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Textra SMS for PC Download

Today I’m going to show you how to download the Textra SMS App latest version.

Have you ever tried any SMS and MMS alternatives? If you feel bored with the default messaging app on your device, then this article is for you.

Make a professional chat with any of your companions using a feature rich application called Textra SMS. An inventory by Delicious Group specially designed for hardcore people. 

It looks beautiful, works faster and highly customizable. Rearrange the appearance by changing themes, bubble styles, icon colours and shape, fonts and size of text etc.

Express yourself with over 3000+ stunning emojis and bring out a professional look by choosing from 180+ material design themes. 

If you’d like to use this stock Android alternative messaging app, follow the methods below briefly explained about Textra app download for PC. Wait, let’s start with this definition first. Continue the rest of the topic to know more about the features of the Textra app for PC.

Technical Details of Textra SMS for PC:

App Name Textra SMS for PC
Size 18 MB
Downloads 10M+
Rating 4.4
Developer Delicious
Category Communication
Operating System Windows 7 and Above or Mac
Required Permissions Camera, Contacts, Location, Telephone, Microphone, SMS and Storage

Features of Textra SMS for PC:

Features of Textra SMS for PC

This faster and customizable SMS and MMS app developed by Delicious has a bunch of cool and attractive features designed for hard-core users. Checkout them before downloading Textra PC.

  • It is faster and fully customizable.
  • The interface of the app looks clean and smoother compared to others.
  • Textra PC is compatible with MightyText, Pushbullet Android Wear and Android Auto.
  • Select among 3000+ emojis to share your expressions.
  • Best alternative for stock Android messaging application.
  • It also comes with Android 11 bubble support.
  • All features are free forever, in app purchases just remove annoying ads.
  • Schedule your SMS and MMS. Also stop during send.
  • Shortcuts like slide to call/delete, quick snap camera is available.
  • Customize the home screen with an iconic collection of 180+ material design themes, bubble styles, icon colours, fonts, text size and more.
  • Blocklist unknown numbers and get rid of them again.
  • Use voice memos, gifs instead of typing.
  • Get enhanced notifications and copy any part of the text in a bubble.
  • Create an MMS group and share media files with each other.
  • Other handful features in Textra for PC are pin to top, automatic video and audio compression & dark mode.

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What is an Emulator?

It is software that is designed to access Android or iOS apps and games directly on PCs running with either Microsoft Windows or Apple’s macOS.

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Method 1 – How to Download Textra SMS for PC, Laptop and Mac using KoPlayer:

Textra SMS MoboPlayer for Windows using KoPlayer

A popular emulator that is specially designed for gamers. KoPlayer handles all kinds of apps and video games from smartphones directly on PCs running with either Microsoft Windows or macOS.

It is very lightweight and provides solid performance. Moreover, the interface of KoPlayer looks interactive and clean. 

Let’s move further to know more about Textra SMS app download for PC, Laptop and Mac using KoPlayer. The process is quite easier and straightforward.

Just follow the steps described below to use Textra SMS app for PC.

  1. First of all, redirect to the official site of KoPlayer by using this link: Download.
  2. Once you visit the webpage, click on the download button to save an installer file.
  3. Relax until the task is 100 percent completed. When done, exit the browser.
  4. Now, head to the downloads folder and search for the installer file.
  5. If you got it, select and press enter to run the installation setup.
  6. Once KoPlayer is successfully installed, finish the on screen directives.
  7. A setup wizard asks you to login, provide the required credentials for enabling Google Play services.
  8. Dive to the homepage and click on the pre-installed Play Store icon.
  9. Type the keywords Textra SMS in the search box and scan the store to download Textra for laptop/PC.
  10. Choose the right app from the results and install Textra for laptop/PC.
  11. The installed application will be visible to you on the home screen
  12. Finally, double click on the Textra app icon to launch directly from KoPlayer.

If you do exactly the same, open Textra SMS on your PC and allow the necessary permissions to start using it. This feature rich SMS and MMS app is fast and highly customizable.

The UI is perfectly designed with add-on colourful themes, bubbles, icons etc. Also change the style of emojis and let others follow your style. 

Having an alternative sometimes is good, if you’d like to use Textra SMS PC and other high end games non disruptively, checkout this another method detailed about Textra SMS for laptop/PC download using an ultimate performer called Nox Player.

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Method 2 – How to Download Textra SMS for Windows PC using Nox Player:

Textra for Windows using Nox Player

Gamers all over the world prefer Nox because of its stability and smooth performance in operating apps or games. Built-in features like a smart keyboard, multi instances will define the greatness of Nox.

The quick access toolbar allows you to take full control without minimizing the player. 

Take a look at the procedure explained briefly about Textra app download for PC Windows using Nox Player.

  1. Use the link and visit the official site of Nox Player called bignox: Download.
  2. You’ll see a download button on the homepage of Nox. Proceed with it.
  3. Leave it for sometime until the download gets finished.
  4. Close the browser and head to the folder containing that file.
  5. Select the downloaded file and double click on it to run the installation setup.
  6. Complete the on screen directives and login into your Google account.
  7. First boot up may take time to set up everything in the background.
  8. Now, move to the Nox home screen and click on the pre-installed Play Store icon. 
  9. Type Textra SMS in the search bar and hit scan to download Textra for Windows.
  10. Find the right one from the appeared results and install Textra for Windows PC.
  11. Lastly, the Textra SMS app icon will be visible to you on the main screen. 
  12. Select the icon and hit enter to launch Textra directly from Nox Player.

There you go, connect with your companions using Textra SMS app for PC and enjoy the rich messaging features that are near to stock Android. The app is compatible with Pushbullet, MightyText, Android Wear and Android Auto (car).

Express yourself using 3000+ emojis, gifs and voice memos. Additionally, you can change the font and size of the text.

From the above sentences, you’ve learned about emulators and the procedure to download Textra SMS for PC using KoPlayer and Nox.

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Alternatives to Textra SMS for PC:

Alternatives to Textra for PC

1. Chomp SMSAnother one from Delicious, the best alternative to Textra for PC. Send and receive messages/MMS in a professional way by using this 7.3 MB sized application. Customizable options like multiple themes, screen colour, font style, text size are available. 

Personalize your messages using privacy options. Enable passcode lock so that no one can view your messages. Use 3000+ emojis to express yourself. All features in Chomp SMS are free.

The UI looks clean and easy to access everything instantly. With over 4.4 ratings based on 10M+ downloads, Chomp SMS is reaching more users everyday.

2. MessagesAn instant messaging app for sending photos, videos and voice memos to your contacts. It’s more than a messenger, share emojis, gifs, stickers to your friends or other family members and keep in touch with them.

Block unwanted messages with a simple tap, mute conversations or mark as read. Use quick search to locate chats by specific words, contact name, phone number or the date of the last message received etc. Create groups and connect with all your friends at once.

Include this Messages application on your device and the richness of chat. The app has received a great response from its 10M+ users.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Is It Possible to Copy Partial Text Directly from Bubbles?

Yes, for copying some partial content you don’t need to open the app. Just tap a bubble and select the required text.

2. Are There Any Built-In Emojis and Gifs Present in Textra SMS?

Absolutely, the app provides 3000+ emojis and quality gifs in order to share your expressions based on different moods.

3. I Can’t See the Installed Textra SMS App on My Desktop?

Actually, the installed app doesn’t appear on the desktop. Please check it on the home screen of KoPlayer.

4. Can I Cancel Scheduled Messages in Textra SMS?

Of course you can cancel scheduled messages at any time. Also the app provides an option to stop messages during send.

5. How to Download Koplayer?

Visit the KoPlayer official site and click on the download button to save an installer file on your device.

6. Does Textra SMSHave an MMS Sending Feature?

Yes, you can send both SMS and MMS from Textra. Also create an MMS group and connect with more people.

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Ending the Article:

When it comes to messaging, everyone opts for cool and attractive features. Because it is the only platform where one can express their inner feelings and words.

Today, things are changed. Messaging apps like Textra for PC came up with a bunch of features to make professional communication with anyone in the world.

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