Top Cydia Apps for Jailbroken iOS (For Best Jailbreak Tweaks)


Top Cydia Apps for Jailbroken iOS

Today I’m going to share with you Top Cydia Apps for Jailbroken iOS For Best Jailbreak Tweaks.

Have you guys ever jailbroken your iPhone? Well, Jailbreaking is the only way for iOS users that removes software restrictions imposed by Apple. It’s like rooting for Android which also allows you to customize the inbuilt features of the device.

To make this happen, Cydia enables you to find and install tweaks/apps not authorised by Apple on jailbroken iPhones, iPad, iPod touch etc. Most of the packages available through Cydia are free of cost. However, some can be accessed only through purchases. 

Some essential Cydia Apps help you serve different purposes and also offer access to repositories containing top Cydia Apps libraries, tweaks, widgets and many more.

Once you Jailbreak your iOS running devices, you can do a lot more customizations to your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. Here are some top Cydia Apps for iOS in 2021. Each possesses unique features in delivering the best user experience.

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List of Best Cydia Apps for Jailbroken iOS:

List of Best Cydia Apps for Jailbroken iOS

1. RevealMenu:

It requires iOS 9 and above. Bring iPhone 6S’ flagship features to any of your older iOS devices with RevealMenu. To use it, long press an app in the app drawer until a 3D-Touch like menu pops-up offering various inbuilt features of the app in a shortcut.

You don’t need to open an application to work on it, RevealMenu gives you direct access to the shortcuts. 

2. Activator:

One of the top Cydia Apps for iOS that allows gesture based controls for almost everything. Activators launch apps and do whatever you imagine. Swiping one finger opens a specific app and double double-tapping opens another app.

To use it, head to Cydia, search for Activator and install this free tweak. Assign different gestures for different apps and do things with simple gestures.

3. Settings:

It is not the one you actually imagine. This Cydia app allows you to remove stock functions from the control centre of your iPhone. With the latest update it has come up with a new feature that allows you to toggle low power mode right from the control centre.

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4. Anemone:

This was introduced in iOS 7 as a theming engine. It modifies the look of your iPhone with custom themes, icon labels, badges and many more.

The best thing is the preview feature before applying the desired theme i.e you can check how it changes the look of your device after applying. Anemone is one of the top Jailbreaking apps for customising iOS themes.

Download and try various themes to personalize your device in all sorts. 

5. QuickShoot Pro:

Some situations will happen all of a sudden and if we tried to capture, within a fraction of seconds everything would be back to normal. Actually, to click a picture of something, you have to open the camera app and it takes a few seconds to load.

Therefore, with QuickShoot Pro you never miss a photo in any situation. It makes the process a lot easier to access the camera by allowing you to set a shortcut to quickly snap a photo without any need for always opening up the camera app.

6. iCleaner:

Clean all unnecessary files, cached data, log files, archived data, browsing history, cookies and many more just like Android users via iCleaner.

It is one of the top Cydia Apps for iOS that removes all of the unused files built up over time from apps you’ve installed and uninstalled with just a single click. This free up your device storage space. So that the rest of the applications will work better and faster.

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7. Instant TouchID:

Irritated with the device unlocking feature by pressing the home button of your iPhone. Well, things got changed. Now you don’t need to wake up your iPhone by pressing the home button first.

Instant TouchID Cydia app allows you to easily unlock instantly without waking up the device first. In the list of essential Cydia Apps, Instant TouchID has received a great response.

Therefore, install the app and rest your finger to easily unlock without waking up the device first.

8. Untethered Hey Siri:

The most gorgeous feature of every handset. Who doesn’t like to have an assistant that follows our commands. With iPhone 6S and 6S+ Apple allowed users to bring up Siri anytime just by saying “Hey Siri”.

If you’ve an older iPhone, it mostly works only when the device is plugged in for charging. Guys don’t worry, we got you covered. This app lets you access “Siri” just like iPhone models 6S and 6S+. 

9. HideMe8:

It lets you customize a lot of things that you feel irritated with while using the device. A lot of things will appear on the control centre and lock screen.

To get rid of them, HideMe8 helps you enable or disable various icons and elements on the control centre and notification centre. HideMe8 also lets you hide multiple stock iOS apps which you do not use regularly.

Therefore, if you’re interested in hiding unused things, install the HideMe8 Cydia app to hide unwanted icons and elements. Moreover, a new update named HideMeX will soon roll out in the Cydia Store.

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10 YouTube++:

One of the top Cydia applications that best suits YouTube streamers. The most entertaining platform running for decades. On average every user daily streams YouTube for at least 2 hours. If you’re one of them, YouTube++ is made for you.

This tweak adds some additional features to YouTube such as block ads, play audio/video in the background, auto replay videos and more. Majority of people use YouTube++ for avoiding ads before each video i.e whenever you play a video an ad will play first.

To get rid of the ads, install YouTube++ and enjoy hassle free entertainment like never before.

11. FlipControlCentre:

It’s a free Jailbreak tweak that allows you to customize and add more toggles to the iOS control centre. Actually, Apple doesn’t allow you to add or remove toggles. FlipControlCentre made this possible to jailbroken iOS devices.

If you’d like to customize the control centre, FlipControlCentre is the Cydia app you’ve to try. Add/remove or rearrange new toggles including Cellular data, Low power, Personal Hotspot and many more.

Also, add/remove or rearrange apps in the bottom pane of the control centre. 

12. Auxo 3:

A futuristic feature that many iPhone users worldwide have been waiting for for a long time. When multitasking was introduced in 2010 with the release of iOS 4, only certain devices like iPhone 4, 3GS and iPod touch 3rd generation were able to multitask.

Therefore, if you’ve an iPhone that isn’t mentioned in the list, use Auxo 3 for multitasking. It is compatible with iOS 12 jailbreak. The 3 main features are Multi-Centre, Quick Switcher and Hot Corners. 

  • Multi-Center – It transforms Control Center to an additional card such as other apps in the Multitasking panel.
  • Quick Switcher It makes switching between recent apps easier. To do it, just pull your finger.
  • Hot Corners It provides faster navigation between app switcher, Home screen and lock screen.

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13. Home Gesture:

Take full control of your device by controlling everything by using gestures. Home Gesture is one of the top Cydia Apps and is the best iOS 12 jailbreak tweak. It brings iPhone X gestures to older devices.

You can also multitask by swipe up and open Control Centre with a swipe down from the top right corner. On the lock screen, swipe up to enter the passcode. 

14. Colour Badges:

One of the coolest Cydia Apps to customize your jailbroken iPhone. Take advantage and customise the look of notification badges to your jailbroken iPhone by installing Colour Badges Cydia app.

Modify badges based on the app icon colour or as you like. Also increase contrast, add an outline, colourize folders etc. It supports themes from Anemone, Snowboard, Appcon and Winterboard. 

15. CallBar:

Get rid of the full incoming call screen with CallBat Cydia tweak. You might be irritated with the calls that interrupt your work or entertainment. This Cydia app displays the call interface as a banner at the top of the screen.

Therefore, you’ll never be interrupted by the full incoming call screen again.

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16. Grupi:

Tonnes of individual notifications from apps fill your lock screen every day. Grupi categorizes all of the app notifications into one. To read them, simply expand them by tapping on the icons.

Moreover, to hide notifications from certain apps, hold down the icons and press the red ‘x’.

17. CCModules:

Instead of standard modules set by default, CCModules Cydia App for iOS 13 allows you to add additional modules to the control centre. Find and add the required control centre modules from the settings.

18. DeleteForever:

Stop deleting photos and videos twice. This Cydia tweak allows you to permanently delete media files with just one single click. Generally, once you delete a photo, it will drop in the bin and again you have to remove it.

To overcome this, DeleteForever clears all of your selected photos in just one click.

19. AppDrawer:

With AppDrawer all of your installed apps never appear on the home screen. Just bring it up to view the Apps. Actually this is an Android feature. Now, it is accessible in iOS too.

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Ending the Article:

These are the list of some top Cydia Apps that are compatible with the iOS Jailbreak. Once you jailbreak the device, use the Cydia tweaks mentioned above and operate easily.

As time advances, more tweaks will join in the Cydia Store and we’ll update you when they arrive. For more interesting topics, keep following them and share them with your friends.

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