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How to Unlock Computer with your Android phone

Unlock Computer with your Android phone

So, as the title of the post suggests, in this post I’m gonna show you how to unlock computer with your Android phone. Well we’ve previously shared lot of tricks where computer and phones are related. There are a lot of tricks available on internet about unlocking computer with phone so I’ve looked around on internet and one of my own. You may be using those conventional way of security steps in your Android like fingerprint, passwords and even face unlocking. Okay, let’s get the point now, as I mentioned earlier in this post you’re gonna learn a new way of unlocking your computer with your smartphone.

As nowadays because of the revolution of technology people always try to do something different and faster same goes with unlocking your computer, That’s the reason I’m sharing this post to unlock your computer with your Android phone. Because, these days everybody has a smartphone so, this post has a reach to each and everybody. Highly Recommended – How to Lock-Unlock computer using your USB pendrive.


What is needed to Unlock Computer with phone?

To unlock computer with your Android phone you need to Download an App called Rohas Logan Key. The App need to be downloaded both in your Smartphone and your computer,  but don’t get confused, The steps of installation and how to use this App would be shared further in the post.

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Below are the steps to Unlock Computer with your Android phone.

Steps to unlock Computer with your Android phone – 

1. First of all, Download & Install Rohas Logan Key App – Click here to Download.

2. Now, in second step you have to Download the Rohas Logan Key software in your computer – Click here to Download.

3. Now, open the software in the computer.

4. Then, you’ll see options button, you have to click on it.

5. Then, you’ll see an option called Device, there you to select Android. Then you’ll get a USB key, allow login with the USB key and then click on OK.

6. Now, select QR method to verify the key.

7. Enter the password. Then you need to scan the QR code by the Rohas Logan Key App downloaded in your smartphone.

8. That’s it you’re done now you are free to unlock your computer anytime with your smartphone.


So, hence was the post to Unlock Computer with your Android phone and experience a new way to unlock your computer. I hope you liked the post. Feel free to comment your reviews in the comment box.

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