Method 1 – How to Download MPL App for PC using BlueStacks:

MPL App for PC using Bluestacks

It is an emulator used to operate mobile apps or games on PCs. BlueStacks is very lightweight and consumes 40 percent less RAM. It is faster and provides a smoother experience while running apps or games.

Below are the steps described about MPL download for PC using BlueStacks.

  1. First, take a ride to the official site of BlueStacks from here: Download.
  2. After that, click on the download button to get the latest version.
  3. An installer file with format .exe will save to your C drive by default.
  4. Once it is finished, select the file and press enter to run the setup.
  5. Confirm the parameters of directory path or use customize installation option to change the location.
  6. Accept software license and hit install now. Wait for a few seconds until it completes.
  7. A setup wizard asks you login into Google account for enabling Play services.
  8. Provide your credentials and head to the main screen of BlueStacks.
  9. Now, use the link to download an apk version of MPL Pro for PC.
  10. When done, open the downloads folder and select the file.
  11. Drag and drop it into the BlueStacks to begin the installation.
  12. After successful installation, go to My Games tab. The MPL app will appear there, double click on the icon to launch it from BlueStacks.

There you go, finish the setup process and step into the world of games. Compete with other players, defeat them and raise your rank on the leaderboard to win exciting prizes or real cash.

Take a look at another method detailed below about MPL for PC download using an ultimate performer called Nox Player.

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Method 2 – How to Download MPL for Windows using Nox Player:

MPL App for PC using Nox Player

Like BlueStacks, Nox is also an emulator that is specially designed to bear the loads of high end apps or games even at higher frame rates smoothly and hassle free. With Nox, one can experience ultimate gameplay in PCs seamlessly.

Checkout the procedure explained below about MPL for PC download using Nox Player.

  1. Redirect to the official site of Nox Player called bignox by using the link: Download.
  2. Proceed with the download button on the home screen to get the latest version.
  3. Once the process is finished, dive to the file location. Select it and hit enter to begin the installation process.
  4. Accept Nox agreement and click on install button. It will take a few seconds to complete the process.
  5. When done, provide your account details for enabling Google Play services.
  6. First start may take time to set up everything in the background. 
  7. Now, download an apk version of MPL Pro for PC from a trusted site.
  8. Once the file is saved, drag and drop it into the Nox home screen.
  9. The installation of the MPL app will begin automatically. Wait a few seconds.
  10. Finally, you’ll see the app icon on the Nox main screen. Select it and hit enter to launch from Nox Player.

That’s it, a source of gameplay is ready to rock on your device. Don’t get confused with the games loaded in MPL, have a trial with any one of them to understand the beauty of application. Join hands with partners and show up your skills to them in every game. 

From all the above lines, you guys have got some knowledge about MPL and the methods of MPL download for PC using best emulators. Continue the rest of the topic to know the built-in features and other technical details of the MPL app.

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Features of MPL for PC:

This money earning gaming platform which is packed with dozens of exciting games has a variety of known features and are listed below. Check these out before downloading the MPL for laptop.

  • Feature rich dashboard provides live, upcoming and completed games
  • You can create a context or participate in the prevailing contexts
  • Gather your own team by choosing the players you like
  • Also preview the team before the context begins
  • Assign the roles of team based on the capabilities they are good in
  • Earn real cash while playing the games
  • Receive extra bonus by referring your friends to MPL PC
  • Transfer the money you earned directly to bank account, Paytm or Amazon pay etc
  • Get joining bonus of 10 rupees for free
  • Explore a wide range of skill based games in this holistic platform
  • Even you’re an inexperienced gamer, participate in tournaments everyday and win cash prizes
  • Connect with your friends or opponents directly through voice chat or messaging

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Requirements of Emulators to Run MPL on your PC:

To operate either MPL or other mobile apps or games on PCs,  your system should possess these recommended specifications to run any of the mobile apps smoothly. 

  • The OS in your system should be Windows 7 and above
  • If you’re a Mac user upgrade to iOS 10 and above
  • Intel or AMD Soc assembled in your device should have a clock speed of at least 2.4 GHz.
  • Graphics Card should receive a benchmark score of >=750.
  • A RAM of 4 GB and a disk storage of 5 GB is necessary
  • Enable visualization before installing the emulator.

If all the above requirements are fulfilled by your PC, use MPL app for PC without limits. Also experience and run any of the Android or iOS high end games lag free with smart controls.

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Alternatives to MPL for PC:

Alternatives to MPL for PC


1. Roz Dhan – Similar to MPL, it is also the best entertaining app that provides real cash. Play popular games, read news and complete simple tasks like installing apps, finishing surveys, visiting popular sites to earn money.

It is a one-step solution that is built-in with many features. Get 50 rupees instant cash for installing the app. Also earn extra money by inviting your friends to Roz Dhan.

The app also donates cash when you walk daily i.e turn on the step counter and burn your calories. The interface of the app is quite simple and clean. Why are you waiting for, download Roz Dhan and get daily income easily.

With over 10M+ installations and 4.1 exceptional ratings it has got a good response from the users.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can I play cricket in MPL?

Yes, you can play cricket and other exciting games for free. The app also provides money for playing games.

2. How to download and install BlueStacks?

Visit the official site by clicking on the link provided above and hit the download button in the homepage of BlueStacks. When done, select the file and press enter to begin the installation.

3. How to change view mode in Nox Player?

Head to the Nox toolbar and select portrait or landscape option to view in full screen.

4. Is it possible to transfer wallet cash to a bank account?

Yes, you can simply transfer the wallet cash to Paytm, bank account or Amazon pay. The processing will take upto 1 or 2 business days.

5. Why is the MPL app removed from the Play Store?

Because of some technical issues specific to Google’s developer policies the app is removed from the Play Store.

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Ending the Article:

Gaming has always been the driving force of the app economy. But platforms like MPL are developed to reward users with exciting offers when they complete the built-in tasks daily.

Show your gaming skills and let your name display on the MPL PC leaderboard.

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