Top 10 PC Games Under 100 MB 2024 (Addictive List)

This is my complete list on PC games under 100 MB.

During lockdown in 2020, when no office or educational institutions were opened. People had a lot of time to spend on various things. This was the period when people had developed their interest in playing computer games.

But it is really difficult to find and download the heavy game files which require a high configuration computer. To rectify this issue we have brought this article where we are showing the collected list of the best pc games under 100 MB, which can be easily run on the computer having low configuration.

So that more people can play interesting games without any problem.

This article is all about the top 10 pc games under 100 MB that can be downloaded and can be played from all around the world. These super awesome games do not require high-end configuration and can be played smoothly with low configuration pc.

Sounds interesting right? Let’s dive deep into the ocean.

I will also cover the minimum requirement and features of the particular game which you will have to have in your system to run these top 10 pc games under 100 MB smoothly.

PC games under 100 MB (1)

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pc games under 100 mb

This is the game for those people who are tired of car racing games. Now take your thrilling experience to the next level with this bike racing game.

The mechanics and user interface of this game is simple and user friendly. You just need to keep your motorcycle straight on the path and control it by turning left and right to avoid collision with other vehicles.

ROAD RASH System Requirements:

Size27.1 MB
OSWin XP, 7,8,10
ProcessorIntel Pentium III and above
GraphicsAMD Rage 128 Ultra 16MB
System Memory512 MB RAM
Storage100 MB Hard drive space
DirectX 8 Compatible Graphics Card


  • Need to maintain high speed otherwise cops will chase you. This keeps the gaming experience thrilling all the time.
  • Real-time bike riding experience with amazing background sound and fresh and updated bike models.
  • The game reflects all action of going up, down a hill and turning while climbing, which give great crash animation.
  • Active traffic, trees, poles, road signals, which make this game more immersive and realistic.
  • Allow fighting with other riders with hand weapons. Riders are allowed to use hand, feet and they could also grab the other rider’s weapons
  • Stamina shows your health in the game.
  • Option to choose from various characters having different bike riding and fighting capabilities.

2. Little Lives:

best pc games under 100 mb

It is one of the perfect life simulation games and falls under the category of 100 MB pc games, where you need to drive around a city for managing your work and time with friends.

As you go ahead to the next level you grow in your career and acquire times to make you happy. You can buy homes, sports cars and maintain a relationship with the people of Littleton.

Little Lives Requirements:

Size71 MB
OSWindows 7 SP1/8/10
RAMx86 compatible 2.66 GHz or better
Hard Disk4 GB
Graphics Card200 MB available space
DirectXNVIDIA GeForce® GTX 650Ti, ATI Radeon™ HD 7850


  • Experience day-to-day life activities like renting a cheap apartment from your savings and owning a luxury downtown
  • Eat good and sleep well to maintain your health in the game
  • Build your career by applying for a job and become financially successful
  • Join educational institutions for further study and enhance your stats
  • Decorate your home, purchase items and many more
  • Make friends in the town and nurture relationships

3. Beach Buggy Racing – 2:

100 mb pc games

If you are searching for the best pc games below 100 MB, this car racing game with exciting modes and mind amusing racetracks gives you a thrilling experience while playing.

The game provides you with a great experience of HD graphics, customizing cars options, creating powerup, and much more, making it the best pc games under 100 MB. Its highly compressed size brings it ahead of the car racing games which can run on the low configuration system.

Beach Buggy Racing System Requirements:

Size100 MB
OSWindows 10 (64-bit)
Processor1 GHz or faster processor
Graphics1 GB VRAM
DirectXVersion 10
Storage500 MB available space


  • Exciting Kart-racing Action
  • Over 25 Amazing Powerups
  • Cool Cars To Customize
  • 12 Spectacular Race Tracks
  • Collect A Team Of Racers
  • Split-Screen Multiplayer
  • Challenge Your Friends Online
  • Adventure Mode
  • Jump In And Play
  • Game Crafting
  • Thrill-ride Race Tracks
  • Pack Your Garage
  • Build Your Team
  • Powerups Galore
  • Fun For All

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4. OpenTTD:

best pc games under 100 mb

OpenTTD is one of the best pc games below 100 MB for the game lover who loves to play business-oriented games.

Here multiple players approximately 255 can play this game at the same time. This is a business simulation game that allows the players to get game currency for dropping the passengers using various modes of transport.

OpenTTD System Requirements:

File size10MB
OSWindows 95/98 and above
Processor1 GHz or faster processor
Memory256MB RAM
Graphics1 GB VRAM
DirectXVersion 10
Storage500 MB available space


  • Multiplayer features enable you to play with other people all around the world
  • Access to the large areas of the map that another player building in
  • Compete with opponents vehicles
  • Take revenge by buying land tools or industry stealing
  • Experience the feeling of becoming a transport tycoon in the virtual world

5. Mortal Kombat 4:

best pc games below 100 mb

The list of top 10 pc games under 100 MB can not be completed without Mortal Kombat 4.

Its full version gives you interesting graphics, real-world weapons and characters which make this game unique and attractive to many action game lovers.

The storyline is based upon a good vs a bad team of troops, where corrupt troops attack your troops.

Mortal Combat 4 System Requirements:

File size15MB
SystemWindows 7, 8, 10
Processor1.8 GHz
Memory512MB RAM
Graphics3D graphics card compatible with DirectX 7
Storage2 GB


  • Characters can pull our true lethal weapon that can be dropped or picked up by you when your opponent is trying to attack you.
  • The background items can be used to attack your opponents, which gives it a real life like combat experience.
  • Packed with various hidden characters and features, which makes it more interesting
  • Experience the completely different meaning of 3 dimensions
  • Characters in the game can move in 3D, which makes this virtual game like you are fighting in real life.

6. Ritual: Sorcerer Angel:

top 10 pc games under 100 mb

If you always like to play those kinds of games that provide only single-player mode, this pc games under 100 MB is for you.

In this computer game, players have to collect sorcerer characters having various combinations of spell and skills.

This game becomes eye-catchy because you are a sorcerer angel in this game and your opponents will try to fail in your aim. You have to hunt them kill their boss and save the world from their cruelty.

Ritual: Sorcerer Angel System Requirements:

File size50MB
OSWindows 7
Processor2 GHz
Memory2 GB RAM
DirectXVersion 9.0
Storage200 MB


  • Allow using magic and dagger to kill the monsters
  • Discover new magic skills and spells in the game
  • Slay thousands of the monsters, shadows, who will stop you in achieving your goal
  • Repeatable level and millions of possible situation for endless replayability
  • You can play it on the phone, computers, tablet or computers

7. Make War:

pc games under 100 mb

If you like adventurous battle games where you need to use tactics to solve your situation, this game is for you.

Make war comes in the category of best pc games below 100 MB and it has become the topmost choice of the game lover who likes different challenges to complete the level to enter another level.

This game contains a variety of tasks apart from the main task that attracts the game lovers the most.

Make War System Requirements:

File size58 MB
OSRequires a 64-bit processor and Windows 7 / 8 / 10
Processor2 GHz
Memory2 GB RAM
GraphicsGeForce 600 Series
Storage200 MB


  • Single-player game
  • Brutal battles
  • Ruthless weapons created by aliens
  • Reliable historical background for every battle
  • Great Voxel Art
  • Super realistic physical character model
  • Sandbox mode

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8. Star Racing:

best pc games under 100 mb

If you love games like star wars movies, love space thrills and thunder, this falls in the category of 100 MB pc games.

In Star Racing you will have to compete against the other spaceships which are from other planets and this game offers you to be a part of an incredible cosmic race.

Make War System Requirements:

File size17 MB
OSWindows 98/XP/Vista/7/8/10
ProcessorIntel Core i3
Memory1 GB RAM
GraphicsGeFroce 600 Series
Storage200 MB


  • Multiple challenging tracks
  • More than 3 different modes
  • A realistic vision of futuristic cars
  • Breathtaking mega tracks between the planets and stars
  • Experience the race around comest and nebulas with other neon racers
  • Unlock different spaceships for different driving experience

9. Ion Fury:

100 mb pc games

Ion fury is a true shooter computer game with handcrafted spaces. This pc game under 100 MB contains a lot of secrets that need to be discovered while playing and deep customization options.

This game is designed with 28 levels with 7 zones including various interesting missions as well as a storyline that keeps the players excited all the time.

Ion Fury System Requirements:

File size88 MB
OS Windows 7/8/8.1/10
ProcessorRequires a 64-bit processor
Memory1 GB RAM
GraphicsGeFroce 600 Series


  • Jump, climb and swim your way through 7 exciting zone having multiple levels
  • Thousands of handcrafted textures and sprites are assembled
  • Breathtaking arsenal of devastating weapons with various fire modes, grenade launchers, heat-seeking smart bombs and many more
  • All levels are handcrafted and have multiple paths with various cool effects
  • Exciting background score and soundtrack
  • Easy access to level editor with other development tools

10. Prince Of Persia 2:

best pc games below 100 mb

You have seen the movie Prince of Persia, which got success worldwide. Prince of Persia 1 also got huge success among the game with its deadly levels. Similarly, Prince of Persia 2 released with the infusion of more danger, by jumping, crawling, drinking magic poison and solving puzzles.

This game is more difficult than its previous version but available in compressed format. That why this game with heavy graphics fall the category of top 10 pc games under 100 MB.

Prince Of Persia 2 System Requirements:

File size100 MB
OSWindows 2000/XP
Processor1 GHz Pentium III, AMD Athlon, or equivalent
Memory512 MB RAM
GraphicsNVIDIA GeForce 3 or higher


  • Define your own combat style using the Free-Form Fighting mechanism
  • A lot of action in the fight for survival including multiple weapons
  • Travel back in the time to change which affect the present, including environment, stories and more
  • Explore and conquer the violent underworld and the most brutal enemies to mankind
  • Survive the deadly evils of the empress with the power of the human mind

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Frequently asked question (FAQs):

1. Are all PC games under 100 MB free?

No, not at all but the games we have mentioned in the articles are completely free and have no charge of downloading. You can download it from the given link and enjoy the computer game even if you are offline.

2. Are these games also played on play stations?

Not all PC games are made for PlayStation, you need to check if a particular game is available for PlayStation also. If yes, this will be like ice on the cake for you.

3. Are PC games under 100 MB require any additional software to open?

No, these are compressed files but there is no need for any additional software. The greatest possibility is having the compressed file in zip format that can be easily extracted using unzip software. This software is generally always present in all computer systems.

4. Can I use these PC games on my mobile phone also?

Not the same file format. You can check for the mobile version of the specific game you are searching for on the Google play store. If this is available there, you can easily play that on the mobile phone.

5. What are the hardware and software requirements to play PC games under 100 MB?

All the details are mentioned in all the game sections. But it is recommended to use the latest build or models of the computer with the upgraded configuration for smooth operation.

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Ending the Article:

So these are the best PC games under 100MB, in which I have included the awesome games which can amaze your senses with thrills and adventures. All these games look heavy but require less configuration in comparison to the other computer games.

I hope you liked the list of top 10 pc games under 100 MB, you can also share this article with your game love friends and family members.

Stay tuned with us and get more interesting and useful articles like this!

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