NordVPN Review: The Ultimate VPN for an Android User


The ever advancing technology is making the life simpler. With a lot of innovations taking place, the internet is becoming a much reliable source to satisfy your daily needs. Now, everything could be done by the use of internet. Though a lot of advancements are taking place, the rate of cyber crimes is still not under control. As the number of people using the internet is increasing each day, there is a dire need to teach people to follow safe internet practices.

Not only a newbie, even the old internet user can fall in trap and be the victim of cyber crime. It is important to find safe means to access the internet. If you are worried about your security on the internet then a VPN can turn out to be a handy solution. But, before we move on to find the best VPN for the internet user it is important to learn what exactly a VPN is.

VPN (Virtual Private Network) – A Brief Know-how

A Virtual Private Network, popularly known as a VPN is a group of servers connected to each other over a virtual space allowing the users to browse through the internet privately. Basically, a VPN hides the original IP of the user making it impossible for the hackers to track the activity of the user. Even the user’s ISP is unable to track what exactly a user is doing on the internet.

A VPN allows you to access the content that is blocked in your country/region without getting identified by the monitoring authorities. You can even make the web payments securely and save your private data from getting leaked on the web.

But, the challenges faced by the users are not over yet. One of the biggest challenges faced by them is which service to trust. A number of VPN providers are emerging every year claiming to provide the most reliable solution. In this scenario, who to trust is the biggest challenge. If you believe me then go with NordVPN.

It is one of the most trusted VPN providers that have emerged as a reliable solution for all your browsing needs. The affordable plans and high speed servers have won the hearts of users worldwide. Go for NordVPN download and enjoy the services of best VPN provider across the world.

What Makes User to Choose NordVPN?

There are a number of reasons that compel the user to choose NordVPN, but I have highlighted the most relevant reasons to go with this VPN provider.

  • Uncompromised Privacy: NordVPN ensures that all your internet traffic is routed through encrypted tunnels. Not only this, it makes use of military grade encryption which is even impossible to be cracked by a supercomputer. You need not worry about your internet privacy when you are connected to the NordVPN’s servers.
  • Safe WiFi Access: Now, connect to the public WiFi networks without any fear. NordVPN will safeguard your connection against any phishing or hacking attempt. You can buy products online, make online transactions, open online accounts, carry out the data transfer, or perform the online activities without any risk. The powerful encryption of NordVPN totally shields your connection.
  • Unrestricted Internet: A user can bypass the censorship imposed on certain websites and media on the internet and access that stuff without getting caught. You might have come across certain content on the web that is area restricted. Such content can be accessed by a user while using NordVPN. Enjoy complete internet freedom after choosing NordVPN.

NordVPN Setup for Android Devices –

A number of users around the world are using Android smartphones/tablets and many of them access the internet through these devices. NordVPN is readily available for Android devices apart from being available for iOS, Mac and Windows devices as well. Every Android user can follow this guide and access NordVPN on their devices.

  • Search the NordVPN app on Google PlayStore on your Android Smartphone/tablet or you can even download from its official site.
  • After you find the NordVPN app, install it on your device. The installation might take some time to finish. Keep patience.

nordvpn reivew

  • If you haven’t created the account yet then click on “Create Account” option.

nordvpn reivew

  • Now, click on the ‘Turn CyberSec On” option and then click on the “Quick Connect” option. This will connect you to a random country server.

nordvpn reivew

  • You are allowed to make unlimited switched between the servers and connect to any server of your choice (I will connect to server located in France here).nordvpn reivew
  • The country France has many servers hosted there. You can select the server of your choice after looking at the load and distance from your current location.

nordvpn reivew

  • Let the connection to get established.

nordvpn reivew

  • A user can check the connection time by clicking on “Connected to France #8” or any server. You will also be shown the IP address.

nordvpn reivew

  • Add your server to “My Favorites” list.

nordvpn reivew

  • Click on the “Add France #8” option to add the current server to this list.

nordvpn reivew

  • You can make the server switches between the sessions as well.

nordvpn reivew

  • Browse through the internet freely after getting connected to the server of your choice. You can browse across the internet without getting caught by your ISP or any other spy who is trying to enter in your connection.

NordVPN Pricing –nordvpn reivew

NordVPN offers affordable plans to each user. The minimal plan starts from $5.75/month when you pay the amount annually. The other plans are as follows:

Ending the Article –

NordVPN has emerged as one of the most powerful VPN provider across the globe. This Panama based company has won the hearts of millions of customers around the globe. It has even won the PCMag’s Editor Choice Award for 2 successive years.

It boasts about it powerful features and affordable pricing. If you are using it for the first time, you will definitely not switch to any other VPN provider.

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