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Best Free VPN To Surf Internet Anonymously 2024

Hello friends, Today I’m going to share with you Best Free VPN To Surf Internet Anonymously.

Is accessing different websites becoming a problem for you? If it is, then you may have been pissed off, and you may also have heard about VPN. The ultimate solution for all the problems related to the Internet.

In many private and public places, some domains are banned by some authorities to maintain security, and discipline and avoid it as a distraction for employees or students.

And no one can be blamed for this. They have many reasons to do so. Some websites are also facing a country-wide ban.

But, I believe that by banning some websites in particular premises you can’t achieve anything because the Internet is the prime source if gathering information and knowledge about different things.

It should be provided to people with more freedom to access different things to take advantage of what the 21st century offers them.

So, to tackle that problem I’ve to go with a solution called VPN, which is the most trusted and easy-to-go solution for this major problem.

But I know one fact most of all you don’t know what VPN is all about.

Why has it been used a lot? Is it safe while surfing the internet? Does it keep me anonymous while surfing some restricted websites?

Stick around guys because in this article I will give you answers to each and every question about VPN.

So, VPN (Virtual private network) basically makes your surfing on the internet safer, private and anonymous. VPN is actually a mediator between two connected computers, and your request is sent to the VPN server to the web page from the site and sending it back to you.

Which means that the website can only see the VPN server. Not the client device who actually requested it.

Best Free VPN To Surf Internet Anonymously

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All the information is secured and encrypted so no one can access it.

The trickiest thing related to VPNs is that they cover the identity of the client, that’s why the client can access blocked websites in several other countries.

The people who are concerned about security after hearing this shouldn’t also worry about anything because the details are not even accessed by the VPNs.

They’re fully secured. Having said that, this is also true that this is not the same scenario with all VPNs, but the reputed and popular VPNs are always concerned about security.

You may have also heard about P2P VPNs which are great, but they also have some loopholes.

One of the leading VPN providers, SurfShark provides P2P VPN.

If your priority is to maintain your privacy, then it is a wrong choice. Always choose the one which is less concerned about features and more about maintaining privacy.

Other than that you will also bump into many free VPNs but which most of the time look good as per your requirements but still it is very risky.

It includes potential data limits and ad bombarding by adverts. But if you’re ready to bare the risks and don’t have enough money to spend on VPNs then there are some best free VPN which can be preferable for you.

Below is the list of best free VPNs which are most preferable.

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The List of Best Free VPNs


A Quick Overview of CyberGhost

CyberGhost offers one of the most secure and wide ranges of VPNs. It is one of the most popular VPNs for many years. CyberGhost is one of the very few in the industry which provides unlimited bandwidth to its free users.

As a free user, you will find this service excellent. Although there are disadvantages like speed capping and advertisements.

Most of the servers of CyberGhost are located in Europe and US but the free service is expanded to 14 countries, and the premium packages are extended to 24 countries including Ukraine and Russia.

Although the benefits vary from the packages you select, for free users, it’s a cool choice.



VPN book is another very popular VPN within the huge list of best free VPNs which is almost the same as CyberGhost. No speed capping and no service limitations.

If you don’t have many usages and you’re looking for a VPN for casual purposes like surfing online, maintaining the privacy and hiding location then without any doubt VPNBook is the best option.

VPNBook has servers in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany and Canada. VPN Book is not as secure as CyberGhost that’s why I told you earlier that is only suitable for casual purposes.

Total VPN

Total VPN

Total VPN is among the VPNs which focus more on privacy and encryption than speed and bandwidth. It is one of the best VPN service providers.

It provides a limited bandwidth of 2Mbits and limitation in Data transfer and only allows one to connect one device at a time.

There are restrictions in speed and bandwidth but still, I would say it provides decent speed.

If your privacy and security is the main concern and anyhow you don’t want to lose them, then you can definitely for Total VPN.

It has servers mainly in the United States, United Kingdom and European countries.

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SpotFlux is the option you prefer unblinkingly if you’re fond of lots of Downloading and video streaming because that’s the best part about SpotFlux, no one can beat SpotFlux in terms of Speed.

The measured Download Speed is 6.5 Mbps which is fast enough for most of purposes.

You don’t have to even worry about security, and the encryption part is good enough to provide you privacy while you’re online.

The set of features you are offered in SpotFlux is fantastic because you won’t find any other VPN.

If you don’t want to download the Desktop version, then you can also opt for an extension which is available in Chrome Web Store.

Currently, the servers are only located in the United States but they can be ranged further shortly. It is the only VPN which provides anti-phishing protection and built-in anti-malware in its extension.



Windscribe encrypts the activity you do on the Internet and also unblocks the sites just like other VPNs. Its working is quite different from all the other best free VPNs mentioned in the list.

It supports Windows, Mac, iPhone and Android.

Windscribe is also available as a browser extension for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

The free version has some restrictions like speed capping and it provides servers in Hong Kong, the United Kingdom, Canada, France, the Netherlands and Germany.

It provides some useful tools like a secure link generator, a strong firewall and a pop-up Ad blocker. They so much believe in privacy that when you create an account there, an Email ID is optional.



Other VPN services are famous for their features, but TunnelBear is known for its fun design, you can check on its homepage that how funnily they have mentioned all the information.

It is available as App for Android and iPhone. Once you are connected to TunnelBear, all your smartphone traffic will be passed through tunnel bear’s VPN and it will be encrypted.

It uses 256 encryption [the same technology being used by WhatsApp for your protection. The only worst thing about TunnelBear is that it only provides 500 MB of free data.

Features –

This was the list of the seven best free VPNs that we thought were the greatest in terms of features, usability, user interface, service etc.

Best Free VPN for Android

Best Free VPN for Android

You just saw our list of best free VPNs, but some of the mentioned sites are site-only, they do not provide any App to access their services and having an App for any specific task makes things easy.

If you are thinking just like me then you should check the below quick list of best free VPN Apps.


  • 50+ server locations and 200k+ IP Addresses.
  • Multiple protocols for increased security.
  • Built-in graphs which show download and upload speed.
  • A free account allows you to use data up to 1GB.

Fast secure VPN

  • No data limit.
  • Gives unlimited bonus rewards.
  • Easy to use, get connected in one click.
  • Powered by Shadowsocks, L2TP, PPTP, and OpenVPN technologies.


  • Works without root access and is Ad-free.
  • The free plan allows you to use up to 3GB per month.
  • App filtering and firewall.
  • Socks and SSH VPN.


  • One-click connects, no need to setup anything.
  • Supports Android 4.0 and up.
  • Developed by Flash software it is rated 4.3 stars on Google Playstore.
  • No time limit, use as much as you want.

Hola VPN Proxy

  • It is a free peer-to-peer service.
  • Reduces data costs, it also works as a data saver App.
  • Free to use, it doesn’t cost you a single penny in order to use its services.

Thus, were the top 5 VPNs which are the most reputed, popular, and considered to be the safest to use. Each and every VPN contains some features and drawbacks as well. So, choose wisely and never ignore security for the sake of2 features.

Ending the Article

So, that was the list of best free VPN we were able to find on the internet after putting in lots of hard work and time. Although all the VPNs have their own pros and cons overall all of them are great as a whole package of VPNs.

You can choose any one of them or even if you want to try every option you can also do that. But remember one thing you have to choose the option which suits your usage.

Thus, were my thoughts on the Best free VPN. I hope you like the article. Feel free to comment on your reviews in the box.