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WifiKill for PC Download

Today I’m going to show you how to download WifiKill for PC absolutely free.

Do you have a Wifi router or something that passes data to the devices you connected? Want to keep it secure from third-party access. Then this article will definitely solve your problem.

To disable other devices which are accessed to your WIFI connection, an app called WifiKill helps you get out of this situation. This app just measures around 1 MB, but it is loaded with great features.

By using WifiKill you can easily check the IP address of other connected devices with the WIFI analyzer tool. Also, an anti WIFI kill feature protects your connection from being killed by other people.

Don’t worry about the security and price. Wifikill is 100 percent safe and free to use. Well, let’s switch to the topic of how to download WifiKill for PC simply and securely. 

To use WifiKill for PC, you guys have to download an apk file from the secured third-party sites, because apps like these apps are not available in Google Play Store.

Follow the guide below to know the procedure of WifiKill app download for PC using emulators. Take a look at the table detailed below about the technical details of WifiKill for PC.

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Technical Details of Wifikill for PC:

App Name WifiKill for PC
Size < 1 MB
574,317 +
Ratings 4.0
SM Dev
Operating System Windows 7 and above or Mac
Category Tools
App Permissions

Features of WifiKill for PC:

This mini sized app is loaded with a handful of features that definitely inspires you. Here below we’ve gathered all the features of WifiKill for you. Checkout those and you’ll definitely hit the install button.

  • View the list of devices connected to your network
  • It can also shows the data transferring speed of grabbed devices including downloads and uploads
  • Monitor the network activity of any device using your WIFI
  • Disconnect the third parties those who accessed your WIFI network
  • You can also enable or disable displaying network names, MAC address
  • It is 100 percent safe and secure to use
  • Scan IP address of connected devices using wife analyzer tool
  • Works even in low end devices smoothly and efficiently

These are the features packed in WifiKill app for PC. Take full control of your WIFI network and remove the people who unknowingly connected to your WIFI. 

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Requirements of Emulators to Run WifiKill for PC:

To use emulators on your PC, require some recommended specifications to run smoothly without straining the components. Verify these points before downloading and installing either BlueStacks or Nox Player.

  • First, upgrade your Operating System to the latest Windows version 7 or above.
  • The SoC attached to your board either intel or AMD should be a dual or multi core that should beat a benchmark score of > 1000
  • Like that graphics card should rank a score of >=750
  • You PC or laptop should have a RAM of at least 4 GB with a minimum free onboard storage of 5 GB is recommended
  • Enable visualization before installing the emulator

That’s it, if you’ve a PC or laptop with these requirements, proceed to download and install emulators to run not only WifiKill for PC but games too.

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Method – 1: How to Download WifiKill for Windows using BlueStacks:

WifiKill for Windows using BlueStacks

It is an emulator that provides access to Android or iOS mobile apps on PCs. BlueStacks is a popular emulator used by millions across the world to play games and to run mobile apps.

Checkout the steps detailed below on how to download WifiKill for Windows using BlueStacks.

  1. Dive to the BlueStacks official site by using this link: Download.
  2. On the home page, you’ll see a download button. proceed with it.
  3. An installer file with ‘.exe’ will begin downloading.
  4. When it is finished, open the downloads folder, select it and press enter to  install.
  5. Run the setup and login to your Google account or do it later.
  6. Redirect to the secured third party site with this link to download the apk file of WifiKill.
  7. Now, head to the main screen of BlueStacks and click on the install APK button from the side toolbar. 
  8. A window explorer will pop-up, navigate to the installer file location and open it.
  9. The app will now begin to install on BlueStacks
  10. Finally, move to My Games tab on BlueStacks to launch WifiKill PC.

Start detecting the devices connected to your network and disable them simply with a single tap.

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Method – 2: How to Download WifiKill for Windows using Nox Player:

WifiKill for Windows using Nox Player

If you have experienced the performance of BlueStacks once. Then try another famous emulator called Nox Player. The choice of gamers. Yes, it is developed to bear the loads of high end games and apps.

Let’s see the process of how to download the WifiKill app for PC using Nox Player.

  1. Redirect to the official site of Nox Player to download it: Download.
  2. When you added the download file, let it run for some time until the process is finished.
  3. Open a particular folder containing the file you saved and select it.
  4. Now, double click on the file you selected to begin installation.
  5. After successful installation of Nox Player, follow the on screen directives and complete the setup.
  6. Use the link mentioned above to download an apk file of WifiKill.
  7. When done, drag and drop the file to Nox Player to begin installation.
  8. When it is installed, dive to My Games tab and click on the WifiKill app icon to launch.

That’s it, now you’ve got all the relevant information regarding emulators and WifiKill app download for PC with an apk file using Nox Player.

Protect your network from nearby devices and save your valuable data pack using WifiKill. Also check the upload and download speeds of data transfer between devices.

Note: You can’t kill the Wifi connection connected to another Wifi network.

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Alternatives to WifiKill for PC:

Alternatives to Wifi Kill for PC


1. WiFi Thief Detector – Like the above, want to protect your Wifi network from nearby users. Catch the devices and disable them from your wifi network with WiFi Thief Detector.

Protect your router and add an additional security using this app. No one will use your WiFi once you disabled them. Monitor your data from suspicious users and verify the data you’re losing.

With over 1M+ downloads and 4.2 ratings the app has got the best response. Install the app once and don’t allow anybody into your network. It is free of cost to use, also it is 100 percent safe and secure.

2. Who Steals My WiFi – Find devices connected to your network, if you see any suspicious name block it instantly using this app. To do this, tap on the unknown name, details of other devices like Manufacturers, Internal IP and MAC address will be visible to you.

At the bottom screen tap on block. The interface of the app will attract you and is user friendly. You can also check about your network speed, wifi signal strength, name of router and MAC address etc. It is very useful to you.

The app is very lightweight and measures around 3.5 MB. With over 500k+ downloads and 4.6 user ratings the app is becoming popular everyday.

3. Block Wifi – Easily detect the other connected devices and disable them from using your wifi. It is specially designed to collect the information of suspicious devices like Name, OS, Brand, IP and MAC address etc.

To disable the devices using your wifi network, tap on the unknown device and hit the block stranger device. That’s it, now the user will never connect to your network again and again.

The interface and simplicity of the app has made it grow. With over 1M+ downloads and 3.8 user ratings users are securing their network by using this Block Wifi app.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How to block other devices from using my WiFi?

Find the suspicious name you identified, tap on it and you’ll see a block option below the details.

2. Can I check the data loss?

Of course, you’ll see the download and upload speed of each and every specific device using your WiFi.

3. How to download Nox Player?

When you visit the official site of Nox Player, you’ll see a download button on the homepage. Click on the button and download it.

4. Where can I find installed apps in BlueStacks?

Head to my games tab on the home screen, there you’ll see all the installed app icons. Double click on any of them to launch the application.

5. How to install an apk file?

Select the file, drag and drop it in either BlueStacks or Nox. Wait until the installation is finished. Head to My games and launch the app.

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Ending the Article:

Securing your network means saving your valuable data plan from being used by others. This wifi securing apps will protect your network from suspicious users.

Just use them on your PC and prevent other connected devices using WifiKill or it’s alternatives. It is safe and secure.

Try installing the app and add an extra layer of security to protect your wifi network from third parties. If you require any further information regarding WifiKill PC, reach us through the comments section.

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