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Best Small MB Apps

This is a SUPER detailed article on Small MB Apps.

The world of technology has seen a dramatic change over the last decade. Most people these days have switched to smartphones by upgrading from entry level feature devices to low end and mid range smart devices and then a class of people purchase premium smartphones.

But, still many people around the globe are still using entry level smartphones to meet their digital needs. That’s fine and it is no more a limitation as there are many small size apps for to satisfy all your needs

Don’t worry about the storage limitations and hardware resources of your device as we are here for you. Like others you can also run some of the apps in the Play Store smoothly in your device.

If you’re looking to know about small MB apps, then this article is for you. After a lot of research we’ve gathered the best small size apps for Android. These small size apps never make your device lag. Forget  the insufficient storage errors by installing these small MB apps in your device.

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Let’s checkout those low size Play Store apps that really run on your device seamlessly.

Best Small MB apps for Android:

#1 Nova Launcher:

small mb apps

Every smartphone contains a default launcher with a unique style, some may like it and others don’t. For the people who hate the built in launcher in your device, try installing Nova launcher. Nova Launcher is one of the best launcher and tops our list of best small MB apps due to its plethora of customization options

It is very customizable, with enhanced features like custom icon themes, awesome gestures, cool widgets and many more. Take the entire control of your home screen and experience the new changes done by you.

Nova Launcher Info:

Application Name Nova Launcher
Size 22mb
Version 7.0.23
Android Version 4 and Above
Developer TeslaCoil Software
Key Feature Customizable Launcher
App Updates Regular

Just give up a data of 22 MB to Install this chosen launcher from Play Store which has crossed 50M+ downloads and 4.5 ratings based on 1M+ reviews. Best launcher under the category of small Android apps.

#2 HD Camera:

small size apps

The default camera app on low end devices might be boring and the smartphone manufacturers might limit few features. If that’s the case with you as well then you should give a try to HD Camera app. 

Become a real life photographer by introducing an HD Camera to your device. Whatever the camera quality of your device is assembled with.

Take incredible selfies and capture all your moments and add crispness to your photos with amazing beauty effects, real time filters and magical effects with different styles. 

It also features stylish HDR that improves image standard taken in low light and back lit scenes and it also has a support for focus mode.

HD Camera Info:

Application Name HD Camera
Size 3.08mb
Version 1.1.0
Android Version 4.0.3 and Above
Developer HD Camera
Key Feature High Quality Photography
App Updates Regular

This is best in class under small MB apps, which you can catch in the Play Store. It has a downloads of 50M+ with over 4.3 ratings with best response from users.

#3 Google Keep:

low size playstore apps

Stop using pen and paper for personal notes. Let’s switch to Google keep. It makes it easy for you to keep notes, photos, voice memos and later share them. Instead of searching sticky notes, Install Google Keep on your device and you never miss a key point again.

Find what you need fast by adding colors and labels to code notes. Everything you add in Google Keep sync across all your devices, take it from anywhere any time you require.

It hit Play Store with a record of 1B+ downloads. The app measures 1.3 MB which has scored 4.4 stars based on 1M reviews. 

Google Keep Info:

Application Name Google Keep
Size 1.3mb
Android Version 5.0 and Above
Developer Google LLC
Key Feature Notes & Lists
App Updates Regular

Google has been focusing on launching the lighter version of its popular services so that people in low tier countries can adapt its services seamlessly. These are the best low size playstore apps that don’t consume much storage.

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#4 Music Player:

small size apps for android

Feel and enjoy the every beat of a song with a high quality music player by mytechnosound that lets you adjust equaliser settings. It looks very stylish, elegant and responds fast. The player almost supports every format of mp3. 

Features like changing album arts, MP3 tag editor, attractive widgets, sleep timer definitely makes you excited to use the app.

Music Player Info:

Application Name Music Player
Size 5.9mb
Version 3.5.4
Android Version 5.0 and Above
Developer mytechnosound
Key Feature HD Music & Audio
App Updates Regular

Head to play store and hit install to use this famous music player which has a size of 5.9 MB with over 50M+ downloads and 4.6 ratings.  Tap on the Play button and feel the music from every corner. It’s the best music player in our list of small mb apps.

#5 Video Player:

small android apps

Are you stuck with the boring default video player app on your mobile  that doesn’t support HD videos. Then, Video Player by leopard v7 best fits for your requirements. With best encoders, it can handle any of the HD video play smoothly and supports most of the general video formats we use. 

Video Player Info:

Application Name Video Player
Size 6.0mb
Version 2.9.1
Android Version 5.0 and Above
Developer Leopard V7
Key Feature HD Video Streaming
App Updates Regular

Features like quick start, smart video library, auto rotation and aspect ratio adjustments. This 6.0 MB sized player became very popular by gaining a downloads of 10M+ and 4.4 user ratings in the Play Store.

#6 Calculator:

small apps

We almost forgot to count numbers manually by using fingers. Most of us these days do calculations either on a calculator or mobile. Make every calculation in your mobile with the best calculator in the play Store available right now.

The best thing about this is that it can even perform scientific calculations at ease. If you are a student and using a smartphone for educational purposes this is by far the best calculator from Google.

Calculator Info:

Application Name Calculator
Size 2.6mb
Version 7.8
Android Version 6.0 and Above
Developer Google LLC
Key Feature Provides simple and advanced mathematical functions
App Updates Regular

It’s multi functional  calculator from Google,  which is designed even to perform advanced calculations like trigonometric, logarithmic and also exponential functions. Google optimised this featured app in bytes of just 2.6 MB that has crossed 500M+ users with 4.4 ratings.

#7 Docs To Go Free Offline Suite:

small mb apps

Prepare documents, view pdf files even if they are password protected and edit any of your office files instantly on your device at no charge with Docs To Go Free Offline Suite. 

It features an auto sync option that saves files instantly to your cloud storage on the go while you’re typing, with a clean interface and easy access to files that became very popular under the category of small size apps for Android.

Docs to Go Info:

Application Name Docs to Go
Size 12.8mb
Version 4.004
Android Version 4.4 and Above
Developer Dataviz
Key Feature Supports all office extensions
App Updates Regular

This 12.8MB sized office app is readily available in the Play Store which beat 50M+ downloads with 4.2 user ratings.

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#8 Internet Speed Meter Lite:

small size apps

Don’t you know the speed of the internet that you’re using. You wanna keep track of the data usage. Let’s check the solution to solve this. An ad free app called Internet Speed Meter Lite that displays every bit of mobile data on top of the screen that you’re losing every day.

This helps you to monitor network connection anytime. With this app on your mobile, check real time speed, daily traffic usage, separate stats for both mobile and wifi networks and finally know how much of monthly data you are using.

Internet Speed Meter Lite Info:

Application Name Internet Speed Meter Lite
Size 2.8mb
Version 1.5.9
Android Version 8.0 and Above
Developer DynamicApps
Key Feature Shows internet speed in status bar
App Updates Regular

Launch Play Store and start installation. The app measures a size of 2.8 MB with over 50M+ downloads and 4.4 user ratings many people are monitoring their data usage daily.

#9 Wallpapers:

low size playstore apps

When we unlock our mobile, the first thing we see is wallpaper on the lock screen and after that we head to the home screen and another wallpaper covers the screen. we may change these daily or weekly. To pick the best and challenging wallpapers to fill every side of the display. Install Wallpapers by Google and explore the best wallpapers to give a new look to the screen.

Select awesome photos from your device or take them from Google wallpapers which have a wide range of collections that may pop your eyes.

Wallpapers Info:

Application Name Wallpapers
Size 2.3mb
Version 1.3.169416333
Android Version 4.1 and Above
Developer Google LLC
Key Feature Great collection of wallpapers
App Updates Regular

Don’t take a second thought to begin Installation, because it’s a Google app that has a size of 2.3 MB with over 100M+ downloads and 4.1 user ratings.

#10 Spotify Lite:

small size apps for android

Browse bunches of songs, albums, tracks and whatever you’d like to listen to, discover the music with Spotify Lite. Don’t bother about the storage space while running music online, it is specially designed for low end devices which works better in poor networks too.

Spotify Lite Info:

Application Name Spotify Lite
Size 16.9mb
Android Version 4.1 and Above
Developer Spotify Ltd.
Key Feature HD Music in less data
App Updates Regular

We prefer this as the best in class online music app under small Android apps. This 16.9 MB lite version of Android music streaming platform has received more than 10M+ installations with 4.5 ratings. 

#11 QR and Barcode Scanner:

small android apps

Facing problems while scanning  QR codes and Barcodes at shopping malls, restaurants, hotels and others online payment systems. It never happens again with this QR and Barcode scanner. With its quick scan feature any of the code like text, url, ISBN and many can be easily decoded without much time.

Simply point your camera at the QR or Barcode, you don’t need to press any of the buttons and take photos or adjust zoom as the scanner reads everything automatically.

QR & Barcode Scanner Info:

Application Name QR & Barcode Scanner
Size 6.0mb
Version 2.2.3
Android Version 4.1 and Above
Developer Gamma Play
Key Feature Free Tool with less Ads
App Updates Regular

Head to the Play Store and Install this 6.0 MB sized app that gains 100M+ downloads with 4.7 ratings.

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#12 Files By Google:

small apps

We store different types of files like documents, PDFs, songs and videos in our device. It becomes tough for us to search these files by accessing several apps individually. To overcome these problems, Files by Google is the best solution. It gathers all the files on your device into it and makes it easy for you to access all the files in one place.

One of the awesome feature is, it cleans the junk on files in the device and free up the storage. Search the required file using search bar and also share files to others via offline also backup all files to a cloud storage.

Files by Google Info:

Application Name Files by Google
Size 11.6mb
Version 1.0.357865958
Android Version 5.0 and Above
Developer Google LLC
Key Feature Automatically deletes spam files
App Updates Regular

The app has a size of 11.6 MB with over 100M+ downloads and 4.1 user ratings.

#13 Opera Mini:

small mb apps

Accessing information on a Web browser catches bulk of storage on a smartphone. It eats RAM continuously until we quit the app. Forget all these problems and install Opera Mini.

Opera is all about speed and comfort. Browse seamlessly even on low internet, share files offline, read news and save your mobile data  by viewing only essential content. This lightweight app has massive features like ad blocker, video player, offline reading, night mode and many more.

Opera Mini Info:

Application Name Opera Mini
Size 16.3mb
Version 54.0.2254.56148
Android Version 5.0 and Above
Developer Opera
Key Feature Fast web browser
App Updates Regular

You’ll get this app in the Play Store that has a size of 16 MB with over 500M+ downloads and 4.3 stars based on 7M reviews. The best browser for low end devices that we ranked bet under low size Play Store apps

#14 MP3 Cutter and Ringtone Maker:

small size apps

Trim the best part of a song or background music and make your own ringtones fast and easy with MP3 Cutter.  You can even record an audio and cut the desired part, save and use it as your mobile ringtone or alarm ringtone.

To use, just select the MP3 song, cut the part and hit save. You’re done, see how simple it is.

MP3 Cutter and Ringtone Maker Info:

Application Name MP3 Cutter and Ringtone Maker
Size 2.5mb
Version 2.5
Android Version 4.0.3 and Above
Developer Atomic Info Apps
Key Feature Audio Cutter and Maker
App Updates Regular

Catch this app in the Play Store which has passed 50M+ downloads with over 4.3 ratings and received best response from users.

#15 Video to MP3 Converter:

low size playstore apps

Like the MP3 Cutter you can also trim a video and extract it’s audio file of that video with the help of video to MP3 Converter. You can access three different tools on this unique app that is integrated with audio cutter, video cutter and video to MP3 extractor.

Just tap on the type of tool you’d like to use and start trimming.

It supports all the general formats of both video and audio files and supports upto 320kbps audio Bitrates. Simple interface with faster file conversion. 

Video to MP3 Converter Info:

Application Name Video to MP3 Converter
Size 32.7mb
Version 1.1.8
Android Version 5.0 and Above
Developer accountlab
Key Feature High quality conversion
App Updates Regular

Start making ringtones with this 32.7 MB sized app that hit a record of 10M+ downloads with 4.5 ratings.

#16 AppLock – Fingerprint:

 small size apps for android

Protect your apps and prevent them from being exposed by snoopers. Protect every app with AppLock using a password or pattern and fingerprint. It can catch intruders by taking a picture of them and sending it to your mail. This most advanced app has many features like multiple passwords, notification locks and so on.

AppLock – Fingerprint Info:

Application Name AppLock – Fingerprint
Size 3.8mb
Version 7.9.2
Android Version 2.3.2 and Above
Developer Spsoft
Key Feature Great security
App Updates Regular

Buckle up to protect your apps from intruders and find those with the help of photos taken by AppLock. Install this 3.8 MB sized best security app that has crossed 50M+ downloads and has received 4.3 stars. It is one of the widely used small mb apps.

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Ending the Article:

The list of small size apps can be never ending as there are countless low size playstore apps available to all kinds of users. We tried to pick the best and safe small size apps for android.

Finally, from all the above mentioned small MB apps that are readily available to download and Install to your device instantly. These small Android apps are specially designed for the low end devices to run smooth and seamlessly with any lags.

These small MB apps can be quite handy in your day to day tasks and we will keep making the list of small apps and update this article overtime. 

Know someone who uses a budget phone, share this article and help them find small mb apps that fit into their mobile. Also share this article with students who are studying from home on a low end device.

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