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Top 10 Best Torrent Sites Of September 2019 [ Working Sites]

Best Torrent Sites Of All Time

Torrents websites are super cool, and they are the reason people can watch movies before their television premieres. If you have downloaded any movie from internet, you must have visited a Torrent website.

A revolution is created by best Torrent sites of downloading movies, games, Apps and other videos.

You may even know the all the names and may frequently be using them, and the best known websites are Torrentz, Kickass and The Pirate Bay. They are all fast and efficient.

These are the best torrenting sites and are the most popular torrent websites with loads of content to download and enjoy.

All those Torrent websites have continuously been framed for illegal purposes and pirated status.

Thus, they are banned in many countries and can’t be operated there, if you want to use these websites then you need to turn on the VPN option your phone settings.

Many Torrents site including movies, games and music download sites for blocked by the government because of piracy issues.

Most of the torrent websites you’ve surfed may be full of annoying ads and pop-ups, wrong re-directions, fake downloads, which means you’ve shown something else and the downloaded content is entirely different from the actual picture.

That sucks, but it’s a typical scenario but in it most of the Torrent websites are stuck.

Most of these things take place because of the mistake of the administrator.

Sharing downloaded content is also very easy in torrent. You just have to share the file to your Friends PC and can be converted into 1 KB file.

That is one the big reason why those best torrent sites are so damn popular withing the youth.

So, You may have an idea that torrent is awesome and if you have never used it or tried its content then your mind is only thinking about it only.

But there’s a big problem and a hurdle, it’s pirated content is surrounded by lots of controversies and that same thing is bringing down the momentum for torrent sites that leads to the verge of the end of the whole revolution created by Torrent.

Why These Best Torrenting Sites Are At The Verge Of The End?

2016 is the verge of its end, and the most popular torrent website Kickass torrentz was also shut down in mid-July, but the whole website is back with its another domain name

Whole year wasn’t very smooth and full hurdles for all the best torrent sites because of regular banning activities by the government organizations across the world.

The pressure from government agencies and communities which or against the pirated content are considered as the largest threat and hurdle for Torrent websites.

Experts also believe that the banning was occurred because of outrage of the producers of the original content which are loosing millions because of pirated content published by torrent websites.

That is logical, but nothing in this world is better than something which is available for free.

Hence, now, in this article, I will specifically talk about the best torrenting sites which are completely working and are safe to download through. Here is the list of top 10 working best torrent sites.

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Why Are These Torrent Sites Are So Popular?

best torrent sites

Torrent websites are so popular because they give you complete freedom to access and download the content which is not available legally elsewhere on the internet. The content is easily available at the cost of fewer data.

Almost everything is easily available on torrent including paid and free files, songs, movies, games and Apps and other music videos.

Most of them, as I told are banned, but still, some are accessible and can be used any purpose mentioned above.

The worldwide popularity of these websites can be witnessed by many other traffic analysis websites which show that kickass torrentz [the most trafficked website in Torrent] is competing Facebook and Twitter in terms of traffic.

The downloading and uploading technology which is used by Torrent websites is also unique and not used by any other community across the Internet.

The technology is based on the principle of Seeders and Peers. Seeders are ones who upload and maintain the content and Peers download it. The quality of high number of Seeders can provide your great downloading speed.

And, the best part is that most if the Torrent file has huge numbers of Seeders who are maintaining the servers even after downloading the content. Torrent often provides different kinds of rewards to the seeders to attract more seeders to its network.

You wanna be as seeder than it will be great for you because rewards provided by Torrent are very distinctive and can benefit you tons of free content in very less span of time.

Below mentioned sites are also famous to download free movies.

Because of such convenience with content and easy interface made Torrentz websites very popular across the globe.

Top Ten Best Torrent Sites –

1. Kicksass Torrentz –

best torrent sites

Kickass torrentz, the name is enough, it is the most popular torrent website and one of the largest websites in the world by traffic.

It was founded in 2009 and later after its launch it beat the very best at that time, The Pirate bay, which is second best in our list.

As I mentioned before, it has great Alexa rank. It is fast, efficient and very popular in youth.

You can find a countless number of content to download and enjoy.

It was banned in mid 2016 because of legal issues, but the whole community is back with another domain name which refers to Somalia. So, you can enjoy the website now without nay hurdle of ban for near future.

2. The Pirate Bay –

best torrent sites

The pirate bay is another massive traffic receiving torrent website. It is a great option to download files on torrent. This website has also changed it’s domains various times because of legal issues.

One thing may annoy you, the annoying ads and popups in the website, which are reduced lately and thus making the website interface pretty smooth.

It is one of the most amazing creations of the Torrent world and because of smooth categorization, and the team commitments towards making a cool product makes the Website itself a great product.

Right now this website is not banned by government, you can enjoy downloading your favorite content without any second thought.

3. Torrentz2 –

best torrent sites

Before Kickass and pirate bay, Torrentz was the most popular website on the torrent platform. It is also the great option to download stuff over the internet.

The site has a very smooth interface because it doesn’t contain any annoying ads.

Downloading experience is also very smooth in the site because it contains a unique feature of showing related links.

Which means if you’re trying to download anything on its website and while finding it you’re facing any issue you can use those related links to find your stuff.

That way you’re downloading process becomes easy as hell, and you can also find new stuff which you never knew before.

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4. Extratorrent –

best torrent sites

This torrent site is mainly popular for downloading TV shows. If your American TV shows buff, then you should definitely try this site once. All your favorite TV shows are just one click away.

It has a default uploader, by which you can upload your content on the site. Uploader are like ETTV and ETRG

The site contains less banner and pop-up Ads so the site is fast and has easy to use interface. Whether it’s old or the latest ones, all the TV shows are easily available in the website.

Note – On May 17, 2017, ExtraTorrent was permanently shutdown. It was one of the biggest Torrent site. But, I think soon there will be ExtraTorrent clone will appear. But on August 11,2017 the site is back with the Extratorrent name. Enjoy 😉

5. Seedpeer –

best torrent sites

This site is one of the fastest growing torrent site, which was developed in December 2016. A Variety of stuff is available on the site and also contains links to other torrent sites. It contains very less Ads and pop-ups.

The worst thing about the site which can disturb you while streaming and downloading is its slow speed. The user interface is fine, but the slow speed can be very annoying.

It needs a lot of improvement, and it was working towards it for a while now So, the problems can be only for short interval.

To access this site, you have to use a Proxy called Proxyof.

6. 1337X –

Well, this torrent site is different from all, that’s the reason it is my one of the favorite torrenting site.

Because of its popularity this site has many file uploaders, that’s why it is blocked in many countries but don’t worry still you can access this site by adding https:// manually or using free or paid VPNs

It has categorized all the files very brilliantly that you don’t even need to search anything just like below screenshot. This is a full fledged and proper dignified Torrent site.

best torrent sites

It also has a different section for Top 100 and trending files of the month. It doesn’t have a problem of low speed like other torrent sites, and you will get the fullest speed of downloading.

You can even download odd files like Anime, Documentaries, Television, Festive movies etc.

You can even stream the video files before downloading to ensure the video quality.

7. RARBG –

best torrent sites

RARBG is the newest launched torrent site on the internet, but still, it has outraced many ranked torrent site over a short span of time. It has an excellent interface and properly categorized files just like 1337X.

The best feature about the site is it only have the quality standard of uploaders which makes this site best from all.

The negative effect of the site are you can’t access all the files for free, and the pop-ups and adults ads are too annoying. It has a huge database of files which proves that how hard this site is working to being the best.

Instead, all the files available on the website are not free, it deserves a try for such great interface and a huge collection.

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8. IsoHunt –

best torrent sites

After being shut down by MPAA in October 2013, now it has been reborn with new the interface. This site doesn’t have a big database like other sites because it believes in quality over quantity.

The best thing about this site is you can even download books and adult movies which you will probably not get from other torrent sites. It is different and out of the box, but it is very efficient.

The worst thing about the website is that it contains many creepy pop-ups and ads which make this site slow to access. Still, you should give a try to it because the collection of books is the plus point of this site.

If you are a book lover, then you will definitely find a good book to relax your time.

9. YTS –

best torrent sites

Are you a movie lover then this site is heaven for you because YTS is specially reserved for downloading movies. Every day new torrent movies are uploaded here.

From Hollywood to Bollywood, old movies to the latest movies, you will get all movies with high downloading speed, and it contains very less ads because YTS team only focuses on user experience just like YouTube and Google.

Because of many seeders, we get high downloading speed compare to other downloading torrent sites. The downloading speed will surely impress you, and your downloading becomes enjoyable.

As the tagline of YTS ““, you will get all movies in less size which is too AWESOME.

So, next time if you want to Download any movie YTS do deserve a try, and I’m sure about one thing that its user experience is so good that you won’t switch any site to Download movies.

10. Torrent Funk –

best torrent sites

The old but gold torrent site which was registered back in 2010. It is similar to other best torrent sites with some cool features, and it has a “verified status” mark which shows whether the file is safe to download and also the commenting system by which visitors express their views about the file.

The foolish fact about the site is confusing us between the “Download” Ads and original download link. You will feel it annoying and I admit that leaves a bad image of the image of the website in your head.

But it has a large collection of pirated Apps and games for free, isn’t that cool! In fact, it has the biggest collection of Apps and games compared to its other counterparts. Thus, It’s worth a try.

Give a try to this site and help it to grow over the period. Thus, were the best torrenting sites which I found compatible for my readers.

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Thus, were the top ten best torrent sites which are considered to be the best for downloading any free content.

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Disclaimer & Torrent Legal Warning –

HackerTrickz shall be not responsible for any kind of illegal activity from your side and we don’t support these activities and strongly don’t recommend it in your favor. While the P2P file sharing technology is completely legal, there are seem files with are copyrighted and can cause in big time trouble. And these things are taken very seriously in countries like USA, UK, Australia, and Canada.

A lawsuit can destroy a defendant emotionally and financially so stay aware. Although, these lawsuits are often claimed on groups but can also target an individual to make an example out of it.

The more upload and download you do using P2P the more risk you’re taking for yourself.

Ending the Article –

So, we have shared the top 10 best torrent sites available on the internet. You can try anyone of the torrent site mentioned above because all works best. If we ignore all the annoying Ads, then all these best torrent sites are excellent for the downloading purpose.

The Torrent sites are entertainment engines, and their demand will never die.

If you know any other top torrents or if you feel that the any of the above mentioned sites is not working properly then you comment below. Bookmark this page for more torrent updates and keep visiting HackerzTrickz for more Tricks & Hacks.

Hence, was the article about best torrent sites. I hope you liked the post. Feel free to comment your reviews in the comment box.

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