Download SRSRoot Apk: One Click Root Tool for Android

Rooting your smartphone or tablet is the process that is required for every android mobile user. Taking this step brings you to the larger world of modification and requires immense knowledge of technical expertise.

Though before the development of one click root applications like SRSRoot apk, this process was not a cup of tea for many users.

But with the passage of time and the development of new technologies, these one click rooting methods have brought up the revolution for making this rooting process of mobile phone or tablet very simple.

If you are the one who is looking for a one-click rooting solution for your android mobile phone or tablet, this SRSRoot apk will work wonderfully for rectifying your problem. Before going ahead, let’s understand the problem of rooting android devices.

Download SRSRoot Apk

What is android rooting and why is it required?

Rooting your android device means you are taking your mobile phone to the process that allows its users to attain privileged control over various Android subsystems. 

There are many reasons for performing the rooting processes for android devices. 

  • Some do it just because they have paid for the device and think that they should be able to do anything they desire. 
  • Some android users want to add the things that are not on their device or they try to fix some kind of error by themselves. 
  • Some do it just because they like the hardware but are not satisfied with the software so they try to change things. 
  • But the majority of the people perform rooting because they want to get rid of the extra things on the device and they don’t need it now. 

So instead of deleting the stuff one by one, it would be really time and effort saving, if you choose to root your android devices.

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What is SRSRoot Apk?SRSRoot Apk Download

It offers a one click root option for your android devices. It is developed by the community of developers and available in various versions and with every version it has evolved itself according to user usability.

It is an effective and simple solution for making your android device like a new one.

It is also available for desktop and personal computers and enriched with multiple cool features such as reset and read gesture lock, removes spring, Tmobile sim lock, FREE FRP bypass and many more.

Why is SRSRoot Apk required?Download SRSRoot Apk

SRSRoot apk is developed for making the rooting process for android or window devices simple. Before its development or its similar kind of applications, the root process takes some technical expertise. But if you download srs root apk, you can root your device with just a single click. 

SRSRoot Apk is a well known third party application which is not available on Playstore, you can download it from the link provided by us. It is really high in demand. It provides a user-friendly interface that anyone can use without having any technical expertise.

What are the SRSRoot apk versions available over the internet?

Well as per my knowledge, the latest version to download SRSRoot is V6.2.01 and I have been observing this third party rooting apk from its V1.5 version. Though there are many other versions available over the internet as per knowledge the latest version is V6.2.01.

It allows safe and malware-free rooting (as its developer suggests) and gives the option to remove the things from your android device by one click root method.

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Apart from this, it also contains various other features which we will discuss ahead in this post.

SRSRoot Apk Info:

Application NameSRSROOT Apk
Android Version3.0 and Above
Developer123Unlock Team
Key FeatureCan root any android device
App UpdatesRegular

Features of SRSRoot Apk?

SRSRoot Apk is enriched with wonderful and useful features and high compatibility with windows as well as android devices let’s explore the common features together.

  • Single click rooting:

This feature revolutionized rooting application marketing. It comes with multiple premium features, making it one of the most useful and effective third-party applications in the market. SRSRoot apk download provides you with the opportunity to root your device with a single tap.

  • ADB Toolbox:

Its inbuilt ADB tool allows you to reset the android or window device including gesture and user lock. You can also reset the Gmail account and wipe out the complete data and extra things

  • Smart root:

This advanced feature is available only in this effective SRSRoot Apk. If you download srs root apk, you will get its exclusive smart root feature which has been considered as the best method to root your device. By using it, you can easily root your tablet or android phone

  • Simple Unrooting:

Yes, with this option you can unroot your device as well. SRSRoot apk offers simple downloading, simple rooting and simple rooting as well. You just need to click on the unroot option and your device will get ready for unrooting.

  • Support all windows & OS versions:

This tool can be also used on computers or desktop, it supports all window versions including window XP, window 7, window 8, window 8.1, window 10. And all Operating system version like 1.5, 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 3.1, 3.2, 4.0, 4.1, and 4.2.

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Advantages of SRSRoot Apk:

  • 100% secure and safe with a freeware license
  • A perfect solution for rooting your android devices with some special permission that you require to do authentic work on your smartphone or tablet
  • Remove all the barriers, which are stopping you to work with your device with its full potential. Increase battery performance
  • By rooting your device, provide smooth operations and improves the working speed of the device
  • It perfectly manages ROM and allows you to use your device with maximum potential so that you enjoy other heavy application and games on your smartphone and tablet
  • It updates your mobile software with its latest version and provides admin permission and control to the complete features

Note: Rooting a device needs technical expertise but if you download srs root apk you can do it in very simple steps. Still, you have doubt so please perform it in the surveillance of any experts.

Also, it is hereby to inform you that rooting may have the risk of voiding the warranty policy of the company. So use your own conscience while using it.

How to download/install SRSRoot apk? How to use SRSRoot?

SRSRoot download or installation process is much easier, you just require a few clicks to perform this action. 

Before downloading, I want to inform you that SRSRoot APK is not available on the Google play store, it is a third-party application, so either you can download it from its official website or the authentic link provided by us in this post.

As it is a computer-based program, so you will need to connect your mobile phone or tablets using a USB cable. You need to enable USB debugging.

Step 1 – Go to the mobile setting > tap on “About phone”

Now Tap build number option 7 to 8 times continuously

A message will pop with the text “you are in developer mode”

Enable developers option

Step 2 – Now go to setting again > Developer option > Enable It.

Now you can enable USB debugging

Enable USB Debugging

Step 3 – Settings > Security > Enable Unknown Sources on your phone or tablet.


The process of rooting will delete all your stored data, so keep a backup of your data for future use.

Step 4 – Download SRS Root apk from the given link.

Download Now

Step 5 – After downloading it, enable the unknown source on your device.

Step 6 – Now locate the apk file and install it on your device.

Step 7 – Tap on the folder the installation process will start immediately.

Step 8 –  Once the installation process is completed, you can start rooting your device using the SRS Root app.

Step 9 – Once the process gets finished, you will able to see the app symbol on the home screen.

Step 10 – Click on the icon to initial one click root process on your device using SRS Root apk.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs):

1. Are there any disadvantages of using SRSRoot apk?

No doubt, the SRSRoot download will help you a lot. but it also has some disadvantages like:  

  • Its support from android device 4.3 and above is much slower
  • The user interface much outdate 
  • Some users have commented that its interface is not user friendly
  • Shows multiple pop-ups while the root process
  • Sometimes the process gets interrupted due to some technical issue

2. What are the alternatives to the SRS Root apk?

The alternatives applications of SRSRoot are as follows:

  • Magisk
  • Kingo Root
  • KingRoot
  • Framaroot
  • Towelroot
  • Rescue Root
  • One Click Root

3. Is SRSRoot apk safe to use?

Its developers claim that it is 100% secure and safe for rooting android devices. Does not create any route for malware and no malfunctioning. But as it is a third party application, so use your own conscience before using it.

4. Is the SRS Root app available on the Google play store?

Unfortunately no, It is a third party application, so it is not listed on the Google playstore. Either you have to download it from its official website or the link provided in this article.

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Ending the Article:

In this post, I have tried to show you how to download SRS Root apk, how to use SRSRoot to your device and how you can root your android device with one click root method. Also, we have shared the highlighted features of SRSRoot.

SRSRoot apk is one of the most demanding third-party applications, which enable you to root your android device in simple steps without spending money and no other software and applications are required for using this tool.

Hope you have grasped all the points from this article, if this post is useful for you then do comment and do share it with other needy people.

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