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Why does the Facebook App consume so much space in Android Devices

Facebook App consume so much space

If you use the Facebook app regularly on your phone, you might notice that it’s gradually taking up more and more storage space on your device. I have noticed that Facebook keeps expanding the amount of storage it takes up on my Phone the more I use it because Facebook opens up links within the app on its own internal browser instead of on an external browser like Chrome or Safari.

Facebook has designed its app so that whenever you open a webpage posted by a friend on the Facebook app, it will cache the entire page on your device. This is obviously a problem since the more pages you visit, the more space gradually gets eaten up.
Nonetheless, if you’re short of space on your Phone, you might want to consider using Facebook in your mobile browser when looking at links since that will instead open those links within your browser and not in Facebook’s app. The other option is to just uninstall and then reinstall Facebook when you find it’s clogging up too much of your storage.

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You could delete the app and just use your browser. If you set your browsers agent to desktop/computer, you’ll always load the full page (not the mobile version). It’s just like using it on a PC.
Finally, know which apps you use are ridiculously huge. If you go to Settings > Storage > Apps you’ll see a list of all your apps in order of size. This is a super easy way to be selective about what apps to delete for a quick fix. Say you have a 1.6 GB of data you hardly ever use. Deleting that makes much more sense that deleting twelve other smaller apps you actually do use. Also, deciding which apps you really need and getting rid of the rest not only frees up internal storage but also lightens the load on RAM and CPU. A regular factory reset, after backing up important data and apps of course, is also a good idea for keeping your system running smoothly.

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